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  1. Is it possible that gain should be at that low value that I have in my settings?
  2. Thanks, I guess I need to understand those links and do it a try then.
  3. Thanks! I guess I can not copy the settings from a another QHY9 owner directly then.
  4. Hello I got a QHY9 camera and I do not really know how to configure these two settings. It looks like this now. I guess my gain is to low? What setting should I choose?
  5. Hello, I have tried that but the planet was quite tricky to get such nice details with a change in the contrast level. This was the best version that I could get. Btw it is very tricky to do planetary photography from 60 degree latitude here in the north. I live in Sweden. The planets does not rise very high over the horizon due to lower latitudes. But I have a dark sky that I am very proud of to have but we have quite bad seeing and not many clear nights.
  6. How about these new ZWO cameras with CMOS sensor and cooling?
  7. There is no need for USB 3.0 extension cables for a ZWO ASI120MM kamera since the camera is only USB 2.0. I made my own extended USB2.0 cable from a 5 meter and a 2 meter long printer cables. Total length of the new cable is 7 meters and it works very good. The ZWO ASI120MM-S camara is a USB3.0 camera, there are a few extensions that works.
  8. Hello thanks for nice comments, I am very happy to have my old Cave Astrola that can produce such nice images. The animation was a bit tricky but was finally smooth. It is a animated gif. Btw the maximum size for attached images on this forum is 20 megabytes, my animation takes 28 megabytes and I have linked this image from a Swedish astronomy forum.
  9. Hello, I have not published images here very often. But I think it is time now. I have made a smooth animation of Jupiters rotation and it its 56 minutes from the beginning to the end of the rotation. I am using a classic Cave Astrola 8" f/8 telescope to do these images with. I got a ASI120MM-S with a Xagyl filterwheel with Baader LRGB filters. I have mount the scope on a Synta EQ6 mount. This animation is made from 10 RGB images from 30 recorded movies in R/G/B and every movie is 120 seconds long. I have made the most of the animation in WinJupos. It is possible to see a little movement
  10. Hello, no my wifi does not have 5 GHz capability. But that cheap ebay cable that I bought seems to work just fine when I tested it today. I have now a total cable length of 7 meter including the original cable from ZWO. The active extension cable was at 5 meter. No errors and no frame drops so far. I have not made any changes to my wifi settings.
  11. I can do some testruns with wifi off and on and see if it makes any diffrenece. Or else I can extrashield the USB cable. Mount it separetly from the other cables to the mount and pier.
  12. Oh good point there, I live in the country side and I have no other wifi-network except my own. I can change the frequency on my wifi to get as long far away from wifi frequency as possible. Which channel should I change my wifi-network to? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_WLAN_channels
  13. Physopto - Do you work at Lindy cables? Btw, thanks for all tips in this thread. I will update it if I got the USB3.0 cable from china to work as expected.
  14. Thank you but I just ordered the cable from china ebay that I linked to in my previus post before I saw your post. If that ebay cable doesn't work. Maybe I try a Lindy cable. I have never seen any Lindy cables for sale in Sweden but I guess I can order them from UK if I need a cable.
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