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  1. just thought I'd add a few of the pics i took with this kit..
  2. Well it is with regret that I have finally decided to sell my kit. I started a new business a few years ago and this has taken a lot of my time and not left any spare time to really pursue my astro hobby! I spent a fair bit on this kit, but realise its a buyers market. I would like to see it all go together as would make a lovely setup for someone just getting into astrophotograhy - all you need is a camera and laptop. May consider splitting if no interest. As to price, thinking £500 the whole lot. All in working order and clean, etc. Has been stored in my office. Anyway the list of kit is as follows: Celestron C6s http://www.celestron.com/browse-shop/uncategorized/c6-telescopes/c6-sgt-computerized-telescope Celestron T-adapter (for cannon eos) Celestron Eyepiece metal case: Various filters 32mm 35mm 20mm wide angle 15mm 9mm 6mm 4mm Meade 3x Telenegative 2x barlow http://www.celestron.com/browse-shop/astronomy/visual-accessories/eyepieces/125in-eyepiece-and-filter-kit Astrozap dew sheild Celestron power tank (+various cables: mount power, eos power) QHY5 guider (+serial cable) Revelation focuser https://www.telescopehouse.com/revelation-superfocus-2-inch-sct-rack-n-pinion-focuser.html Hirsch f6.3 sct reducer Skywatcher guide scope (80mm) F400 Astro engineering dual mount (note the full setup pic has a camera attached - this is not in the sale tho)
  3. count me in... fri eve and both on sat
  4. lmao... guess you were right steve, got this one this evening:
  5. Gedds Alaska- that is a cool site.. deffo on my bookmark list, might b off to Oslo in Feb.. so fingers crossed
  6. Thought i'd share this, signed up a year ago.. and this is the first alert I've had: http://www.dcs.lancs.ac.uk/iono/aurorawatch/
  7. wow.. this sounds cool, registered interest bound to be a success, I did a similar day a year od so ago in MK and was fully sold out.
  8. Hi ... out of interest do you know what virus it was? Have you kept the drive as was.. as said above a good av might clean and restore some stuff - if not you could try to 'undelete' and clean. Do you use an antivirus? Also as a good free backup solution i use G4U - its a full disk cloner... once a week I clone my entire drive to a second drive - nice and easy swap out if something goes awry. g4u - Harddisk Image Cloning for PCs
  9. wow.. thanks David, appreciate the time you put into awnsering this for me, could be my polar alignment was off then. Will have another bash when the clouds decide to play ball and see what occurs. Many thanks again to all in helping me climb this learning curve
  10. sent a couple on emaill not sure if any good to you...
  11. Yeah.. I bought the C6S-GT a complete noob.. but its done me well as a starter scope. As to the DEC thing... I see in PHD you can turn off DEC - so will try that also - see if it fixes anything.
  12. just been having a read around the forums and internet.. the CG5 doesnt have PEC... but from what ive read if i'm autoguiding this shouldnt matter? Is this PE always gonna be there because of the way the gears are machined or can a refurb/grease up sort this out? Is this mount not really suitable for long exopsure photography? Should I take this down to DHinds for a refurb or should I save for a HEQ5/6? I'm pretty confused :S lol
  13. hmm.. i dont have a small screwdriver long enuff to get the damn plastic housing off to start with - fail. lol david - you say i do not need dec on if polar aligned well... can this be turned off then ? didnt know i could do that...
  14. thanks all.. didnt make any funny noises last night.. but sure I heard a funny grind on the last session.. but it was a quick noise and dissapeared.. thought I imgined it... maybe not :S thanks for the link david.. the first part of that post reads ' If nuts, bolts, set screws, worm gears, Allen wrenches, and retaining rings make you nervous, you may be wise to find someone else to do the job.' lol.. that'll be me then! oh well... i'll give it a go, gotta start somewhere - if only it were code to be debugged or a wireless system to break into will keep you updated .. hopefully nothing is broke in there..
  15. Cables all good and loose, on grass - so no vibrations, think my balance was ok. Not sure if this helps but here are a couple of graphs produced from the PHD log... looks suspect to me as this is a regular pattern - but what could cause this ?
  16. Hi guys... What a lovely night last night, set up in the daylight.. then went out as it got dark and was there till 2... Got about 45 mins of 5 min exposures on M31 and all looked good (apart from the orange glow!).. then kept getting odd 'shifting' in some subs, although not every one after this, but getting more frequent. Below is a couple of shots of PHD tracking, the mashed sub and also my PHD log... Ended up throwing out 10 5 min subs.. and only an hour and 5 mins kept, oh the PHD log is after a forced recalibration.. Is this something to do with the way I setup.. or a limitiation of the CG5 ? Any help/ideas appreciated... PHD_log_12Sep09.txt
  17. Think I may of overdone the bracing... was worried that the front legs wouldn't be strong enough for the weight of the roof.. but that looks excellet steve, exactly what I'm trying to acheive - back to the drawing board to tidy up the model I think - the roof needs to encompass the framework as you have done. Any chance you could post a couple of pics of your roof framework/slider mechanism ? Cheers Chris
  18. The wife doesnt want a static frame in the garden off the shed to support the roll off roof for the new shed/obsy.. so i designed something and made a quick animation to show one of the local chippies when he comes back off holiday next week... thought i'd air it here for some comments.... would this work?
  19. quick update... made up some plans for the pier top for my mate to make top plate: bottom plate: 3d model:
  20. Well i finaly got round to clearing the site for my obsy.. my mate dropped over a piece of tubing from the site he was working on.. rather larger than I wanted!! its 12" wide by nearly 10 ft long ... just need to figure out the optimal height before i cut it down.. its gonna be buried about 2-3 ft down. Anyway.. I figure it will make a nice sturdy pier and for free.. am not moaning... hes also gonna make the steel top parts for me. Just need to figure out what shed to buy.. its got to be 7x5.. but not sure on wether to go for an apex or a pent... still working on the roof mechanim ideas at the mo..
  21. thats a good plan.. mulled wine at Nicks pitch
  22. SGL4 wasnt too cold.. but then the friday night was alcohol warmed under a patchy sky and I was tucked up by 2 on the saturday night still nursing my all day hang over... note to self: dont try and image with a hang over - makes all kinds of things 'not right'
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