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  1. Guide scope Vs OAG

    I also use the 1600 together with zwo wheel and oag. I haven't had any issues with the filters lining up. Andy.
  2. Hi Everyone, I have an astro modded Canon 600D camera for sale. It was modified by Astronomiser and has had the 'Rear Filter Removal with Sensor Re-positioning Modification'. The camera has a shutter count of 10023 (checked using APT, see screenshot below) its in very good condition and comes with the following: EF-S 18-55mm lens (came with the camera) Original charger 3 batteries USB cable, strap, mini remote. Celestron Canon T Ring Baader UltraShort Canon T Ring Edit: Also comes with Sandisk 64gb sd card. Below are some pictures. I'm asking £250 including P & P. Payment by Paypal only please. NOW SOLD Pic taken with the camera.
  3. Which Mount? Upgrade from HEQ5

    How about a used eq6 then getting the StellarDrive tuning from DarkFrame. Andy.
  4. Yes got everything sorted with it. The UI does look a bit dated, but I've found the software to be very reliable. This screenshot shows the mount hub pro software. The compact version is the same except for the number of power and heater controls. Andy.
  5. I also have the MHP Compact and I'm very pleased with it. It's mounted on a dovetail ontop of my Esprit tube rings. The unit measures 12.5cm (l), 10.5cm (w), 3.5cm (h). It has replaced my dew heater controller, lakeside controller and a 12v hub. Plus I can use short cables so it makes things tidier. Although I don't have a permanent setup I can leave the unit on the scope with most cables connected. So it does save quite a bit of time when setting up. Andy.
  6. Thanks for all of the info. I'll drop TS an email to check on the optical test. I think I should be able to fit everything into the 61mm spacing. Is this the adapter you have? https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p5144_TS-Optics-Adapter-from-M68-and-M63-to-M48---Riccardi-Connection-Adapter.html Would that allow a threaded connection between the scope and reducer? I'm not so keen on push fit connections. Andy.
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a smaller refractor for imaging from dark sites. It will be going on an heq5 pro for now. I'd be using it with my asi1600, zwo mini efw and zwo oag. I've spotted the TS Optics Photoline 80mm refractor and TSRED279 reducer. Would be great to hear if anyone has experience of imaging with this scope and the reducer? Are you happy with it? Also does Teleskop Express offer any kind of testing or check on the optics? Does the reducer offer good correction across the field? Andy.
  8. Now added to UK ABS too. Andy.
  9. Cone Nebula Mono Ha

    There have been quite a few threads on this topic on the CN forum. It seems 100+ subs are recommended. Here's a quote from one thread: "Regarding the number of subs stacked. The main reason you WANT to stack at least 100 subs is to recover bit depth. The camera is 12 bit, so it doesn't have quite the fidelity of a 16-bit camera. By the time you stack 100 subs you will have recovered around three bits, and the quality of the integration improves considerably. " https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/562078-asi1600-low-gain-long-exposures/ Andy.
  10. Hi Everyone, I have William Optics 90mm tube rings for sale. They've been well looked after and are in very good condition. Below are a couple of pictures. A bit of the anodizing has come off the middle threads at the top of the rings, but it's purely cosmetic. I'm asking £55 £50 inc P & P. Payment by Paypal only please - Now sold Edit: Knocked £5 off the price. Andy.
  11. My Esprit 100 came with a flattener in the case. It may be the same for the 80. Andy.
  12. just a general rant

    I need to keep a record of the percentage of clear nights on Sunday into Monday morning. It definitely feels high to me! Although if I'm off work on a Monday that 99.9% guarantees cloud on a Sunday night. Andy.
  13. That's what I read too on the Cloudy Nights forum. The focuser has to be removed to get to the screws for taking the shoe off. So that would leave one or more holes to plug. Perhaps tube rings aren't so practical for the Esprit 80. Andy.
  14. I've been looking at the Esprit 80 too for dark site trips. It is possible to remove the mounting foot. So you could put it in a set of tube rings, but then it will be extra cost. Andy.
  15. Hi everyone, I have this Lightwave Red Dot Finder for sale: https://www.altairastro.com/lightwave-refractor-red-dot-finder-rdf-bracket-stalk.html It's in very good condition and full working order. It's £58 new ex P & P from Altair. I'm selling for £30 inc P & P. - SOLD. Payment by Paypal only please. Here are some pics Andy.