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  1. Im looking for a good condition compact camera with bag for my 8yr old son who's showing an intetest in taking photo's.Obviously dont want to spend a fortune for a child so young,just something to wet his feet. Rgards. Kenny.
  2. Yes Damian,i have ordered clear skies for my arrival tommorow Me and Caroline hope to be on site around 4-5 ish in the afternoon.Look forward to seeing you all then. Hope you get a good night in tonight. Kenny.
  3. Anyone remember this painting which use to hang in the conservatory in the Steam Packet in Whithorn..well it does'nt any more
  4. Excellent capture,well done. I might have to get myself up early to catch this comet...its looking very nice indeed.
  5. Thanks for the link wornish.I thought it was seperate from LRT but wanted to be sure. I'll check the forum Kenny.
  6. Hi Folks, I've been trying out different bits of free software for creating a timelapse from images taken with my Cannon 60da. I am using the free trial of LRT software currently but after importing images and selecting 5 key frames, I now need to know how to click and drag the lightroom button to the lightroom icon. Is lightoom a seperate piece of software additional to LRTimelapse as I cannot find a lightroom icon within LRT? Regards Kenny
  7. Home safe and only took under 4 hours,better than the 7 it took me to get there. Great to see everyone again and thanks to everyone who made the trip to honour Mike for all his efforts over the years. Thanks again to Lesley and Ralph for their hospitality,great spread laid on to feed everyone on Friday. Hope those left on site get some clear skies tonight. See you all next time. Kenny.
  8. Good to read you guy's have been getting some clear skies...hope to see you all tommorow. I'll be leaving Ferrrybridge around 1pm so hope to land around 5-6 o'clock. Look forward to seeing everyone again and goodluck for tonite. Kenny
  9. If they need a good looking chap for the camera Dave just ask..
  10. Yes Jamie I'm learning all the time as a parent...but 15 of the blighters can put you off your stride...can't wait to do it again. See you in Autumn,say hi to Dawn also.?
  11. Yes Ian,and they asked me could they post on Twitter.?
  12. Gutted I missed this year's spring camp but i've still kept me eye in?
  13. Nice...typical cloud here in Manchester UK this morning.? Kenny
  14. Hi folks,great to hear the event's in full flow.Im hoping to arrive before sunset on Wednesday and get setup before darkness falls. Caroline,my partner will be joining us also for her first GSP on Thursday so Dawn,you will have some female company to natter with?. Adrian the cue will be staying at home this year so to give others some hope? Look forward to seeing you all soon and enjoy your week. Kenny
  15. What's this,slate Kenny week! Oh, so it's gonna make it out of the boot of the car this year...maybe... if someone prises the bottle of Jameson's out yer hand?
  16. Cheeky [removed word]...i pitched it fine just should have re pegged it before we buggered off to Galloway observatory.?
  17. Hi folk's,hope you are well. I'm on Drumroamin Farm as we speak having a great weeks stay with the family. Skies have been mostly cloudy although Saturday was goodish for a couple of hours and tonight promises clear patches till midnight. The campsite is in pristine condition as picture taken 10 mins ago shows. Off to the Harbour Inn in Garlieston for some dinner soon and back for a spot off stargazing...hopefully. Looking forward to the Galloway star party and meeting up with everyone again. See you all soon. Kenny
  18. Good to hear you are all settled in and enjoying some clear skies...hope it continues for the rest of the week. See you all Thursday evening. PS...Mike, I will ring you around lunchtime tommorow.Ian txt me your number. Kenny
  19. Hi Mike,can u txt me your number....ive changed phone and don't seem to have it now. Kenny
  20. Hi Jon and welcome to SGL. There's a few of us from the North West that are regular's at the Galloway star camp,theres an event coming up at the end of March that might interest you. It's a friendly relaxed get together of like minded people and skies are excellent. Check out Galloway Spring Star Party in the event's section. Kenny.
  21. Hi Mike...hope your well,sorry I didn't get back to you,did you get your lighting sorted.Been busy with new job.
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