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My take on M31

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Taken on January 30.

Camera & settings:

Pentax K20D with 135 mm f/3.5 lens at f/5.6, ISO 1600 21 * 240 sec exposures, bias frames and flat frames (from the night before)

Mount: Skywatcher EQ3 Pro

Software: PixInsight

Usually the air is very dry during the winter, but not on this occasion. We'd had mild weather with lots of moisture in the air. In this case, I think it worked in my favour.

BTW, I didn't dither between frames, and I couldn't completely get rid of the streaks from hot pixels.


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When using a short focal length, polar alignment becomes less critical. In this case I used the markers in the polar scope eyepiece for alignment. After doing a 3 star alignment on my Synscan I sometimes also do a polar alignment using the synscan routine. But that isn't really necessary for these "wide field" images.

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