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  1. You need to be a bit careful when unscrewing nut 2 shown in the photo below. It is the inner nut and is behind an inner ring (highlighted in Blue on the photo). You wouldn't want to knock that ring as any damage could affect star shape. It's not high risk you just need to ease the nut loose. I used this Draper socket set to get over that ring and loosen the bolt. https://www.drapertools.com/product/16442/1-4inch-Sq-Dr-Metric-Socket-Set-(20-Piece) The ratchet is just the right size. Any similar set would work. You've probably seen in the earlier posts, but just in case you missed it the mounting foot has rubber stuck to it. That peels off to reveal 4 screws. Undo them and you can get to the 2 screw heads to hold them in place whilst you undo the nuts within the OTA. One other thing. I tilted the OTA to one side and this helped the inner nut stay within the ratchet head once released from the screw. Just avoids any risk of the nut falling into the OTA. Andy.
  2. Andyb90

    Asi1600 or 8300ccd

    One thing I like about the 1600 is the variable gain. This gives you flexibility. You can react to sky conditions as they arise. For example if skies are completely clear with no sign of cloud you can reduce the gain and go for longer exposures (depending on lp, tracking accuracy etc). However if you get intermittent cloud you can raise the gain and get some short exposures in between the clouds. I've done 2 minute Ha subs with high gain to get some data when clouds have drifted in and out. Edit: Just thinking shorter exposures give you additional flexibility in that you can select the best ones. You can easily cut a few bad subs without loosing too much data overall. I guess with longer subs like 20 mins + any loss will hurt. Whilst you will have more data to process with shorter exposures it should'nt be too much of an issue with a half decent processing pc and storage is very cheap these days. Andy.
  3. Andyb90

    Zwo efw 7x36mm filter wheel

    Did you purchase this from new? If so it looks like they have changed the design for how the filters are secured. With the overlap can the filters move at all? Andy.
  4. Andyb90

    KStars INDI System Requirements

    I posted a new thread as I have some beginner questions about compiling and installing the driver. This one: https://www.indilib.org/forum/mounts/4193-avalon-driver-setup.html Andy.
  5. Andyb90

    KStars INDI System Requirements

    That's great. I'm wondering if it's best to create a new thread on the INDI forum Mount's section as I have some beginner questions about building and installing the driver. Rather than post into the above thread. Andy.
  6. Andyb90

    KStars INDI System Requirements

    I got some clear skies on Sunday, so setup for some testing. Again connections to asi1600 (imaging cam), asi290 (guide cam), EFW and HEQ5 were fine. I skipped polar alignment as I didn't actually realise there was an assistant in Ekos. Normally I use a Polemaster. So I slewed to Capella and went straight to alignment. I tried an offline solve to begin with, but that didn't work. So tried online and it worked. I then had a look at the index files in options. It appeared I had some missing that were required, so downloaded them. I also thought it best to download the recommended files too, but got an error after the 3rd download. The error is documented on the INDI forum and adding the missing files manually is provided as a workaround. Before downloading further files manually I tried the local solve again and it worked this time so I think the previous errors were probably due to missing required index files. I'll continue testing next session to see how I get on. Next I went to the capture tab to focus the 1600. I used the preview button for that. It took me a while before I realised that I had to mark the stars on the preview image before I could get a HFR value. Once that was sorted focusing was straight forward. Next up was guiding and this is where I came unstuck. A silly mistake really, but I didn't see it. I had the Guider set to asi290 correctly, but the Via option was set to the 1600. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why the star wasn't moving during calibration. Then finally realised the Via option should be set to EQ MOD for my setup. Oh dear! After that calibration worked and guiding was up and running pretty quickly. Unfortunately by this point the wind was starting to pick up quite a lot and I was a bit concerned so decided to pack up. The initial guiding results were pretty good though considering the wind, just under 1 arcsec. Next session I'll see if I can get an imaging run going and then try to use VNC Viewer on my tablet to remote onto the laptop. I've tested the connection already so hopefully it should work. Will also be trying to Polar Alignment Assistant too. One gap that I didn't account for is with my Hitec Astro Mount Hub Compact. I normally use it for dew heater control and previously for focuser control, but unfortunately it looks like the software is Windows only. So I'd need another option for dew control. Also it would be really nice if I could use my Avalon mount with INDI. Looking on the forum I think it may be possible, but need to do some further reading. I do like KStars too. Its nice to have the planetarium functionality, including features like the DSS Overlay when exploring for targets. I also like the 'Whats Up Tonight' option. Andy.
  7. Andyb90

    KStars INDI System Requirements

    I installed the basic indi library with this command sudo apt-get install libindi1 indi-bin I don't think it includes any 3rd party drivers so I then installed the zwo and eqmod ones separately. Connection to my heq5 worked well. I was able to slew to a couple of targets in kstars and track then park the mount. I've also saved my location now. Think I must not have saved it correctly before. I installed Astrometry.net today and the index files. All in all I'm pleased with how the setup and initial tests have gone. I may get chance to try an imaging run tomorrow Andy
  8. Andyb90

    KStars INDI System Requirements

    I've got KStars up and running and Ekos too. I'm using an asi1600 camera for imaging and asi290 for guiding. I have a zwo EFW too. So I installed the zwo indi driver. I also installed the eqmod driver for my heq5 pro mount. Both cameras connected without any problems. I took some test exposures and could see the resulting images. EFW connection was fine too. Just need to check correct filter is being set. Does anyone know if you can set camera gain for targets or sequence jobs? I want to connect my mount next. I have a lynx astro eq dir cable. Should that work with the eqmod driver? Also I added a new 'Home' location in KStars with the co-ordinates entered manually, but when I re-started KStars it had disappeared. Is there a way to permanently save this type of setting? Do I need to setup a config file? Andy.
  9. Andyb90

    KStars INDI System Requirements

    Will hold off on the full install then and try the nightly build as it would be good to get the full version.
  10. Andyb90

    KStars INDI System Requirements

    Will try the fix, but if that doesn't work is there a command to uninstall indi and then a way to install 1.7.4? Andy.
  11. Andyb90

    KStars INDI System Requirements

    Ok I'll try to re-run the full install with the fix switch. I installed the latest version of Ubuntu: Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS
  12. Andyb90

    KStars INDI System Requirements

    I got the dual boot working and tried to install Indi and kstars using the below command from the indi website sudo apt-get install indi-full kstars-bleeding But got a couple of errors with indi. The errors referred to ssag and altaircam. So I wasn't sure if indi had installed or not. I ended up running this command instead sudo apt-get install libindi1 indi-bin This worked and I then ran kstars-bleeding command which also completed. I think I have to install the drivers for my devices separately as I only have basic indi installed. Is that correct? Andy.
  13. Andyb90

    KStars INDI System Requirements

    Ok, thanks will try the XRDP. Andy.
  14. Andyb90

    KStars INDI System Requirements

    I'm just installing Ubuntu alongside windows on the laptop at the moment. Is it possible to run the KStars client and INDI server together on the laptop? Then remote onto it to monitor KStars. That's what I do with Windows. I don't mind having the laptop outside sat next to my rig. Andy.
  15. Hi everyone, I'd like to try KSTARS with INDI, but I'm not sure where to start. Looking at the system requirements on the INDI website it says "It is highly recommended to run INDI in an embedded Linux computer". Can anyone explain what that means? Is it a specific type of hardware? I have a Windows 8 laptop so was hoping maybe I could install Linux on it or would that not work? Do I need to get an "embedded single board computer"? Andy.

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