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  1. I'd not seen the compute stick before. It looks interesting. I'm wondering how the m3 processor compares to the i3 or i5. Also do you have a picture of the NUC mounted to your setup? Andy.
  2. My current imaging laptop is this one: Acer Aspire ES1-311 Intel Pentium N3540 Quad Core 2GB 500GB. I'm finding it's slow to boot up and then quite slow to fire up the software. Also web browsing on the laptop can be quite sluggish despite other devices being fine. I'm not sure if it's the processor or RAM that is the issue or maybe a combination of the two. I was thinking maybe the i5 processor with 4-8gb RAM would improve performance. Andy.
  3. Hi Everyone, I was just looking at this article about using a mini PC for imaging: I have a cheap laptop which I use for imaging. It's okay, but performance could be better. Also it only has 2 USB ports. I'm thinking of replacing it and wondering if a mini pc would be a good option. The specs seem quite high for the cost. The model in the above article also has 4 usb 3.0 ports which would be very good for connecting all devices directly. It looks like RAM and storage are easy to upgrade too. Is anyone using one of these for control and capture? Would it be a good replacement for my existing lower spec laptop? Andy.
  4. Thanks for the confirmation, have installed the new version and all looks fine. Andy.
  5. Just reading this thread on CN: Post 22 recommends setting the search regions to 100. The reason given is that if it doesn't solve within 100 regions its unlikely to work. Hopefully that would make any failover to a blind solve more timely. Andy.
  6. Hi all, I've downloaded the latest version of SGPro and run the installer. The installation wizard says it will be installed to the folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sequence Generator This is where my existing version of SGPro is located. If I click the next button on the wizard it pops up this message. Is it okay to continue and install to the folder 'over the top' of my current version? Is that what people normally do with new versions of SGPro? Thanks, Andy.
  7. My zwo filter wheel arrived today . It's a very compact and light weight unit. I'll be using it as part of a travel/dark site imaging setup with a camera lens. Andy.
  8. My setup is starting to come together now. I've put the Nikon lens in ADM guide rings on a dovetail bar. I just took delivery of a zwo efw filter wheel (for 7 x 36mm filters) and attached that to the lens with the zwo Nikon adapter. I just need to attach the asi1600 to the wheel. The filter wheel is very compact and light considering its got 7 slots. The setup feels secure in the guide rings, here's a pic: Andy.
  9. I've had some issues with getting Platesolve2 to work so ended up using instead. However from reading some posts the recommended setup seems to be Platesolve2 as the primary solver with setup as a backup/failover. If Platesolve2 fails would do a blind solve. Once the blind solve is done Platesolve2 should work. From what I understand the blind solve doesn't need to know where the telescope is pointing, but platesolve2 needs a fairly close approximation of where the scope is pointing. I haven't tried this setup in SGP yet but plan to. Andy.
  10. Checked with TH and this is exactly what they have done for my ZWO filter wheel. They've said for any questions or issues I can go to them as with any other TH order. Andy.
  11. It's a ZWO filter wheel that I ordered from TH, so that fits. Yes will be interesting to find out. I'll check tomorrow. Andy.
  12. Looks legitimate. I went to the DPD website separately, entered the parcel number and got the tracking details. Says parcel has been in Brighton. Will give TH a call tomorrow to check. Andy.
  13. Hi Everyone, I ordered a filter wheel from Telescope House last week. This is my only open astro order at the moment. Today I recieved an email from DPD saying a 365 Astronomy parcel is on it's way, but I haven't ordered anything from them. So I'm wondering if TH are using 365 to fulfill my order. Does anyone know if they do this? Andy.
  14. Oh I missed the wanted Ad and the filter has sold. Andy.
  15. Hi Everyone, I have a 2" IDAS D1 Light Pollution Suppression Filter for sale. It's in very good condition. Only selling as it won't go in my filter wheel carousels. It's around £190 new excluding p+p. I'm asking £120 inc p+p. Payment by PayPal only please. Now sold. Andy