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  1. EBXL5


    Indeed it was. A quick realignment of the RDF and all good again. That being said I'd love to not have to do the "nudge" and would like a tracking setup.
  2. So as per the title it's a hello again! Apologies I've been gone a while (2yrs) due to work commitments and moving home. After visits to the Kennedy Space Centre this summer and having just returned from the National Space Centre in Leicester (kids sleepover party), I dusted off my trusty little Dob and managed to get some fantastic views of Saturn for the family and even watched the ISS go by. Astro fun reinvigorated, clear skies fellow loungers.
  3. EBXL5

    SGL 10 Chatter :)

    Was due to be up tonight but due to medical reasons I'll only be able to do tomorrow night So excited to be going to my first starparty still though....
  4. Cadburys Twirl tea straw is a secret guily pleasure of mine. Apologies for mentioning tea in an otherwise coffee related thread!
  5. Great review and very informative, pretty sure ill press the go button on this soon.
  6. I look forward to hearing back from you JG777 with an update if that's ok. I really am very keen on this setup.
  7. Cheers for the quick review Nicos, I'm thinking it's the right setup for me but I must admit these skewing problems I'm reading about are a little worrying. I'm upgrading from my 150 Dob, I love the views but am starting to not like the constant "nudges" required with a Dob. The portability of this setup is very attractive and the addition of wifi is a real pro for me. I wonder if these skewing issues are few and far between or commonplace as there's been no mention of them on here? Would I still need another power source to run a dew heater?
  8. I'm thinking the whole built in battery thing may not be as good as I think. Pretty sure I can't power a dew heater with it.
  9. Anyone got any experience with the Celestron NexStar Evolution 8? There doesn't seem to be much in the way of owner reviews out there and I can't figure out why.
  10. I'm a sucker for merino thermals and ski boot inner soles, never failed over years of outdoor work. I'd only use the metallic type ski boot inner soles if you're not active though as they tend to make your feet v.warm if you're busy.
  11. Signed up and week 1 completed, still need to take my photos though so that'll be tonight whilst I'm working night shift Feels good to get back into "learning" again.
  12. I've got a skywatcher 150 Dob and I've used the hyperion zoom 3 pretty much since day 1. It's amazing as I'm not much of a EP changer, although I will be looking at a more wider field EP soon (if my wish for a 9" celestron evolution cones true). Fingers crossed you don't get the free clouds in the box.
  13. Was just talking about it with my 7yr old, they're studying electricity at school at the moment so it'll be fantastic for her (and me).
  14. I've had no dramas with my skysurfer V as yet and after a quick look at the adjustment can't see any way of reducing the friction either. I'd imagine that there is a spring washer behind the incremental scale providing the loading but that'd be just a guess. I'm sure FLO will be able to help you out, fingers crossed my finder stays ok.
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