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Try www.astroboot.co.uk or www.ensoptical.co.uk

Both have large stocks of bits and it is worth emailing or calling them if they have nothing listed on their websites.



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7 hours ago, pastiche said:

Does anyone know where I can buy one of the plastic dust covers as used on a 10" Skywatcher Flextube telescope?

I don't have a flex-tube, and not sure how specific your cover is ( ie, cover for storage, or a cover/jacket for when in use?) but I have used since day one,  on my Skyliner,  two heavy duty, clear rubble sacks, cut and joined together with clear tape, cut to fit the full length of the skyliner.
I think the likes of Asda do rubble sacks, but probably in a shade of blue? or better still try a DIY store, that is, if your unsuccessful in finding a dedicated cover.

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