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  1. It may not be as grab and go but I'm a big lad so maybe not so bad. I've never had a scope with GOTO before so I'm thinking that my next scope should have this, which I believe will help with imaging when I get to that stage.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking about the 200p, it would require extra saving but I think could be well worth it.
  3. Hi all, After some thinking time I have decided the time is right for me to get a new scope. I am currently looking at spending around £300 (mainly because I am too impatient to wait the extra time to save more money) and have found three scopes on FLO that look good. Each of these I am looking at for the ease of getting it straight out when the sky is clear in Manchester. 1st - Skywatcher Explorer 130P at £285 2nd - Skywatcher Startravel 102 at £285 3rd - Skywatcher Skymax 102 at £297 As I mentioned I am looking at these because they look lightweight enough to just "grab and go" but also cheap enough for me to get within a couple of months. I would like to know which of these would be better (baring in mind I realistically plan to do planetary observing until I am used to the scopes then move deeper space). I am open to suggestions though and could be persuaded to hang on to save a bit longer for the right scope, so feel free to recommend away. Many thanks all.
  4. Thanks John Thats given me a good basis to start from amd just glad that it can all be done quite cheaply to start with too. Going to have a look around at equipment and hopefully get myself started by christmas.
  5. I may be way off the mark here but I do believe the main part of the data collection was for future missions and I think I read somewhere that the importance of the chemical makeup of the rocks was important to plan manned missions but again I may have either read it incorrectly or may have read too much into the information contained
  6. Agreed. In my opinion one mission cannot be any less significant than another purely based on potential for the discovery of something that could be ground breaking.
  7. What does everyone use to keep the phone steady enough to take the images?
  8. I have just read this article on the Astronomy Now website http://www.astronomynow.com/news/n1409/04seniorreview/#.VAyl22anxoM I'm intruiged as to other peoples opiniins on these missions and which they feel may be of more benifit. I personally think that each of them have their merits for example learning more about saturn (I'm under the impression that we don't actually know a great deal as I have not read much personally but happy to retract this statement if I have just missed it) but am very interested in other peoples views.
  9. Hi Dave. Hang in there good things will come. I'm in south manchester too but find it difficult to get any decent viewing in withthe trafford centre lights beaming in one direction and the city centre in another Where do you go at the minute?
  10. Hi, I am currently looking into radio astronomy but to say my knowledge is limited would be an understatement. I am wondering if anyone can recomend any books etc on the subject and any articles etc that focus on the practicle side. Many thanks in advance
  11. I'm definately going to give that OU moon course a whirl and thanks for the info Ryan I'll check them out after work. Sent from my GT-N7000 using Tapatalk
  12. I've not had problems when I went to Shell Island apart from kids with really bright torches trying to have light sabre fights, but that died down after 11ish and its such a big place that you can set up for a week and not be disturbed.
  13. Everything seems so simple through the eyes of little ones.
  14. Hi Steve, Welcome from the south of Manchester. Jonathon.
  15. I would be interested in hearing ideas too.
  16. Asur84


    Hi Ian and welcome from me.
  17. Asur84


    Hi and welcome from me.
  18. At times it does seem like an addiction to me.
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