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  1. m.tweedy

    Correct Voltage Eq-6

    Maybe to compensate for power loss in the cable.
  2. m.tweedy

    Correct Voltage Eq-6

    NEq6 is best at 13.8V. Thats what my mains transformer is set to. Under 12.6v and it struggles and lights start flashing. losing tracking accuracy. I do not know what the never AZ EQ6 requirement are.
  3. m.tweedy


    Likewise. I have never had any condensation or dew build up. I have now taken the dew bands off. I have found some USB dew bands that i am using on my portable set up with a powerbank that works great.
  4. m.tweedy


    Your Observatory looks spookly similar to mine
  5. As this post was from January 2015 and Photosbykev has not been on the forum since March unfortunately it is unlikely he will see it.
  6. |I use the WO 66 which is great. Consider using the proposed scope to Sharpcap polar align to increase your sub length. I used Sharpcap polar align on my Astrotrac at Kielder as a proof of concept and it worked. My only let down was the camera i was trying to use was very old and not sensitive enough. I now know it will work with Astrotrac and SA.
  7. I gave up on the same bluetooth for the same reason. The bluetooth connection was a bit too flaky and random disconnects for me. I got the Skywatcher dongle and connect perfectly first time every time via synscan mobile telescope and EQMOD.
  8. m.tweedy

    Need A 13.8v 20 amp PSU

    I have the same power supply and it has never let me down. Running all of my gear and LED Observatory lights without problem.
  9. m.tweedy

    AstroParts UK

    I am sure FLO may be able to guide you as they seem to use someone to manufacture their own "bits".
  10. m.tweedy

    kielder star party Spring 2019

  11. Thats where i got mine
  12. use this to help you. There are 14 episodes
  13. m.tweedy

    Celestron C8 Love/Hate relationship.

    Thanks. Metalwork aches however i am upright. I only mentioned it to show that the C8 is very portable even with back issues (which i thought you had) otherwise i would not have mentioned it as my avatar says enough. Sorry for distracting from the thread.
  14. m.tweedy

    Celestron C8 Love/Hate relationship.

    I had one for a number of years and had the best views of Galaxies and other faint fuzzies from it at Starcamp. I sold it when i got the C11 which is a beautiful beast and can resolve much fainter deep sky "stuff". However when i broke my back the C11 and NEQ6 pro sat in storage in my shed for 2 years until i got an Observatory built. I bought a 1979 Orange C8 soon after selling the Black C8 and removed the forks (a sin but they were broken and did not suit what i wanted from the scope). Lightweight enough not to hesitate in lifting it onto a lightweight mount. I added a vixen dovetail and i am happy for portable astronomy. It gives great views and has been well used for public outreach including white light solar. My view is that it is very good at everything but does not have the "wow" of a very expensive and potentially heavy refractor. But i could not live without mine being there. Here is the Beauty and the beast prior to my back "incident".
  15. m.tweedy

    Star Adventurer power

    I had the same problem with the "smart" ones. I now run mine off an older 13000 but need to plug it into the 2A port and it will run and run until the cows come home or it gets light.

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