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  1. Good to know the 1.25” will fit. Although having checked the current prices the 1.25” are about 75% of the 36mm cost. So could be worth considering the 36mm.
  2. Interesting. I hadn't heard of Annie's actions before. Looks like they're a no brainer at $15.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm interested in the Astrodon narrowband 1.25" mounted filters. Can anyone confirm that they fit in a ZWO EFW? Andy.
  4. I'm particularly interested in comparisons under moonlight. So I'm looking at various forums and sites to find some.
  5. Great, thanks for the advice. That makes sense as I feel the effect is too strong just be applied to the whole image. I'll use layers and eraser/masking to be more selective.
  6. I find temperature changes make a significant difference. I refocus throughout the night. I did try auto focus, but couldn’t get it to work reliably. I may try again soon as I have a new focuser.
  7. Have you tried the focus aid: https://ideiki.com/astro/usersguide/focusing_aid.htm Looks like it's similar to what I use in SGP. You get a number for the star size and need to get it as small as you can by adjusting the focuser.
  8. I'm thinking of going for Ha 5nm 1.25 and 3nm OIII. I have the funds for the Ha filter from the sale of other astro items. For the OIII I'd fund it by selling my Delos EPs. As when I do a session it's almost always imaging now. So I can't really justify keeping the Delos EPs.
  9. I can't image tonight, but hopefully should be able to tomorrow if its clear. Hope all goes well for those out tonight.
  10. Having just seen this I'm now very concerned about my bank balance ! https://www.firstlightoptics.com/astrodon-filters.html
  11. Hi all, I just got the Actions for Photoshop CC. I'm processing a Ha image (around 6 hours of data) and did some basic curves, levels, noise reduction and high pass filter. I then ran the Local Contrast Enhancement Action (applied to whole image), but the end result seemed a bit 'overcooked'. Looked to have pushed the data too far. Could anyone advise on when you'd normally use the Local Contrast Enhancement in your processing workflow? Also do you have to ease off on the initial curves and level adjustments when using this action. Would the action normally be applied to the whole image. Or is it generally better to apply it selectively using a layer mask? Is there a way to see what the action actually does in Photoshop? I can see some layers getting created and deleted when the action runs, but I'm not sure which functions it uses in Photoshop. Andy.
  12. I have an Esprit 80, which I'm very happy with. Its weight is very manageable being a smaller scope. That's important for me as I setup and tear down each session. Also the field flattener is optically matched to the scope too, which I really like. The flattener is screwed to the focuser and also has a thread for attaching spacers, camera filter wheel etc. So you don't need a push fit connection at all. If you prefer tube rings it is possible to remove the foot. I've done it for mine. I have it mounted in rings with a guide scope on top. I posted a topic about doing this a while back. Here it is:
  13. I'm extremely happy with my Linear too. So if a used one is a possibility I'd definitely consider it. There is also Darkframe optics that do Stellar drive mounts. You could get a StellarDrive EQ6R. It's a rebuilt EQ6R. I had the StellarDrive treatment for my HEQ5 Pro. Out of the box my HEQ5 did not guide well at all. The StellarDrive build has transformed it
  14. Hi all, I was trying to do some darks last night. My lights were taken on Saturday at -20, but I struggled to cool to -20 last night as my rig was in doors due to rain. The best I could get was -18. Is it ok to have a 2 degree difference between lights and darks or do I really need to ensure the darks are exactly the same temperature as lights to get the best out of calibration? Andy.
  15. I got just under 3 hours of Ha data on the Heart on Friday. I added it to another 3 hours of Ha I collected back in February. Unfortunately I've managed to lose my dark library when moving to a new laptop, but here are the stacked and processed lights. Its a bit noisy and framing was a bit off. But I'm just glad to get a result. I think I've had pretty much every issue possible with capture, but things seem to be a bit more stable now.
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