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  1. Weird thing happened, there was a network issue and the guiding went all crazy ... lol Well that's the end of tonight session, 42 good frames capture
  2. When you compare my V1 to V2 you can see the huge improvement in design, V3 will be an even bigger step... I certainly do enjoy building stuff like this, it really challenges the mind
  3. NGC 281 right now... (39 more frames to go) 180s single frame:
  4. Yes I am using an ancient CCD Atik 314L+ and it can do short exposures. Minimum exposure time: 1/1000 second Maximum exposure time: 10,000 seconds source: http://www.dangl.at/ausruest/atik_314/atik_314_e.htm I do have in the planning (on paper...) an ultra sub compact tiny observatory in the making. If I can nail the opening of the lead as I want, it is going to be so sweet !!! But, it's only at the very early stages of the design.
  5. I am very happy with that QHY5L-II-M camera via the OAG, at the present time (as in right now) I'm imaging NGC_281 180s exposure (no need to do 10+min...)
  6. And this is my guiding, I think it's quite good.
  7. I've taken a 10min frame of NGC281 on Sunday, and thought how far can I push this thing... I wanted to see how long of an exposure even with guiding would the star trails appear but none even in the 32 min exposure. I'm gob smacked with this setup. I'll be able to enjoy it more often than ever now. The observatory has been dormant for too long now.
  8. Long time since I've updated this post... it hasn't been plain sailing, a remote observatory like this one is not an easy task to manage. This is what I've been able to achieve last night, single frames on M31 to test my polar alignment and guiding. HEQ5 pro + William Optics Megrez 72 with with an OVL Field Flattener and a Zwo OAG + QHY5L-II-M guide camera. 120s exposure: 240s exposure: 480s exposure: 960s exposure: 1920s exposure (that's right 32 min) yes it is over exposed but that's no big deal as I was testing my guiding and PA. 1920s exposure, bottom left corner
  9. There is quite some interest in this SW SA, thanks all. I will not post it It's in working order (of course) it has minor cosmetic marks as seen in the pictures, I did use it quite a fair bit. It's a brilliant piece of kit, sadly I have no time for it.
  10. Thanks for asking, I'd rather not post it. It's heavy and going to cost a fair bit, and I not longer have the original box. I do not want to take the risk of being damaged in transit. regards Stephane
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