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  1. What an amazing image. This is the best Ina image I have seen, when I done my Lunar 100 using a 16" dob I looked at every image I could find of the area and found out there are not many on the net. This is my report of number 99 Ina. Lying within Lacus Felicitatis this little formation took some seeing. I found out that it only really appeared in moments of good seeing. Lying not far from crater Yangel I could only see this caldera by inserting my 4mm Uwan which gave me x457 and letting it drift accross my FOV. In those rare moments I could detect a D shape formation, but could not make out if it was sunken or raised. I could also see a couple of really small craters or hills which were extremely close to Ina. I think it matches very well.
  2. This is amazing, I'm no expert but I've seen plenty of images of M51 and in my opinion this is one of the best.
  3. Wow Alan you were a busy boy, some cracking objects there, must have been a grand sight through your big dob.
  4. It's the East Midlands Stargazers dark site. It's a campsite at Alderwashey near Belper. Follow the link below to see our forum. https://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/
  5. Belper dark site 26.02.19 19.00-00.30 Skywatcher 120ED Esprit Selection of Clave eyepieces Warm 8° Sky conditions good. All below was found by star hopping to the destination. I started the evening with a few double stars from Gemini: 30 Gem - 4.48/11.1 - 27.2" - Difficult split as the companion is very dim but did glimpse it using the 6mm Clave at x140 - Yellow/white - B in 11 o'clock position. 38 Gem - 4.7/7.8 - 7.3" - Easy split using the 12mm Clave at x70 - Yellow/white - B in 7 o'clock position. 45 Gem - 5.8/10.9 - 16" - Medium difficulty as the companion is very dim - 6mm clave at x140 - white/white - B in 11 o'clock position. Lambda Gem - 3.6/10.7 - 9.3" - Medium difficulty - 10mm Clave at x84 - white/white - B in 10 o'clock position 63 Gem - 5.2/10.9 - 43" - Medium difficulty due to dim companion - 8mm Clave at x105 - Yellow/white - B in 1 o'clock position. Zeta Gem - 4.0/11.46 - 87.4" - Very hard due to magnitude of it's companions, this star has a C companion which forms a triangle - 8mm clave at x105. Delta Gem - 3.5/8.1 - 5.4" - Easy split very good contrast and colour - 10mm Clave at x84 - Yellow/white - B in 4 o'clock position. Gamma Gem - 2.0/13.0 - 140.5" - Failed to find companion too dim. 15 Gem - 6.5/8.1 - 24.8" - Easy split, 16 Gem is in the same FOV - 10mm Clave at x84 - white/yellow - B in 5 o'clock position. Nu Gem - 4.1/8.0 - 112.8" - Easy wide double, multiple system but no more stars detected - 10mm Clave at x84 - white/white 20 Gem - 6.3/6.9 - 19.7" - Easy split - 8mm Clave at x105 - white/white - B in 5 o'clock postion. I then got a bit tired of Gemini and started moving around the heavens: M51 a lovely galaxy in Ursa Major was quite easy to find the main core stood out and there was a slight hint of the dimmer core. M44 also known as the Beehive cluster in Cancer, this looked amazing in my newly aquired 30mm Clave at x28. M42 as we all know is simply stunning and once again the 30mm and 40mm Clave paid it justice. Had a look at the trapezium within M42 and could quite easily see the "E" star and maybe a hint of the "F" but not confident enough. M94 a fantastic spiral galaxy in Canes Venacti at 7.96 mag it was easily seen in many of my Clave eyepieces. Ngc 4485 was next this is also known as the Cocoon galaxy and resides in Canes Venacti it's an irregular galaxy and just appeared as a rather dim smudge against the background. Back on to some doubles: Cor Coroli (alpha CVn) - 2.8/5.5 - 19.3" - Easy split using the 12mm Clave at x70 - white/blue Xi Ursa Major (Alula Australis) - 3.78/4.8 - 2.1" - Medium difficulty - Clean split using 4mm Clave at x210 - white/white Nu Ursa Major (Alura Borealis) - 3.8/10.1 - 7.8" - Medium difficulty - Clean split using 4mm Clave at x210 - white/white Gamma Leo (Algiebra) - 2.2/3.6 - 4.7" - Easy split - 8mm Clave at x105 - Lemon/white 54 Leo - 4.5/6.3 - 6.3" - Medium split - 12mm Clave at x70 - Yellow/hint of blue Kappa Leo - 4.4/9.7 - 2.4" - Hard split - 4mm Clave at x210 only just split it - B in 10 o'clock position. Onto some deep space stuff: Had a go at the Leo Triplet looking through the 20mm Clave at x42 I could easily see the smudges and diffused core of M65 and M66. But try as I could I did not see a hint of Ngc3628. Went to Auriga next and looked at M36,37,& 38 also a quick glance at Ngc1907. While in the vicinity I used my binoculars and scope to see if Comet Iwamoto is visible. I managed to star hop to the exact spot and was greated with a slight fuzzy blob but it was so diffused I cannot be sure if that was the comet. Back onto to binary stars: Gamma Cep (Errai) - 3.2/7.3 - 1.8" - Found this very difficult, companion was lost in the glare - Just split with the 4mm Clave at x210. Beta Cep (Alfirk) - 3.2/8.6 - 14.1" - Easy split - 16mm Clave at x52.5 - white/white - B in 4 o'clock position. Xi Cep (Alkurah) - 4.4/6.4 - 8.4" - Easy split - 4mm Clave at x210 - white/white Omicron Cep - 4.8/7.2 - 3.4" - Quite easy split - 4mm Clave at x210 - white/white - B in 5 o'clock position. Mu Cep (Garnet Star) - 4.0/12.3 - 19.3" - Couldn't split, the companion at 12.3 mag was to dim and was lost in the glare - Very red star. Eta Draconis 2.8/8.2 - 4.8" - difficult split - split using 4mm Clave at x210 - B in 10 o'clock position. To finish the night some more deep space objects: In Cassiopeia I looked at M52 an open cluster looked fantastic through the 30mm Clave at x28. With the same eyepiece the open cluster Ngc7789 Carolines Rose really stood out I counted an amazing amount of stars. As always the Double Cluster was fantastic in the 40mm Clave and even better in the 55mm Clave at x15. Had at look at the Owl Cluster Ngc457, to me it looks like ET from the movies. Over to Ursa Major again and found M101, it only appeared as a large smudge with no core visible but I found it by star hopping so pretty chuffed. M64 in Coma was next and once again using the 30mm Clave I could detect a core with a diffused glow around it. Onto to Virgo galaxy cluster and I picked out M87, this appeared very bright and was easily seen. Then my last object of the night was M13 the mighty glob in Hercules, what an object, gazed at it for a while and so many stars appear. Finished about 00.30 and still 8° in temperature.
  6. I have tested the Skywatcher diagonal that is supplied with the Esprit 120ED and my new APM amici diagonal and you can tell the difference. It's more brighter and the contrast is better in the APM diagonal.
  7. The newer dielectric diagonals have a harder surface so the mirror doesn't deteriorate like the older versions did. It also is meant to produce less light scatter.
  8. The Baader ClickLock 2" DiElectric Star Diagonal is an awesome piece of kit and you will love the ease of the clicklock.
  9. I have seen E and F on a few occasions with my old 16" dob but have only ever seen the E star with my 120ED refractor. Sirius and the Pup on the other had was never visible in the dobsonian but I'm almost certain that I saw the pup once sitting just outside the diffraction ring in about the 10 o'clock position, it took a lot of effort and I had to sit under a blanket for 20 minutes before it appeared but I'm 95% certain I saw it.
  10. If I was you I would try and find a padded case for your scope. My rerfractor has it's own flight case protects it very well indeed.
  11. Well I spent 1 1/2 hours tonight tracing this comet down. I star hopped via Iota Cancri which btw is a wonderful double star to Nu Cancri and then to the exact spot where both my planetarium software programs say the comet is. Appartently it's mag 10 now so with my sky conditions I think it's out of my reach. With a little averted vision and intense looking I did see some mottling of the background but not enough to say I saw it for sure. Will have to wait until the moons gone and maybe the comet is a little higher in the sky and try again.
  12. I had the Hawke Frontier 10x43 bins for a few years before I upgraded. They are pretty good, ideal for scanning the heavens. I bought them mainly for birding but did a fair bit of stargazing with them. From dark skies I could pick up M31, M13, quite a few clusters, even a hint of M81/82 and so I was pleased.
  13. Wow what a question, if I had to pick three they are: 1. Hale Bopp in 1997, the main reason I got into this hobby. 2. Cannot remember the exact date but I saw Saturn and 8 of it's moons in my 16" dob. I was amazed as they were all pretty much in a line and looked awesome. 3. Seeing G1 also known as Myall 11 in my 16" dob. G1 is a globular cluster within the Andromeda Galaxy. So I was observing a globular cluster outside of our own galaxy, even though it was only a very small faint smudge it was amazing. Read about it here: https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/79658-mayall-11-or-g1/?tab=comments#comment-775003
  14. Only time I use a filter is to view the Veil nebula. I find the O111 really good for this object.
  15. I have the 10x50 Swarovski EL Swarovision and they are pretty damn sharp.
  16. Can't wait for your report, I've always wanted to try one of these.
  17. I have the Esprit ED120 and splashed out on a APM Amici diagonal, all I can say it's one of my best buys ever. https://www.apm-telescopes.de/en/optical-accessories/stardiagonal-mirror--prism/apm-2-inch-erect-image-prism-fast-lock-ultra-broadband-coating
  18. I just bring mine in and leave all the caps off. When I wake up the dew is all gone and I then put it away.
  19. The only scope I have seen the rille with is my 16" dob. I agree with the comment that the light has to be right and also the seeing needs to be steady.
  20. Thanks for the info Kai, I'll read it later when I get time. When is the best time of year?
  21. Hi Kai welcome to SGL. Where abouts in Norway did you go to take these photos. I'm asking as we are thinking of going to either Norway or Iceland next year to see the lights.
  22. I have used the Canon 10x42 L IS bins and they are fantastic but are pretty heavy so the 18x50 will be heavier still. I chose the Swarovski 10x50EL Swarovisions to keep and I think I made the right decision.
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