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  1. I am just up the road from you and it will be marginal if its any better than Bortle 8. Well done on a great image
  2. Wow thank you. That is an honour coming from you.
  3. 10 x 5 Minutes Ha. 10 x 5 minutes O111. William Optics GT81 no field flattener or reducer. Atik 460 mono. CEM120. No flats, darks or bias. Bortle 8 skies. Its a start. I need lots more data when its clear. lightly processed by my colleague David Shaw. Hopefully star colours will improve with more data.
  4. ASTAP is a free stacking programme. It can be used for much more than Platesolving https://www.hnsky.org/astap.htm
  5. My first serious attempt in a couple of years. Atik 460M. 10 x 5 minute Ha 6Nm, 9 x O111 5 Nm with WO GT81 no reducer (don't have one) on a CEM120 guided with PHD2. No Flats or dark's or bias. Kindly processed for me by David Shaw from our Society. There are lots of things that are wrong in the image some of which will (in time) be corrected by lots more subs and Flats. However I feel that from Bortle 8 skies and a 98% moon I am quite satisfied. It is a start.
  6. I bought cables with the Anderson connectors already attached as I tried and failed to do it myself. You are not the only one to forget the covers.
  7. Not buying as I have one. However your information is saying for 600-800 refractors and the box says 400-600 (which I think is the correct focal length). Just saying to save some potential confusion.
  8. When I broke my back and had it bolted back together and I was very limited in my mobility it helped with my sanity just to sit out (in my Bortle 8 skies) and look at the stars with Mk1 eyeballs. My telescopes were at that time just useless pieces of metal and glass. I guess I am trying to say enjoy the hobby for what it is. "Gear" no matter what its quality are just aids which should enhance the enjoyment.
  9. Something that has not yet been mentioned is see if there is a local Astronomical Society. Like minded people sharing the same hobby is something that adds a great amount to my enjoyment. Even on a cloudy/rainy night (we get a lot of them in North East England) just chatting and sharing ideas and experiences makes it worthwhile (Covid is however playing havoc with that). You have vast areas of dark skies that can be shared with others. What I know of any astronomer i have come across is they are friendly, do not ridicule and are willing to share (experiences/equipment (possibly not at the moment). Maybe join an online forum or online astronomical club. Learn to live with what you have and improve slowly over time (both equipment and knowledge). Set your expectations at a realistic level. Before long you will no longer be a newby and will be sharing your knowledge with those who are new to the hobby with a similar set up to you. Then you will think YES I am glad i stuck with it.
  10. Yes that is something i will do once i get the gear (just need to travel about 200 miles to collect the scope over the next week). Thanks for your help.
  11. Spot on. What would you suggest if I go OAG on my proposed MN190. I am no expert and would appreciate your guidance.
  12. I was only going off the manual and must say I have had no issues guiding with my 60mm guide scope. This is the direct quote from the manual but everyone’s set up is different. “The preferred guiding mode is 2x2 binned, as this gives both fast downloads and high sensitivity without any ‘interlacing’ issues. The ‘Fast’ 2x1 mode is also useful if you are working with a short focal length guide ‘scope, as it offers somewhat finer RA guiding resolution in the X axis if this is oriented East-West. If operating with a very short focus ‘scope, high resolution mode may be best”. whether it purely relates to their own guiding programme I am not sure.
  13. That’s good. I also read in my Lodestar x2 manual to set binning at 2x2 in PHD2. (Lots of 2s in this post).
  14. FOUND. This thread can now be closed. Thank you. Michael.
  15. Thanks a Peter. I am in negotiations for one. Will PM you.
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