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  1. I never used my handset again when i started using this. If the mount is working with this then it implies the fault is with the handset or cable (in my none expert none electrical opinion)
  2. I made a cover out of poly carbonate that fits inside a case. However a laptop tent is quicker and easier. The heat thats generated should keep it ok. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Notebooktent-Outdoor-Protection-Sunlight-FrontCover/dp/B00GADA2HW
  3. I B also moved away from cigarette type power to Anderson Powerpole. I much more secure connection.
  4. Lead acid batteries should not normally be discharged more than 50% otherwise damage can occur. Leisure ones can be discharged more-not sure by how much more. 24ah LiPo ones have a flat discharge ie output virtually the same level of power until empty.
  5. As stated above the LiPo4 batteries are ideal. They are also a LOT lighter than lead acid ones. A 24Ah one is virtually equivalent to a 50 Ah lead acid one (leisure batteries can be discharged more that the 50%) Here is another supplier that I use as well as Tracer. Same technology different brand. https://www.libertybatteries.com/lithium-golf-trolley-battery-package-36-hole-extended-life-97-p.asp 36 hole is a 24Ah one.
  6. I swear by the PowerPole boxes. https://www.dewcontrol.com/Powerpole_Distribution_Box/p3099125_20055344.aspx
  7. A little tip I was given years ago was to spay hairspray on the material (before putting back in the OTA) and that largely overcame the shedding issue. Any make will do.
  8. Why not go to one of our European suppliers as ther is no change until 31st December https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p6406_JMI-TPWULG-Large-Size-Wheeley-Bars-Universal-Style.html Or contact FLO or 365 to see if they can do a special purchase for you
  9. https://www.365astronomy.com/jmi-heavy-duty-medium-sized-universal-wheeley-bar-with-5-polyurethane-wheels.html
  10. They were on mine. I suggest you contact the supplier
  11. The Orange collar is fitted permanently to the NEQ6 but the counterweight shaft unscrews. It is easy to remove but does not slide in to the body of the NEQ6. I have to say it is a nice solid counterweight shaft-much more sturdy than the stock one.
  12. A little more progress. Thank you Cristian for making the plate for the mount. Harry for making it fit my pier and lifting the mount in to position. A few more small steps forward today thanks to Ken. Still a long way to go but as I am in the sling for a few weeks yet there is no hurry. May update the firmware as that should be manageable one handed. IMG_1101.MOV IMG_1100.MOV
  13. yes i have the same one with the 10 kilo counterweights. it is a great upgrade. the only downside is that with the counterweights being chrome they eventually pit. i also have a 5 kilo stainless steel which i prefer.
  14. Have you watched this YouTube set of videos. probably the best guide I have seen about this mod (my NEQ6 was modded by a friend using this).
  15. IMG_1031.MOV IMG_1032.MOV IMG_1037.MOV
  16. It arrived today so here are a few of the obligatory unboxing videos. it will take a while until I get it mounted so I will not be able to measure the true height at my 55 degrees North until then.
  17. Sometimes they have a sale with up to 50% off when Pro becomes a viable option
  18. I will keep the post updated with exact size comparisons for future reference.
  19. Thank you old_eyes I had not found that. If it is 500mm high that does not seem much different to my NEQ6 height. It always looks huge on the YouTube videos. i will find out on Monday I guess.
  20. Thanks Dave. I have studied them in great detail (along with others) and everyone says that they are big. However I don’t know what “big” is. i have an NEQ6 on a mini pier on top of my proper pier so was hoping it would not be any higher than that.
  21. I am awaiting delivery of my CEM120 and am in the process of dismantling my NEQ6 from its Observatory pier. when I say me I really mean my friends as I am in a sling 24 hours a day (yes that includes bed and shower etc) for 6 weeks following my tendons being screwed back on to my rotator cuff (shoulder). i cannot seem to find anywhere the height of the CEM120 head. ideally if anyone has one and is willing to let me know how high this beast is when in zero position at UK latitude I would appreciate it. From base plate to top of saddle. i am just trying to work out if I need to adjust my pier height. Many thanks Michael ps trying to type with my left hand (I am right handed) means I may be a little slow in my responses.
  22. Why not just get a second power supply?
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