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  1. Unfortunately I didn't know anyone going over for the Eclipse, wish I did Stellarvue have said there are no European dealers, but they can ship to the UK. As you say I'll have to factor in VAT, import duty and courier fees in addition to the scope cost and shipping. So it will be a more expensive option. I did look at the William Optics Star71 ii scope, but have read some reports of pentagon shaped stars and odd star diffraction patterns. Andy.
  2. Rigrunner

    Ordered the 4005h today and the crimper. I think the PP number is the amp rating. Will get 30 amp connectors. I think all my devices together wouldn't need any more than 15 amps in total at any one point in time. Would something like this cable be okay between the runner and power source: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Automotive-DC-Power-Twin-Core-Cable-20A-amp-12V-Black-Red-DC-Power-Cable-/162015031761?var=&hash=item25b8d931d1:m:mLaKoR0ycow3lh_yj9BE0fw The description says its 20a which I think should be more than enough. Also this may be a silly question but do I need some way of checking which wire is positive and which is negative? Andy.
  3. Rigrunner

    That's great thanks. Is the unit fairly light? I've found a couple of uk radio websites that sell the 4005H. My knowledge is a bit basic in this area, but is it correct the fuses are blade ones and the size is the standard ATO? Also I've seen the connectors referred to as PP15, PP30, PP45 etc. Are those different sizes? If they are what size would be needed for the rig runner? Andy.
  4. Hi all, A while back I was looking for a powered USB hub, which I've now got mounted on tube rings. A few posts I read on forums also talked about Rigrunners. From what I can see they're a type of 12v hub. That's correct isn't it? If so I'm thinking could I mount one on my tube rings/dovetail and connect my camera, mount, focuser, dew heater and usb hub to it rather than having separate longer cables. Does anyone have experience of using a Rigrunner? They seem to have square connectors so I'm wondering how I'd connect my cables up. They all end in cigarette type adapters. Andy.
  5. First time I've posted about Stellarvue. I've dropped them an email to see if there are any dealers in Europe and if not can they ship to the UK. I saw an old post on another forum that mentioned Widescreen, but they just confirmed they don't sell Stellarvue scopes. Andy.
  6. Looks like support would be at Stellarvues discretion. This is on their sales policy web page: "Returns and services for international customers will be at the discretion of Stellarvue." I had an Altair Lightwave scope a while back. I got an Altair reducer and variable flattener, but got very little correction of the field with either of them. So I'm not so keen to try them again. Andy.
  7. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has purchased a Stellarvue scope direct from the company and had it imported from the US. I'm interested in their SV70T apo. As far as I can tell there are no UK stockists so it would have to be a direct purchase. Would be good to hear if anyone has experience of doing this. Andy.
  8. +1 for the SX wheel with different adapters. The flexibility the adapters give you is great. They've saved me valuable space between my flattener and camera chip. Andy.
  9. ASI1600mm cool

    I've moved from a DSLR and I'm very happy with the camera and the results I've had so far with it. I also think it's good value for money too. For the exposures you can go longer if you're concerned about the amount of data. Is cost a factor in your decision? The 1600 is quiet a bit less than the 460ex. I just checked on FLO and you can get the 1600, zwo electronic filter wheel, Baader 1.25" Ha, OIII and LRGB filters for slightly less than the cost of the 460ex. Andy.
  10. ASI1600mm cool

    I think you'll need longer exposures for the Ha filter. Although you could increase the gain, which should help. Andy.
  11. Baby WO at FLO

    Scope looks interesting. I see the diagram on FLO shows an extension tube, the Flat 61 flattener and a T-mount. It looks like the extension tube has an M48 x 0.75 thread on the diagram. So does that mean potentially the scope could be used for imaging with threaded connections and not push fit? The manual has a picture of the Flat 61 and it does appear to have a thread at the scope end, but it also appears to have some type of adjustment screw too. So I'm wondering what that would be for. Rotation maybe? Also from the diagram is it correct that the backfocus with the flattener would be 54.8mm, as there are various measurements given? Andy.
  12. Cleaning Baader ccd filters

    Thanks for the link. I've ordered a box of the Kimwipes. Andy.
  13. Thanks for the info. Will defocus the finder a bit and see how I get on. Hopefully I should get some good results as the HEQ5 mount I'll be using has had an overhaul. Andy.
  14. Hi everyone, I've seen a few posts on other forums suggesting that if your guide cameras pixel size is larger than the diameter of a stars airy disk in the guide scope it can cause issues with guiding. I'm planning to use a 9 x 50 finder guider (162mm diameter) with a qhy5ii guide camera (5.2um pixel size). Using the calculator on the below website I get an average airy disk size of 4.2um which is less than the qhy5ii pixel size. http://www.wilmslowastro.com/software/formulae.htm#Airy So I'm wondering if this could cause problems with guiding. Or would de-focusing the guide star slightly prevent any issues? I've seen this mentioned on other posts before. Any help or advice on this would be appreciated. Andy.
  15. Cleaning Baader ccd filters

    Thanks for the advice. I cleaned my 36mm filters with the Baader fluid and cloth, whilst wearing gloves. They look fine. Although transferring them from my SX wheel to my new ZWO filter wheel was a bit of a pain. I find it fiddly trying to secure the filters in place as they're unmounted. I've put new 1.25" filters in my SX wheel and they were so much easier to fit :-) Andy.