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  1. Ah right ok, thanks for confirming that.
  2. Hi everyone, I haven’t done any imaging for a bit and my PHD2 version is now out of date. So I want to update to the latest version. Do you just install the new version over the top of the old one, by running the installer? Will that wipe my existing equipment profiles and settings in PHD2 ? Thanks, Andy
  3. Yes, although I’d be willing to do some cropping if it was just the edges that had issues. I’m wondering if my Baader filters would work at f3.25. Also I focus manually, so not sure if that will be difficult at f3.25.
  4. Here’s an Astrobin image from Trevors website. It was taken with the reducer https://www.astrobin.com/full/m8xy95/0/ Stars look pretty good to the edges.
  5. Hi all, This new reducer/flattener looks interesting. It's been featured on the AstroBackyard video. Reducing my Esprit 80 down to f3.25 is very tempting. Has anyone else seen this? Are you considering getting one?
  6. Not looking so good tonight where I am. Clear skies are now forecast for Sunday night. Why is it weekend clear skies always seem to fall on Sunday night
  7. Friday night is looking good in Staffordshire. Hope its looking good for everyone else. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an imaging session.
  8. Good to know the 1.25” will fit. Although having checked the current prices the 1.25” are about 75% of the 36mm cost. So could be worth considering the 36mm.
  9. Interesting. I hadn't heard of Annie's actions before. Looks like they're a no brainer at $15.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm interested in the Astrodon narrowband 1.25" mounted filters. Can anyone confirm that they fit in a ZWO EFW? Andy.
  11. I'm particularly interested in comparisons under moonlight. So I'm looking at various forums and sites to find some.
  12. Great, thanks for the advice. That makes sense as I feel the effect is too strong just be applied to the whole image. I'll use layers and eraser/masking to be more selective.
  13. I find temperature changes make a significant difference. I refocus throughout the night. I did try auto focus, but couldn’t get it to work reliably. I may try again soon as I have a new focuser.
  14. Have you tried the focus aid: https://ideiki.com/astro/usersguide/focusing_aid.htm Looks like it's similar to what I use in SGP. You get a number for the star size and need to get it as small as you can by adjusting the focuser.
  15. I'm thinking of going for Ha 5nm 1.25 and 3nm OIII. I have the funds for the Ha filter from the sale of other astro items. For the OIII I'd fund it by selling my Delos EPs. As when I do a session it's almost always imaging now. So I can't really justify keeping the Delos EPs.
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