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neil phillips

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Tried to see what I could with the data I got, on my second outing out 24th Feb This year. Not sure if I did any animations from this or not ?

4 Frames, Around 7 or eight Metres FL Orion scope

Weather said something about being clear tonight, my hard drive is dying.

A_pipp (5).gif

Lower FL, Orion scope, smooth version

video0017 16-02-24 02-04- SMOOTH.gif


More contrast

video0017 16-02-24 02-04-33_ulrg_pipp_g4_ap36_Drizzle15_pipp (2).gif

RGB combined with a RGB synth green




replace S C.png








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7 hours ago, si@nite said:

Like the smooth animation version Neil!

Yeah I wasn't sure myself. But thought likewise. Replaced the RGB it was over the hill. As I mentioned on another post, we all do it. Scraping the barrel a bit with this data.But I wanted to see if I could do anything with it. Some nice dark spots on the north pole of the lower FL animation. Might process some rgbs out of that see what happens


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 I dont know Stuart. I look back and think Naa  seeing not good enough, processing not good enough. the smaller motion fim looks best. but the colour images are odd. trying too hard to extract as much detail as I can. while still looking smooth. with so so gain being very high. its all tricky. I need better seeing, as we all do.

and a better camera.

Your being kind. if we cant criticize our own images. Cant really have a opinion. on anyone elses. if you see what I mean. You know me. I know you. We both know what we really want,  it aint good enough. But still I am trying.

Missed good seeing tonight I think. oh great I got up too late ouch,

ill plug along for a bit. Then its lunar time for me. something I will have more control over

gonna need that bigger mono chip

 Also Cheers Niallk

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39 minutes ago, Space Cowboy said:

You can't do anything about the seeing Neil. Yes you've used more saturation but I'm a fan of saturation so I can't really knock you for that. Now if there were artefacts and denoise smearing going on then yes I'd be giving you hell! :BangHead:

LOL I know you would, got to take comfort in that. Think I have to beat myself up a bit once in a while. Keep me on my toes maybe. Clear tonight I think.

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