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  1. Actually it's more geometry than physics.
  2. I believe that it is a "more bang for the buck" kind of thing, or is it "more pop for the pound" in the U.K. ? Seriously, the Celestron line has always been a "more economical" alternative to the Meade offerings, and it is my honest opinion that most of us cannot really see the differences between the mid priced and the higher cost gear options. Which is better is strictly a matter of who wins the wrestling match between the wallet and the ego. I can already hear the cat calls and indignant protests from some old geezer like myself that even with cataracts and myopia swears that he can instantly see the difference between the views, but come now.................. Can you really see it, or is it just that you paid somewhat more for your particular brand of "whatever" and feel the need to justify that additional expense. Just because someone twenty or thirty years younger than yourself can see the difference, does that mean that you necessarily should also? I agree that, "You get what you pay for." I also agree that We all have limitations and the wise man works within those limitations.
  3. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I'm pretty sure that one of them is an "Old Man" .
  4. Well then, from where is your unit getting the time? Is it from the GPS satellite or the network (internet) ? GPS positioning is accurate, depending on which mask is employed at the moment, to within mere feet. The time is accurate to within an inconceivably small amount. Which mask is being employed at the moment is the decision of the U.S. military. They control the GPS system. Which mask applied in any area of the world is determined by who and where we are trying to blast into the stone age with cruise missiles. In any respect I would trust the multi bazillion dollar GPS over the Chinese made tablet. In geographical/navigational terms Longitude and time are interchangeable quantities. If we use the solar rate of 0.25 degrees per minute. It's 360 degrees in 24 hours, so 360/24/60=0.25 degrees/minute, and 0.33 degrees would then be 1 minute 8 seconds. I believe that it is a stretch to think that your network time would be that far off, so I would first look at where the tablet got the positional numbers from. Any error there would be compounded by any network delays or errors in the tablet timing. gps
  5. Is "elasticated" a real word?
  6. "Can" it be true? Yes, it can. "Is" it true? We don't know. If the universe is infinite, then yes. If it is finite, then maybe. Irrespective of how firmly we believe our respective positions on this argument, the proof, either way, is just not there. There are things that we just don't know yet. Someday maybe we will, but not yet. We should just learn to accept that we do not know some things and go forward from there rather than flailing about with theories and postulates that we have not yet PROVEN, but that we cling to tenaciously because they "sound right" to us.
  7. Would the eyepiece be any more "way up there" on a GEM than it would on a Dobsonian? Isn't that why they made the tripod legs adjustable for great lengths?
  8. I owned one for five whole days. It took me that long for the clouds to clear off, to set out in the backyard with it, to pack it up and take it to the post office for a return. The images that I saw using this "eyepiece" were of such poor quality that it was difficult to determine what I was looking at. It was just a complete bust. Could it have been damaged? Yes, I suppose that it could, but you know the old adage about "If dog bites me once..............."
  9. My birthday is the 10th of next month. I have already asked for something, but I won't get it. I haven't been that good of a boy this past year and we can't afford a 40" Ritchie Chretien astrograph.
  10. If you had bad eyesight, this would do you no good. The view through these is atrocious. It may have a use in an outreach program, but a guide scope and a laptop or a digital camera with even a halfway reasonable screen will do a much better job. They are Chinese junk and a waste of money. Ask me how I know this.
  11. NO! Absolutely NOT TRUE! They use bomb sights that are more accurate than cruise missiles.
  12. I personally will be near Kansas City, Kansas because Kansas is the closest state to me with a view of totality. I am choosing Kansas City because it is a city large enough that I hopefully wont have too many accommodation problems, can get good airline connections to, have access to rental cars and can find someone in the area to recommend a good viewing site.
  13. Lucky? LUCKY?! I'm not retired because I'm "lucky". I'm retired because I worked for it for 45 years. I EARNED IT! Now when I was working the only time that my job didn't interfere with my astronomy was payday.
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