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  1. Anyone using Metaguide?

    Tried metaguide last night with my new OAG. I could see the crosshair was centred on a star. I clicked on the quick cal button, but got a message saying I need to center the star manually. The problem is I'd already centered on my target with SGPro, so framing was correct. If I centered the star on the metaguide screen my framing would be off. Is there any way around this issue? Can you manually pick another guide star in metaguide that is near the center of the screen? Andy.
  2. Arrrggghhh! Help me decide please!

    Is the difference in back focus a consideration? I'm really glad of the short back focus with the asi1600. I have an OAG (which I've had to move closer to the telescope for focusing), filter wheel and adapters. My flattener spacing is 63mm and I'm finding every mm counts. Andy.
  3. Hi Everyone, Does anyone have an Esprit 80 mounted with tube rings? If so which ones are you using? I'm looking to see if it would be possible to mount a hub (Hitec Mount hub pro compact) on top of the scope via a dovetail mounted on top of the tube rings. Also can the mounting foot be removed by unscrewing it from the outside of the OTA? I've seen a couple of posts on another forum suggesting that you have to take the focuser off and unscrew the foot from inside the OTA. Andy.
  4. I have this item for sale. It's in very good condition. There are a couple of marks on the underside, where I had some velcro attached, but they're purely cosmetic. The controller is around £102 new inc P & P. I'm selling for £65 Inc P & P. Payment by PayPal only please. Now SOLD. Here's a pic: Andy.
  5. Thanks. I went the opposite way and increased the levels. Will reduce down to 1. Andy.
  6. Here's a pic. Quality is a bit ropey, but my phone refused to focus on the connector at close range so I've had to zoom in and crop the pic. Andy
  7. ASI1600mm cool

    I had some issues with setting up my OAG so resorted to 30 second unguided exposures with gain 400. The results were good, but its quite a lot of data. Also there is the time between subs taken to download the image and analyse star data in SGPro. Plus dithering time. With many subs you lose a bit more time between each one. But on the other hand I do like that you can pick out the best subs without losing too much data. I think I've got my guide cam and the 1600 focused together with the OAG so I'm going to try guiding again, but up the exposure to 120 seconds and reduce the gain to 200. Has anyone else used similar gain and exposure settings? Hopefully it should be okay. Andy.
  8. ASI1600mm cool

    That looks fine to me. Andy.
  9. California Nebula - 1st Post

    Thanks. Will give the smart sharpen a go and have a look for a layer masks tutorial. Andy.
  10. California Nebula - 1st Post

    Cheers. Thanks for the tip. I'll look for a tutorial on masking. Andy.
  11. California Nebula - 1st Post

    Thanks. Yes, I want to add more data. I've now managed to get the QHY5 and 1600 focused together with the OAG. So will try to guide next time. I selected the pre-defined 'lowest read noise' setting in the camera setup dialog with offset 50 and increased the gain to 400. Andy.
  12. Hi Everyone, This is my first post in this section so please be gentle. It's the California Nebula (NGC1499) in Ha. I had originally intended to setup my OAG in the afternoon and do my first guided session with it, but just couldn't get the QHY5iii174 to focus with the ASI1600. So gave up in the end and decided to go with short unguided exposures. I managed 150 x 30s exposures in total, at gain 400 and -20c before having to pack up. Image is calibrated with darks and flats. Processing is fairly basic in Photoshop CC. I've spent most of my time trying to resolve image capture issues lately rather than learning processing. C & C would be welcome. I've used a high pass filter to Sharpen. But it has sharpened the whole image which I think has a detrimental affect on the background. Is there a way to selectively sharpen parts of the nebula in Photoshop with the high pass filter. Andy.
  13. A little off topic but had a quick look at the Atik spec and it says back focus is 13mm. The ASI1600 is 6.5mm. This is probably worth baring in mind if using a flattener/reducer with short back focus as even a few mm can make a difference. I have experience of this as my flattener has 63mm back focus and I needed to fit in OAG, filter wheel, camera and connecting adapters. Andy.
  14. Okay, will try this. Also I'm wondering if tweaking cache settings may help. I found this on the Adobe website: Adjust cache levels Cache basics Photoshop uses image caching to speed up the redrawing of high-resolution documents while you're working on them. You can specify up to eight levels of cached image data and choose one of the four available cache tile sizes. Increasing cache levels improves Photoshop’s responsiveness while you work, although images may take longer to load. The cache tile size determines the amount of data on which Photoshop operates at a time. Bigger tile sizes speed up complex operations, such as sharpening filters. Smaller changes, such as brush strokes, are more responsive with smaller tile sizes. Andy.