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  1. Ah right okay. I just got a Rigrunner for use as a 12v power hub and have a separate usb hub and dew controller. I'm now wondering if I would be better off with the Mount hub or Pegasus unit as they combine dew controller, focuser controller, power and usb hub into one unit. I setup and tear down each time, but could leave a single unit mounted on top of the OTA. That is very tempting. Andy.
  2. I know this is an older thread, but would anyone be able to confirm if the Lakeside focuser can be used without the control box? So connected directly the computer. Andy.
  3. Anyone using Metaguide?

    I think I'll give the software a go. My QHY5iii can do video so should be compatible. I see it has a Native WDM driver which I'll install. Will try an initial test connection. The online help and setup guide looks pretty good too. It says on the website there is improved integration with SGP, so will see what thats like. Andy.
  4. Just reading about Metaguide. The website says "The key is an accurate and low latency centroid that can be chased aggressively". It seems like it might be a good match for my Avalon Linear mount with the fast reverse belt drives being suited to rapid corrections. Also the website says the software stacks the video frames and calculates a centroid for the stack. It uses the stacked image to determine corrections and removes 'bad' frames. This sounds interesting. Would be good to know if anyone is using the software for guiding and how you're getting on with it. Is it relatively straight forward to setup and calibrate? Andy.
  5. Rigrunner

    My rigrunner and crimping tool were on back order for ages, but I've finally got them. I've taken a spare cable and stripped it. I crimped on two 15a hooks, which was straight forward enough. But found it difficult to clip the hooks into the Powerpole connectors. I ended up bending the wire alot and snapped on one of the cables. Is there an easier way to push the hooks into the Powerpole connectors? Andy.
  6. New ASI1600 Cameras

    I'm using USB 3 too and can't say I've noticed any real issue. Andy.
  7. New ASI1600 Cameras

    Hi all, Just looking at the ZWO facebook page and it shows a video with a new ASI1600MM Pro camera. I can't see what the difference is with the new Pro model. Does anyone have an idea? There is also a camera with built in filter wheel which it says is the ASI1600GT in the comments. Don't suppose anyone knows any more about this do they? Again not much info on the ZWO facebook page yet. Andy.
  8. Unfortunately I can't do tonight as I'm on babysitting duty. Andy.
  9. Star71 ii back focus

    Unfortunately the first 71ii scope failed the quality check, so I'll need to wait a little longer for a second one to be checked. It does prove though that the check and tune is worth having. Andy.
  10. Star71 ii back focus

    Oops. Reacted to some of the responses with 'laugh' rather than 'like'. Now corrected. Andy.
  11. Star71 ii back focus

    Okay, thanks for the info. Will see how I get on with just oag, efw and camera. Will keep a close eye on the HFR value too and get another motor for autofocusing. Andy.
  12. Star71 ii back focus

    Thanks for the tips. I'm thinking then I'll focus manually to begin with using SGPro and HFR values. I've got a Lakeside unit so could get another motor and bracket for autofocusing. Andy.
  13. Star71 ii back focus

    Think I managed to confuse myself there a bit. I see the drawtube travel for the scope is 35mm. My oag, fw and camera back focus add up to 43mm. So I think that would leave me with 23.78mm (66.78mm - 43mm) of drawtube travel needed to achieve focus. If my understanding is correct. So I could add a spacer e.g. 10mm to reduce the drawtube travel required to 13.78mm. I think that's correct isn't it? Andy.
  14. Star71 ii back focus

    Ah right. Do you mean using spacers long enough to take you past the back focus distance so you can rack the focuser out less? Andy.
  15. Star71 ii back focus

    Great thanks for confirming that. I'll be using a zwo filter wheel and oag. Then I'll add a spacer or two so the focus position is reasonable. Andy.