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M51. Nowhere near as good as Helen's but...

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... I'm only using a webcam. Pity about the framing and also the blue from the on-chip amplifier. I'll have another crack tonight.

40x25s, Explorer 200, K3ccdtools, registax, PSP7 (all the free stuff)

A question about binning. If I reduce the resolution of the webcam from 640x480 to say 320x240, is this the same as 2x2 binning?



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For an SC1 web-cam DSO image, I'd say that was pretty Damn good Steve.

You can't really compare the SC1 with the camera that Helen used, so take the credit for that result.

I'm sure that a dark frame subtraction would remove the 'amp glow' from the image.

Not sure what effect reducing the reslolution has with the SC1, but my guess is that it would not be the same as 'binning'. I'm somene will provide a definitive answer for you.


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Cracking image - better than I ever got with my SC1!!!

Changing the resolution from 640x480 to 320x240 is exactly the same as binning - it also have the same bonus (more sensitivity).

But be careful - it has to be 320x240 not the setting in between - that DOESN@T have the same effect.

Take some darks with that and you've got your self a cracker!


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Thanks for the comments guys and gals. You are too kind and I am too self critical.

Ant, thanks for the confirmation re binning. I'll try it out (when the fog clears).

I did subtract some darks (only 2 or 3 though - must take a few more next time).

Thinking about it, it may not have been amp glow but reflected glare from the laptop.

Thanks again.


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