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  1. This all boils down to the home position. Where is it really? OK, we know it is scope up and weights down but how accurately are we setting this position? When we power-up the handset, it (the h/s), ASSUMES that the mount is in the home position. Precisely. As there is no feedback from the mount to the h/s, it hasn't got a clue where the mount is pointing. This is the reason for loosening the clutches to centre the first star. (And only the first star). After this step you should then park the mount to the home position and power-down. Now when you power-up, the mount is, as near as damn it, in the 'true' home position. Without releasing any clutches this time, go through the aligment routine. The stars 'should be' pretty close to central now. Famous last words. BTW, it isn't necessary to level an EQ mount. Steve
  2. I don't use RealVNC anymore (Teamviewer convert) but I do recall that there is setting to allow sounds to be 'passed through' to the remote computer. Steve
  3. In an ideal world, bias frame should be taken with a zero exposure length. However, as this is not possible with the Atik, then take them with the sortest exposure possible - 0.001s. Steve
  4. It's been ages since I last did any imaging, mainly due to the weather we have been getting here in East Anglia. That long In fact, when I rolled back the roof a Greattit flew out from under the eaves! 10 x 600 secs Guide - ST80, Atik 16 ics Image - C80 ED, Atik 314L+, Astronomik 12nm Ha filter Capture - MaximDL Processed in PS/CS Steve
  5. NO, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. I'm 'shouting' just in case you are tempted to try it. The EQMOD site shows the pinouts. Steve
  6. You are being very hard on yourself. I think it is a great image with lots of potential. I hope you don't mind but I gave it a little tweak. All I did was (roughly) align the RGB channels so that the histogram shows all 3 peaks (Red, Green & Blue) overlaid on each other. I used Photoshop but you can do the same with Gimp. Keep up the good work. Steve
  7. Bob After you have polar aligned (the best you can) tell CdC to slew to an appropriate star. Fairly bright so that you can easily distinguish it. This is because that first slew will in all probability be a long way out. Now RELEASE THE CLUTCHES and manually push the scope so that said star is centralised. Redo the clutches. Make any fine adjustments with the NESW buttons on Eqmod (of using a gamepad if you have one connected). Sync the position in CdC. Subsequent goto's should now be fairly accurate. Assuming this is set up in your dome, you shouldn't need to go through this "clutches" procedure again. Steve
  8. Just last night I was wondering where you had got to. Welcome back. Steve
  9. Talking of eyes and mirrors... here's an interesting thing to try - Stand in front of a mirror and, without moving your head, shift your gaze to look at your right eye then your left. Repeat a few times. Did you see your eyes move? Now video yourself doing it. Your eyes definitely do move, it's just that they 'switch off' whilst moving. Apparently we are effictively 'blind' for about 2 hours a day! Steve
  10. I, too, have had no problems guiding with Atik & ST80. I am using Maxim. Steve
  11. There used to be a 10 x 8 greenhouse on this site on a 'concrete plinth'. As you can see I utilised this plinth for the shed (6 x 8) to stand on (with an extra length under where the warm room partition wall was to be). As I had spent a bit more than I originally intended, instead of building a pier I cast 3 concrete pillars and keep the tripod. (Those 5 litre paint tubs are filled with concrete). Steve
  12. Just to clarify what I mean about cutting the sides down, here is a link to someone else's site which shows the idea quite clearly. Steve
  13. This is how I did mine. With hindsight I would have attached the roof to the walls, cut the walls approx 2ft down and rolled the whole lot off. Does that make sense? Steve
  14. Many moons ago, 2001 give or take, there was a chap in the States that went this route. Dave Allmon was his name. He was the pioneer of long exposure webcam astrophotography. One night, whilst imaging, he fell asleep (like you do) and when he awoke it had all gone horribly wrong! IIRC one of the hoses had detached itself. Needless to say, the webcam was toast. Just a word of caution. Steve
  15. I can't believe the swear filter cut in on my post. So, at the risk of being told off, I will bypass it... On second thoughts here are some synonyms - Grab, Grasp, Seize, Take, Steal, Pinch, Nick, Filch. You should be able to work out what the innocent word was.
  16. About 3 years ago, in the still of the night, I had an owl try and ****** my woolly hat off my head. I let out an audible 'Yelp' Steve
  17. Oh dear, Oh dear! It never rains but it pours. If it's not one thing it's the other. I can't help you with this one I'm afraid but I'm sure, in the morning, you will be able to sort it. (And then tomorrow night it will be something else!). Steve
  18. No joy I'm afraid. All I have managed to do is crash the computer. Several times. I then did a bit of research (should have done this first) and all the indications are that it can't be done, especially using 2 of the same webcam. I can't be of any more help, sorry. Steve
  19. That did make me smile. Embroidery hoops is what you were searching for. Steve
  20. Boyd I didn't know that you were using 2 cameras and therefore I can see you have a problem. I have a couple of these webcams and tomorrow I will see if I can knock up a program that will read them both at the same time. But don't hold your breath. It's been some time since I've done any programming. If I can get something working I will get back to you here. Steve
  21. There's plenty of free s/w on the net that will allow you to take multple stills at whatever interval you like (within reason) wtih a webcam. Do a search for webcam time lapse software. No need to reinvent the wheel. Steve
  22. Plugging your EQmod cable into the hub (as opposed to direct to the PC) MAY have changed the com port assignment. Steve
  23. I run EVERYTHING through a 7 way powered hub (2 Atiks, filter wheel, mount, DIY auto focuser and wireless gamepad). No problems at all. However, now that I have said it 'out loud', it will probably all go pear shaped! Steve
  24. I have successfully used RealVNC and TeamViewer (Vista to Vista). I find that the latter is easier to use. Steve
  25. Yes, it was a Prolific chipset one. Steve
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