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  1. Hi Everyone, I have the following items for sale: 2" Lightwave Premium Dielectric Diagonal Push-fit for Refractors. Excellent condition hardly used - £65 Inc p+p. I had a look on the Altair website and its £99 ex p+p Cheshire Collimating Eyepiece. Excellent condition only used a few times. £16 inc p+p. Payment by Paypal please. Andy.
  2. Thanks for the responses. Sounds like it shouldn't be too bad then. Does anyone have experience with the SX OAG? I see FLO offer it with an optional 20mm guide head extender for non-SX cameras. I'm assuming it would be best to go for that option. There's a link to a review which has this info: "focus is relatively easy to achieve by sliding the turret head up and down the turret and securing it in position using two set screws" Seems fairly straight forward. Andy.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm thinking an off axis guider would be useful for my setup for the following reasons: Would make my Esprit 100 a bit easier to carry. It's fairly heavy and my current ST80 guide scope bolted to the top adds to the weight. I setup and tear down each session and carry it outside. One less Dew heater tape to power as I use one on the ST80. No risk of flexure issues. Although I don't think that's an issue at the moment. I've just got a qhy5iii 174 mono camera for guiding which should be sensitive enough for using with an OAG. It also has short back focus. Generally speaking how difficult is it to setup an OAG? I would be getting the SX OAG to match my filter wheel. Thanks, Andy.
  4. Sorry just saw your post. I'm afraid it's been sold. Andy.
  5. Yes still available. I'll PM you. Andy.
  6. Ade had that bar, but I think I may have another one. Will have a look over the weekend and let you know. Looking at the Celestron website it's about 10 inches long:,-cg-5 Andy.
  7. Yes, have a USB 3.0 port on my laptop and a powered USB 3.0 hub. I've gone for the QHY5iii 174 :-) Andy.
  8. I've ended up going with the 7 port Startech usb 3.0 hub with 12v input. Very pleased with it, solidly built and working well so far. Andy.
  9. Here's a pic of the underside of the bar. 6 of the centre holes are countersunk and the centre slot. All of the outer holes are countersunk. Andy.
  10. That's fine. I think if existing gear can be adapted that's a good way to go. :-) Andy.
  11. Great, second clamp is available. I'll take a pic of the dovetail bar underneath this evening and post it up so you can see if it will be suitable. Andy.
  12. I found this info on the qhy5iii 174: "The unique QHYCCD design keeps the 1.25inch eyepiece design. The advantage of this design is a more efficient transfer of heat to the outer case enabling lower noise especially in high ambient temperatures. The 1.25 inch design also offers the shortest possible backfocus, making the camera ideal for Off Axis guiding. In addition, the QHY5III174 uses the LEMO style connector for the guide port. These connectors are known for being both rugged and reliable connectors." I''m not sure if anything above offers a significant advantage over the ASI174. Andy.
  13. Hi all, I've got the following items for sale. 2 x Baader Vixen Style Dovetail Clamps - good condition, anodizing has come off centre threads but that's normal. Screws go in fine as shown below - £20 Inc p+p - BOTH SOLD Celestron Universal Mounting Plate/Bar - good condition, some wear to anodizing but just cosmetic - CG5/Vixen - £20 Inc p+p - SOLD Celestron CrossAim 12.5mm Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece 1.25" - excellent condition, only used a few times - £37 Inc p+p - SOLD Payment by Paypal please. Here's a pic of the items. Andy.
  14. I would think they are too big for the star 71, but couldn't find an OTA diameter for the scope on the internet. Andy.
  15. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a more sensitive guide camera that will give plenty of stars with short exposures (1 sec) which are recommended for my Avalon linear mount. Also eventually I want to start using an OAG so will need more sensitivity. So far l've looked at the ASI174MM and QHY5iii 174 mono cameras. The pixel size looks good at 5.86µm. Sensor size looks good too. Peak QE is also listed as 78% on the Modern Astronomy website. I also looked at the Lodestar x2 but have read comments about interlacing issues. Although I'm not too sure what this means. Do the 174 cameras seem like a good choice? Should I still consider the Lodestar x2 or any other similar priced cameras? Any advice would be appreciated. Andy.