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Coming up to what I think is the coldest time of year. You might be tempted to be standing or hopefully sitting and observing out there .

I've used different tog rated socks, but Alpaca just do the job and keep the feet warm. My daughter bought me a pair for Christmas from here,


I used to wear them hill walking , the great advantage being that you could keep wearing them for a few days, hurrah !

A great way of testing anything rated as warm is to stick it on a hot radiator foe a few hours , then see if you can feel any heat through it,


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Like the look of those socks!

Pair o' those and my usual cycling tights under jeans should make for a toasty lower half :)

Never heard of the radiator trick - must try that...

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I'm a sucker for merino thermals and ski boot inner soles, never failed over years of outdoor work. I'd only use the metallic type ski boot inner soles if you're not active though as they tend to make your feet v.warm if you're busy.

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As a Yorkshireman I have to say 'How Much!'.  :grin:

Seriously though any sock made of a natural fibre, cotton wool etc is generally warmer than man made fibres.

I bought some long Ski socks from Lidl when they were selling them off, they are a very snug fit up to my knees.  Still wear short thin socks under them, layers are the key to keeping warm.

I have to laugh though after putting them on & when I've finished observing back in bright light & 'L' & 'R' are on the wrong foot!

Other good warmers are: -

Overalls, covers the gap between top & bottom of your body & keeps the draught out. 

Water proof clothing (motorcycle waterproofs etc) keep the wind out & you stay warm longer.

What's keeping the Alpaca's warm when you are wearing your socks Nick?  :laugh:

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I am a firm fan of merino wool (100% not diluted with other fillers)

thin, warming and also warm when damp. a good pair of silk socks as a liner first and your feet will always be warm

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For me, socks play a minor role in warding-off our Vermont winters. It was -30 F here last night with the wind-chill factored in, which is -34.4 C. So for me, it's about the warmest boots. And if you ever plan a trip to Svalbard or something - the best boots are Sorel Boots from Canada. Mine are rated to -40 C. And I've had mine for 20 years - and they're still going strong.

And that's a bargain! Allows me to spend more money on vital materials. Like Baader filters.....

Of course,


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I tend to use my many pairs from walking days, most from either Blacks or Millets, I have a few of pairs that I know came from the latter I where them outside for up to an hour with only open sandles and I never feel cold, temperatures can get down here much lower than in England. Last night was 1 degrees and I was out in them with sandles most of the night up to 10.30. They are called 'Bridgedales' I believe but are about 10 quid a pair.

I wear sandles in the house as you can't but nice slippers here.


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