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  1. @MultumInParvo I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Throw them into my build thread please and I'll help you once I'm back in a few days time.
  2. I remember when I worked with Themos on the very first edition of this tool https://github.com/Trigger-broom-289/eq-polar-alignment in good old fashion bash... I like the graphical interface, but I'd like to have a command line version in python too.
  3. If you download helvO08.pil and helvO08.pbm (Google it) and udpate the code, it looks slightly better.
  4. Sadly, the weather has been quite bad since I came back from holidays, I'm checking my weather station every day and there is not enough time between clouds... to remote polar align. And I doubt they would be happy to do it at 1am... which is usually when it's mostly clear... lol
  5. Within Ekos there is now a great polar alignment tool, I can run it and will be able to see how far out the mount is. I have done my best to "visually" align it as much as I could....
  6. Forgot to mention that the fan is located slightly above the front limit switch, obviously with the water leak, it somehow went into the switch despite being IP66. I guess I must have forgot to check the gasket when I did the wiring. The good thing is that such limit switch I got is fully rebuildable. And as I purchased two pairs, it was easy to fix. Do a search on eBay for "limit switch IP66" and you'll see the style I'm talking about, not cheap well worth the money and highly recommended. The new box was setup summer 2017, it could have gone live then but I had a major issue with the rain sensor and the weather station so I left it off-line until I resolved the issues. Fast forward Christmas and it's all installed. Remember that the box is in Germany..... not like I can go for walk in the back garden and check what's wrong with the observatory. The all lot has been a journey and learnt a lot, and I do mean a LOT. I also have a v3 design which I almost picked...
  7. Version 2 of the box is up and running now. Everything is working, apart from the polar alignment which is not done due to bad weather this Christmas holidays I have a plan to polar align remotely... I am only going to need ultimate patience... as I'm going to get "remote hands".... One issue to note, due to a heavy snow fall, the fan was covered and when it melted down... guess what But, I do have a cunning plan for this, I'll be changing this for a mushroom style vent style.
  8. Hello, If you are selling one or thinking or selling it in the up coming months, please pm me. thanks Gonzo
  9. So if I use 200mm lens, the only CCD that would be a "good" fit is the ZWO-ASI178MM/MC while the 314L wouldn't be that good. I know this is all theory stuff, but how important is it to match the CCD as close as possible? I have seen quite a few pictures (on this forum) taken with a 314L and a Takumar 200mm lens for example and they are amazing.
  10. Thanks for replying. Yes, I' trying to calculate the the arc second per pixel if I was going to use a 200mm or 135mm lens in front the Atik. I'm planning to downsize my observatory (read: compact). I get it that a 200mm lens has a focal length of 200mm. So I guess that 348mm in the tool comes from someone setting the aperture ring to 1.74 right?
  11. I'm trying to get my head around this CCD pixel matching to your equipment and used the following tool: http://astronomy.tools/calculators/ccd_suitability I've picked the Canon 200mm f2.8 and to my surprised the focal length comes up as 348mm. While for example my Megrez 72 is 432mm, f6.0 and aperture of 72mm "6x72=432", I honestly can't understand how this 348mm comes from for the Canon lens. Anyone would like to school me on what is probably something basic.... lol
  12. A powerline adapter should not really be connected to an extension, but straight to the wall socket to get maximum output. Glad to see you're almost 100% up and running, almost there.
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