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Jupiter smooth animation in 60 fps 11 seconds (a little time to load)


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Hello, I have not published images here very often. But I think it is time now.

I have made a smooth animation of Jupiters rotation and it its 56 minutes from the beginning to the end of the rotation. I am using a classic Cave Astrola 8" f/8 telescope to do these images with. I got a ASI120MM-S with a Xagyl filterwheel with Baader LRGB filters. I have mount the scope on a Synta EQ6 mount. This animation is made from 10 RGB images from 30 recorded movies in R/G/B and every movie is 120 seconds long. I have made the most of the animation in WinJupos. It is possible to see a little movement of the equatorial band on just 56 minutes of rotation.



Copyright © - Christoffer Svenske

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Hello thanks for nice comments, I am very happy to have my old Cave Astrola that can produce such nice images. The animation was a bit tricky but was finally smooth. It is a animated gif. Btw the maximum size for attached images on this forum is 20 megabytes, my animation takes 28 megabytes and I have linked this image from a Swedish astronomy forum.

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On 2016-03-20 at 18:44, Space Cowboy said:

Very nice animation! I reckon you could enhance the detail with more contrast as the background is quite light.

Hello, I have tried that but the planet was quite tricky to get such nice details with a change in the contrast level. This was the best version that I could get.

Btw it is very tricky to do planetary photography from 60 degree latitude here in the north. I live in Sweden. The planets does not rise very high over the horizon due to lower latitudes. But I have a dark sky that I am very proud of to have but we have quite bad seeing and not many clear nights.

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