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AstroBoot is back


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Result :eek:

Thanks Kevin for the Astroboot heads up.

Looked at it this morning but didn't see anything that I really wanted to get right away but looked again a few minutes ago and spotted what they referred to as a "90mm CNC refractor" for sixty quid. I recognised it as a Star Sky 90mm refractor. I used to have one a few years ago and was impressed then with how good it was for a fast achro. Far better optics than a Startravel 80 and has a single speed crayford and a retractable dew shield and is very light weight.

It's presently stocked by Astronomica.


I'm thinking it would make a great super-finder on my 14" dob. ;)



Top pic is of the Astroboot scope and lower pic is of a Star Sky 90. Spot the similarity.

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tempted by the geiger counter but went for the globe.:eek:

I was also tempted by the geiger counter - a cool toy, but not sure what i'd use it for....and it's priced too highly for a toy

i liked the look of that globe last time astroboot was around.

I've gone for a spare supatrek handset and a small EP case to keep my webcam and adaptors in. Happy Days

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How about this for a description:

0.965" 50x360mm refract

A1. Un-branded 50mm "ant-burner" refractor on small tilt-head tripod. Supplied with 0.965" diagonal and eyepiece. Could be used for video finder or to throw for the dog! Either way it's yours for a fiver if you think you're hard enough

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Enlighten us !!

Oh its gone- guess John bought it! Description was something along the lines of how it was good for use as a finder or guider but as for looking through it, was like an explosion in a paint shop, or words to that effect


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there was a 130p which had a cracking description i'll see if i can find it

[edit] still there here it is

A6 130mm Newt OTA

A6. Primary mirror is badly chipped and it looks like a slither of mirror is missing. Supplied for spares. This is the mortal remains of a Sky Watcher 130mm 650mm focal length Parabolic mirror Newtonian reflecting telescope. It is supplied as OTA only and is unusable. Complete with secondary mirror and all components. Primary mirror damaged but complete with all parts. The tube is fitted with dovetail bar and rack & pinion focuser. Also supplied with several spiders cobwebs, and a good selection of dead insects. David Belemy, this one's for you.


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