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M8 Lagoon - the finish

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From a very optimistic thread called 'a promising start' comes this result after adding some Ha. All still grabbed from the city.

The RGB (OSC data technically I suppose, so not sure if that should be called RGB) comes from the SW120 again, and the Ha from the SW80.

OSC data 3 hours 16 minutes, Mono Ha data 3 hours 20 minutes. No LP filter for the OSC, and no noise reduction - and I made the Ha stronger in contrast so Noel has not come to the resque this time with local contrast enhancement.

When I saw the first Ha subs come in from the Lagoon I realised how bright it was - and thought it would be good fun to add it all together. It sure was, but I really struggled to get Registar to accept my OSC background. I had to help it by cropping this data so it matched the Ha stack more closely. Is this normal?

Thanks for looking! (Crescent, Tulip, Bubble and the Western Veil next up for the same treatment :smiley: . Some clear nights down here? YES!)



Ha data added:


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Thanks all for your comments :-)

Yes Carole, the air is great in southern France - it's just a shame I image from a massive city :cool: :cool: ... Ah, well one day I may move out a bit :smiley: Not as far as Provence tho.


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Yep, its normal for registar to throw a benny if the files to be aligned are too far out (eg: flipped or mirrored)

You have a very clean result there, though I would be very tempted to use a layer mask on the Ha to bring back the core and its central star cluster. Shame that we in the UK dont often get a chance to grab this one, its just so very very low that the guiding isnt exactly "set up and walk away", it needs to be watched :)

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