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  1. Andyb90

    Sequence Generator Pro 3

    I use Astrometry.NET local with the 'Solve and Sync Blind' option in SGPro for alignment. I then use Platesolve2 for centering on targets. It makes alignment and centering very easy :-) Andy.
  2. At the moment both the asi1600 and the guide camera are connected through 1 USB 3.0 cable. My current laptop only has 2 usb ports so I've ended up using splitters and hubs. But I'm now thinking of changing my laptop to one with more USB ports and a better spec. My initial plan was to try and reduce my usb cables to a minimum, but if these types of issues occur it becomes a bit pointless, so will likely get the laptop with more ports. Andy.
  3. I had a play with the usb traffic setting on both cameras and reduced it down, but unfortunately it didn't resolve the issue. The sgpro option sounds good, will try it. I'm using a Startech 3m USB cable. I think I'm going to try a shorter cable to see if it makes a difference. Andy.
  4. Hi everyone, I was setup last night with my qhy5iii 174 camera connected in PHD2 for guiding and my asi1600 connected in SGPro for imaging. I started my sequence and SGPro started PHD2 guiding as normal. My first frame was captured and started to download. Shortly after this point I heard the 'windows disconnect' sound and after that PHD2 reported that the guide camera had timed out as no response was received. I closed PHD2 down and re-started 3 times, getting the same issue each time. After that I gave up and resorted to unguided imaging. I have the qhy5iii connected to the asi1600 hub and a 3m usb 3.0 cable running from the 1600 to my laptop usb 3.0 port. Would be grateful for any advice on how to resolve this issue as I'm a bit stumped by it. Andy.
  5. Andyb90

    Trunk in Ha

    I think zero gain could be useful for L. I tried 2 minute exposures at unity a while back, but the star clipping was more than I'd like. I'm going to try same exposure at zero gain. I've seen some good results with this approach. I'll try for around 100 subs. Andy.
  6. Yes I had image history enabled and turned it off. I tested and its definitely helped to reduce the interval between images. Also I think generating the image preview takes up some time too. Ideally I'd like to turn that off as I don't really need it, but I don't think that is possible in SGP. Andy.
  7. I am seeing a spike in CPU activity when each image is downloaded from the camera. I think it is also taking several seconds to save the image files to the hard disk. So I think I'll look at a laptop upgrade. I think I'll go for one with an i3 or i5, SSD and 8gb RAM. Possibly a refurbished laptop. Andy.
  8. Ah right. What usb setting are you using in the camera settings? I'm wondering if it could also be an issue with my laptops performance. What spec machine do you use for capture? Andy.
  9. I'm using USB 3. Will time how long it takes to download a sub, but I think it must be several seconds at least. Andy.
  10. Hi everyone, I was out imaging last night and I ended up with 2 hours of L data from 4 hours imaging. I was doing 30s subs at gain 75 in SGPRO. I was unguided and used the direct mount guider option for a medium dither every 5 frames. Apart from a couple of pauses for re-focusing the sequence ran continually for the 4 hours. So the gap between subs is more or less the same as the sub length at 30s. Is there anything I could do to reduce the gap as it's cost me nearly half my imaging time I could try increasing my exposure time, but probably not by that much as it's easy to over expose when doing L with the 1600. Andy.
  11. Andyb90

    Ready to give up.

    How are you locating the objects you are trying to image? Andy.
  12. Hi there, I have the following items for sale. Baader Finder Bracket MQR IV - includes base, stem and rings. Very good condition. Again few marks due to excess anodising, but doesn't cause any issues. Costs around £70 ex p & p new. Selling for £40 £35 Inc p & p. Withdrawn TS Filter Quick Changer for 2" filters - M48x0.75 mount - length 15 mm, very good condition. Costs around £75 ex p & p new. Selling for £45 £40 Inc p & p. Withdrawn Payment by PayPal only please. Items now on UK ABS too. Here's some pics. Baader Guider/Finder rings Filter drawer Andy.
  13. Andyb90

    Avalon M-Uno slow guiding response

    I'll experiment a bit with increased guide speeds when I get some clear skies. Up to now I've only used 0.4 and 0.5s guide exposures. Andy.
  14. Andyb90

    Avalon M-Uno slow guiding response

    I have the guide speed set to 0.4 for both RA and DEC. Will have a play with the settings to see if there is a difference. Andy.

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