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  1. Looking for a plastic dust cover to fit 10" Skywatcher Flexi-tube telescope.
  2. Does anyone know where I can buy one of the plastic dust covers as used on a 10" Skywatcher Flextube telescope?
  3. I have a pair of meade 10x50's and a pair of celestron 25x70's and am impressed with both.
  4. Thanks Laurie61. But at nearly £60 I'm glad it's not compatible with my phone! Charic, I will give that a go.
  5. I have seen some of the photographs people have taken through the eyepiece on their mobile phones. How do they do that? Try as I might, I don't seem to be able to line up the image through the phone! Any tips?
  6. I heard this new BBC series was starting this Easter. Does anyone know what day and time?
  7. I would say it was definitely a meteor, far to quick for a satellite.
  8. I saw it too. Brilliant!!
  9. Clear here too. Saw a bright meteor to the west. Great to be outside again at last!
  10. RIP Sir Patrick I owe you so much......
  11. I agree. The Moon does look beautiful tonight. Can't help but keep on turning the scope back towards it.....
  12. I am viewing Jupiter through my small (5") telescope and I can see an oblong shaped "fuzzy" nearby. Can anyone tell me what it is?
  13. As the only one in my family who makes a living out of drawing pictures I have been asked on many occasions to produce drawings, cartoons etc onto childrens' bedroom walls and ceilings. The way I would do this is to firstly scan or download a star chart. I found the reversed, ie black stars on a white background sort worked best. Either save to your computer or print out onto clear acetate depending on the type of projector you intend to use. Paint the ceiling in your chosen 'sky' colour. (Slate grey where I live!). Then, using either a data projector or the overhead projector of the type used in company presentations project the image onto the ceiling. This is best done in several sections to make things easier and to minimise distortion. Then, using stepladders and a light coloured chinograph pencil you simply trace the stars onto the ceiling. Finally, with a fine paintbrush, paint the stars and you are done! Sounds easy, but it does make your arms ache!!
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