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  1. m.tweedy

    Need A 13.8v 20 amp PSU

    I have the same power supply and it has never let me down. Running all of my gear and LED Observatory lights without problem.
  2. m.tweedy

    AstroParts UK

    I am sure FLO may be able to guide you as they seem to use someone to manufacture their own "bits".
  3. m.tweedy

    kielder star party Spring 2019

  4. Thats where i got mine
  5. use this to help you. There are 14 episodes
  6. m.tweedy

    Celestron C8 Love/Hate relationship.

    Thanks. Metalwork aches however i am upright. I only mentioned it to show that the C8 is very portable even with back issues (which i thought you had) otherwise i would not have mentioned it as my avatar says enough. Sorry for distracting from the thread.
  7. m.tweedy

    Celestron C8 Love/Hate relationship.

    I had one for a number of years and had the best views of Galaxies and other faint fuzzies from it at Starcamp. I sold it when i got the C11 which is a beautiful beast and can resolve much fainter deep sky "stuff". However when i broke my back the C11 and NEQ6 pro sat in storage in my shed for 2 years until i got an Observatory built. I bought a 1979 Orange C8 soon after selling the Black C8 and removed the forks (a sin but they were broken and did not suit what i wanted from the scope). Lightweight enough not to hesitate in lifting it onto a lightweight mount. I added a vixen dovetail and i am happy for portable astronomy. It gives great views and has been well used for public outreach including white light solar. My view is that it is very good at everything but does not have the "wow" of a very expensive and potentially heavy refractor. But i could not live without mine being there. Here is the Beauty and the beast prior to my back "incident".
  8. m.tweedy

    Star Adventurer power

    I had the same problem with the "smart" ones. I now run mine off an older 13000 but need to plug it into the 2A port and it will run and run until the cows come home or it gets light.
  9. m.tweedy

    How do amateur astronomers make money?

    TOO LATE. Someone should have told me this 10 years ago
  10. m.tweedy

    Camera Lens warmer/dew preventer for Grab/Go

    Received today. Presently running through my Anker 13000 MaH portable battery without issue. They do get warm so may only need to be used intermittently. Big well done to a great addition to the lightweight set up. No 12v battery to carry around (even though Tracer ones are reasonably light). Star Adventurer and dew control through one small battery pack-who would ever have thought it.
  11. m.tweedy

    Camera Lens warmer/dew preventer for Grab/Go

    I have ordered one of the lens warmers (thank you stash_old) and intend to use my Anker 13000mAh power bank It says output 5v up to 3A max output. similar to this https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00VJSGT2A?aaxitk=O0Fi0FNuifeTcuqVTtpsDA&pd_rd_i=B00VJSGT2A&pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_p=5525970907818403459&pf_rd_s=desktop-sx-top-slot&pf_rd_t=301&pf_rd_i=ankers+13000+mAh+power+bank&hsa_cr_id=3733728880102 If it has problems i will report back
  12. m.tweedy

    Burnhope reservoir dark site

    Yes you as well. I did not know how far to cast the net on Societies.
  13. m.tweedy

    Burnhope reservoir dark site

    Binoculars would be ideal or Mk1 eyeballs give the best views often
  14. m.tweedy

    Burnhope reservoir dark site

    We (Sunderland Astronomical Society) meet at Derwent Reservoir as it is our dark sky site. We have tried Burnhope before but did not go back the reason escapes me. This time of year never gets fully dark so even a dark site will still be bright. Sunset on the 17th is 21.45 with sunrise 4.28 on the 18th with no Astronomical or Nautical Twilight let alone darkness. I could not get enough stars to do a SharpCap Polar align last night at 11.30pm. Finally there is safety in numbers. I always strongly recommend to our members not to go observing alone and always need at least 2 people when we are doing a Society organised trip. There are a number of Societies near you. Durham Astro, Cleveland and Darlington and finally ourselves Sunderland Astronomical Society. If you were to pop along to any of them you would be among a group of like minded people and have access to Safe dark site observing (or imaging). Or even just to get help and tips from members.

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