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  1. Camera returned with new main board and temperature sensor. Now need to wait 6 weeks to put it on scope. I Have just had surgery to re attach my bicep muscle and severed tendons in my shoulder. I am in a sling 24/7 for 6 weeks with NO movement allowed. Looking forward to a new season with new targets with this scope and the 460.
  2. Necromancing this thread. I finally collected my MN190 last week from Peter Drew at the Astronomy Centre (Wonderful person and Centre. Very inspirational) I had agreed to buy it off Peter last August time but various lockdowns got in the way. First impressions are that it is a substantial piece of equipment. I have already attached my Lakeside focuser and may do the bit of aluminium strip inside the extension to stabilise it. Atik 460 off getting serviced in preparation for the new season. I was going to send off my CEM120 for a service but may may well hold off until i get to see how it performs without one (i was getting guided 10 minute subs before but it was with a light WO GT81). As I am Observatory based with a dome i do not foresee wind buffeting becoming an issue. I may resurrect this thread from time to time if I have any observations that i feel worth sharing.
  3. Ask any questions you want
  4. Oops just spotted this. It is a flat Aluminum plate bolted to the top of a standard Losmandy.
  5. Limited data due to constant rain. WO GT81. No Flattener. Lakeside focuser. CEM120. Captured in SGP. 20 x 8 minute Ha 5nm Astrodon filter. 10 x 10 minute O111 5nm filter. 11 x 10 minutes S11 5nm filter. flats, darks, dark flats and bias added. Stacked in APP. processed by my friend David Shaw (as I am useless).
  6. I think it must be one of my favourites. I had not heard of it until you posted.
  7. I have not. I run an old powerbank when i use the SA. One that does not have any smart features. Its either on or off. I found that one works best for me.
  8. Thanks for that. I had not noticed. I will have plenty time to do a re process judging my my local forecast.
  9. Jones-Emberson 1 (PK 164+31.1), also known as the Headphone Nebula, is a 14th magnitude planetary nebula in the constellation Lynx at a distance of 1600 light years. It is a larger planetary with low surface brightness. The 16.8-magnitude central star is a very blue white dwarf. Stats Atik 460 mono, Astrodon 5Nm filters. William Optics GT81 No flattener or reducer. CEM120. Needs much more data but with the limited viewing we are getting this may be all i end up with. 20 x 10 minutes Ha. 12 x 10 minutes O111. Stacked APP and stretched both. Smoothed both. Ha as luminance layer. Ha red. O3 green . Ha and o3 to blue. The a quick play with curves (Dave Shaw did the processing for me as i was struggling).
  10. Trevor Jones from Astrobackyard uses a box on its side and he's in Canada. I personally use an old briefcase with a 12volt pet blanket in the base. Ignore the mains power it can be connected to a battery with the right connections. I also have blackened polycarbonate to form a little 3 sided cover as the back of the briefcase is the back. This is roughly what mine looks like However the easiest way would be to buy a laptop tent. If it gets REALLY cold at Kielder something draped over the top will help isolate it from the damp and keep the light disturbing others.
  11. Nice to see the wider version of this. There is a star reduction in StarTools but I am unsure how to properly use it yet. I don't have Pixinsight so cannot help. Buy some Chroma you know you will anyway.
  12. Thank you. It was after I posted the first picture that the other one was done. I would have held off posting but was keen to share.
  13. Its Funky Time. William Optics GT81 (version 1) F 5.9 (no reducer or flattener-please ignore wonky stars at edges). Atik 460 mono, Astrodon 5nm filters. Lakeside focuser. Altair 60mm guide scope with Lodestar x 2 mono. Using Sequence Generator Pro. Shot over the last 2 month (Yay to Platesolving). Stacked individually in APP. Combined in StarTools (processed by Graham Darke-Using his tutorial to help my processing skills). Observatory based CEM120. 264 minutes Ha 334 minutes O111 288 minutes S11 50 flats per filter 50 dark flats per filter 100 bias No darks as Atik say they are not necessary when shooting at -10C I hope thats all the technical data. Let me know if I have accidentally missed anything. Jpeg reduced to 288kb May do a reprocess to reduce the green. Bortle 8 Skies. Jellyfish Nebula IC443 in Gemini.
  14. An easy solution is to put a shower cap on it. A nice red flowery one.
  15. I had the Geoptik ones as well. They are Chrome plated. I also used Autosol to clean them. It removed the rust but could not remove the pitting. The NEQ6 they were on has a new home now so i cannot say how they are now.
  16. In that case could i request a link please. My Society 3rd Sunday talk clashed with this one.
  17. OH NO. It clashes with our Society 3rd Sunday talk. Will this one be recorded and put on FB? Thank you.
  18. It was good to see it operational. I found a fold down table was easier for me. Takes up no space when not in use. However whichever way you go there will always be "improvements" to be made. A run of colour changing and dimmable LEDs were one of the first things i put in. Also if running cable why not put an ethernet cable as well along with a couple of draw strings in a conduit as there will always be something to be added later.
  19. I have the exact same one and Yep. It goes out a loooooong way before you reach focus. However it is quite easy as the camera does not rotate as unlike most systems its the front that you unscrew.
  20. This article is a few years old but still as valid today as the day it was written https://www.skyatnightmagazine.com/advice/thermally-optimise-your-telescope/
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