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  1. m.tweedy

    Still EFW driver puzzle.

    Is it an EFW 1. if so The drivers have been removed from the core software and will need downloading separately https://www.atik-cameras.com/downloads/ 2/3 way down the page.
  2. m.tweedy

    Galileo's Daughter

    I also read Longitude by Dava Sobel and that was very good. It was actually the surgeon who dd my back operation who recommend it to read during my recovery.
  3. m.tweedy

    Show us your subs...

    Here is a single 10 minute sub with an Atik 460EX mono with a 6Nm Ha filter. Cooled to -20 Its a fit file so cannot upload it. I will try later
  4. All i can say is Chocolate is directly proportional to my mass. On a serious note it is an interesting question.
  5. m.tweedy

    Two from last night.

    The master at work again
  6. m.tweedy

    How to make the club more appealing

    I can only go from the experience at our Society. We set up a FB page that is very active. We meet every thursday and sunday with about 20+ people on cloudy nights. Lecture/talk 3rd sunday with regularly 50 people. We set up a text service years ago that all paying members are subscribed too (GDPR is acknowledged) with reminders about talks, workshops and observing sessions at either the Obsevatory or dark site. We regularly do tutorials EG Star Adventurer set up, Synscan WiFi dongle best use, Astrophotography for beginners. Members volunteer or ask for them. A text is sent out informing the members it is taking place. For newcomers we have designated meeter/greeters so anyone new is immediately made welcome and shown around while the greeter answers any questions. We then buddy them up with someone that has a similar interest until they become comfortable going solo. I find it is all about the initial welcome and making them feel included. We do a lot of outreach both at schools and at the observatory (mainly cubs, scouts etc). again we have a designated events coordinator who receives the emails from our visits/events email responses from our website, Makes contact and arranges the visit. This works very well. Once a few groups have done it then word gets around.
  7. m.tweedy

    Correct Voltage Eq-6

    Maybe to compensate for power loss in the cable.
  8. m.tweedy

    Correct Voltage Eq-6

    NEq6 is best at 13.8V. Thats what my mains transformer is set to. Under 12.6v and it struggles and lights start flashing. losing tracking accuracy. I do not know what the never AZ EQ6 requirement are.
  9. m.tweedy


    Likewise. I have never had any condensation or dew build up. I have now taken the dew bands off. I have found some USB dew bands that i am using on my portable set up with a powerbank that works great.
  10. m.tweedy


    Your Observatory looks spookly similar to mine
  11. As this post was from January 2015 and Photosbykev has not been on the forum since March unfortunately it is unlikely he will see it.
  12. |I use the WO 66 which is great. Consider using the proposed scope to Sharpcap polar align to increase your sub length. I used Sharpcap polar align on my Astrotrac at Kielder as a proof of concept and it worked. My only let down was the camera i was trying to use was very old and not sensitive enough. I now know it will work with Astrotrac and SA.
  13. I gave up on the same bluetooth for the same reason. The bluetooth connection was a bit too flaky and random disconnects for me. I got the Skywatcher dongle and connect perfectly first time every time via synscan mobile telescope and EQMOD.
  14. m.tweedy

    Need A 13.8v 20 amp PSU

    I have the same power supply and it has never let me down. Running all of my gear and LED Observatory lights without problem.
  15. m.tweedy

    AstroParts UK

    I am sure FLO may be able to guide you as they seem to use someone to manufacture their own "bits".

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