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  1. This is now SOLD ...can't figure out how to update the title from mobile chrome
  2. Bump - new price. This is now half the price of a new goto dob, without the upgrades, that's got to be a bargain Get it in time for galaxy season
  3. I've travelled with the base in the boot and the tube on the back seat...doesn't leave much room for anything else you might want to take on holiday though. Open to offers. eBay beckons
  4. Hi ***** Reduced to £550 ***** I'm putting my 10inch dob up for sale, it's not getting the use it deserves. This is a Skywatcher 250 tracking dob with the following upgrades. - Synscan goto controller (tbh the goto isn't particularly accurate I think because of the size and weight of the scope, but this handset does give you much better tracking so is necessary for planetary imaging) - Lacerta dual speed focusser (much much better than the stock single speed one, great also for imaging) - Flocked lower tube and opposite The focusser with Edmund optics flocking pap
  5. A big beautiful 2 inch eyepiece. Very good condition, a small mark from the focusser clamp shown in the last picture £130 delivered to uk
  6. ZWO ASI120MC, usb2 version focussed adapter Revelation IR filter USB2 cable, plus another cable Thai it came with, that I think is a guide port cable. £85 delivered
  7. Hi Mert I have a skywatcher 250 flextube tracking dob with goto handset and various upgrades and accessories if interested
  8. Hi, I've an asi120mc colour camera if you're interested in one of these. Usb 2 I think. It's had very little use.
  9. Hi Enda I have an asi120mc that's metaphorically gathering dust. It's had very little use. With original box. Probably usb 2 not 3 as it's a few years old.
  10. Wahey, I'm up and running now with my own home made power tanks set up. This consists of - 14ah deep discharge battery - fused cigarette lighter socket - almost free voltmeter from eBay - switch from maplin (sellotaped to the side of the voltmeter I figured 14 ah would do since I've been copied nicely with a 7ah power tank quite nicely. It was important for me to be able to fit it onto the dob base under the tube so it's one less thing to carry out. I might get some form of project box from maplin to tidy it up, but it all works nicely Plus, I get 0.3 volts free - 12.3 for the price of 12 :-)
  11. Thanks for the info guys and some much more industrial builds than I'm thinking of. I like knobbys in Balazs threads, I now know that these batteries can be put on their side so that helps me conceal it on the dob base. I think 22ah should be ok, I've been coping with a 7ah skywatcher tank for a few years and that was ok for my setup. Now, I just need to work out which battery will work with my charger to hopefully save having to buy another one. Thanks all for the inspiration
  12. Hi, I've got my eye on a 12v, 22ah deep cycle battery (agm, not gel) but need some assistance on what else I'll need. Battery: I'm thinking of something like this one. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Yuasa-Golf-trolley-battery-YPC22-12/dp/B00APFK4LU/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1410902681&sr=8-10&keywords=yuasa+12v+battery Charger: I already have a Halfords 'fully automatic' battery charger which is suitable for 'all lead acid and deep cycle leisure batteries and most gel' . It's one of these: http://www.halfords.com/motoring/bulbs-wiper-blades-batteries/car-battery-chargers/halfords-fully-aut
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