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  1. Have these binos and mine did exact same thing think they got knocked when traveling in suitcase anyway as stated can be fixed by locating and moving the screws Kev
  2. Thx for the advice all just used the colour balance in registax only the auto setting though and it changed it a little is this going in the right direction for getting a more natural colour thx Kev
  3. Thx Harvey I will look at that not really gone into the other stuff registax can do yet
  4. Thank you starlight Thx Knobby yes I thought that but was not sure how to change it but will have a play with it just to see what does what Thx Michael have got a 2.5 powermate but was not sure if it would be to much so didn't try it but maybe if get good conditions might be worth a try then is curves the histogram setting I had a look but worried about moving about it thx again
  5. First try with new cam taken 30/11/14 around 2.50am its been a while since I have attempted any imaging but 120mc is a real good step up from my trusty spc quite pleased with first go but any pointers would be appreciated thx Kevin
  6. Very nice impressive image loads going on there Kevin
  7. It is very frustrating I have bought a few astro items recently that I am itching to give a good workout but I really only have a fri/sat night probably like most that work through the week and weekends where I am have been a washout last few weeks now this week/end does not look any better Kev
  8. Have also been looking at the Meade 5000 26mm also has good bino use reviews and I assume that any eyepiece above the 25mm mark will vignette ? Kev
  9. Hi Just wondered if anyone has actually removed the IR-cut filter/window on there 120mc if so how easy was it? Although perfectly fine as it is i would rather have the set up of nosepiece permanently in place with filter in nosepiece and protect the sensor that way like on spc900 just so i have the option to experiment with different filters if i want to Thx Kev
  10. Thx Mark have heard lots of good things about the TV 25mm plossls and binoviewing but a couple of those even s/hand will prob be out of my price range but hopefully a couple of cheaper plossls around the 25mm mark will work ok for me Kev Thx Paul not had a chance to try out on Jupiter yet cos of weather but am looking forward to that one sounds like you have had some great views the Meade 26mm sound good even new are not a bad price Kev Hi Tubby Bear Yes I thought maybe that my FL had changed a little plus I also have a Crayford style focuser (great addition) on back as well so with binos my FL may have altered by more than I thought so thinking about it now all my high mag stuff is covered with the 20mm 1.6x barlow and TV powermate so I think I wll try and get couple of eyepiece's around the 25mm mark Kev
  11. Having now had the chance to try my new WO binoviewers i can now say they are all that i hoped for they have been on my must get list for so long but now i have them i really wish i had got them sooner rather than later they really are one astro item you can buy that gives you a lot for your hard earned i mean a real nice quality bino unit 2 very nice eyepieces a 1.6 barlow/nosepiece and a nice box to store it in all for the price of a med end single eyepiece I had no trouble merging the images and once focused in the views of the moon are awesome was amazed how much fine lunar detail is resolved and looks so much better with 2 eyes and the image scale seems so much bigger really in your face so to speak all the folds and creases in the surface just seem to jump out more where as i usually spend a few minutes looking before the goto is whizzing off to something else i pulled up a chair for this one and spent a good hour studying the lunar surface the more i looked the more amazing the view became no doubt it was nothing i had not seen before at the eyepiece but due to the larger image scale and using 2 eyes every little detail just seems to pop out that much more My next decision is what to do about maybe some more eyepieces for high power it would be logical to double up something i already have which are a TV 11mm plossl a WO spl 12.5 or a Pentax xf 12.5 all which i would assume would all be of suitable quality to just pick up s/hand one to make a matched pair ? but i also have a TV 2.5 powermate which works very nice with my set up so maybe i should be looking at the other end of the scale for some low power viewing what do you think? i have read that i should get away with 25mm eyepieces ok just wondered if anyone has pushed it to a 32mm with this unit and had decent results ? If you have been thinking about getting some binoviewers get them sooner rather than later Kev
  12. Managed to see this for the first time couple weeks ago as I noticed the sky was particularly dark for once amazing to see through the eyepiece I could follow the structure for most part of it thought my sky's were really bad but if I could see that maybe they are not as bad as I thought ? Kev
  13. Have just tried your suggestion Chris and it worked a treat thank you very much for that Kev
  14. Thx Chris Will give that a go it is all the fault of the ZWO asi120 where I have been used to 10/12 fps from my trusty spc900 The insane rates I am getting now is given me avi's that are far to big just have to remember to cut down the capture time needed now Kev
  15. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00p1crx/mars-a-horizon-guide Just watched this very interesting watching the very early theories about Mars from the limited views they had from even the most powerful telescopes back then And also a very young Sir Patrick Moore saying the dark spots they could make out could be vegetation...... worth a watch Kev
  16. Thx sorry should have said the avi's was close up lunar features so I did check the close up lunar box at start when I paly the avi before I run it through pipp it is nice and steady but maybe it is not steady enough for what pipp needs to do with it? thx kev
  17. When I run a AVI through pipp the finished saved avi looks like it been taken in a hurricane bouncing all over the place and when I load it into registax just to take a look I can skip through the frames but they don't change and all look the same I realize I must be doing something wrong but just cant figure out what I don't change the settings apart from the ones I need to such as how many frames I want saved and save file as avi any help appreciated thx Kev
  18. Wow and Wow They really are amazing Kev
  19. Wonder what they use regiStax or AS!2 Kev
  20. A nice offer to make if I was sitting there watching boring ol telly and a offer like that appeared at my door I would be over there like a rocket with a couple of mugs of tea and Jaffa cakes kev
  21. It is a tricky one unlike a neighbor who you would be on friendly speaking terms with he probably sees you as some stranger coming onto his "manor" and telling to turn his lights off i think he has made his intentions clear just by putting them back on after the agreed time even though you were still viewing...... first time you caught him unprepared next time no doubt he will have a whole book of reasons why his precious light must stay on just think you will need to find somewhere else Kev
  22. Nothing better than seeing a delivery van pull up with astro goodies Binoviewers Ever since I have had my telescope these have been on my list and after hearing what peeps on here say about them I have at last got them these are really something I am looking forward to trying having never looked through binoviewers before and I am hoping for the wow factor people often say you get the build quality of these look and feel great looks a very nice bit of kit Revelation Super focus Also looks very nice the build feels great and the focus feels very smooth should be a nice addition to my sct Zwo asi120mc After reading plenty of reviews decided this was the one for me so looking forward to having some fun with this the only other camera/webcam I have used was the SPC900 some of the images I got with that were quite good I am hoping to get some improvement using the asi being a dedicated cam Kev
  23. Thanks James I will find out soon enough as order is placed trouble is find it hard to just order one thing it will be arriving with some WO binoviewers and a ZWO asi 120mc Kev
  24. Thanks James I will be going for this one now certainly looks best of the bunch in this price range from the few images I could find I think there is just about room with a little clearance Kev
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