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  1. Yep that's the one. The Bog visitor centre is the building on the bottom left. Andy.
  2. Wondering if this could be another possibility too, again in Shropshire near Church Stretton. Sparchford Farm Camping and Caravan Site: Andy.
  3. I've been to the site about half a dozen times and not had any trouble. A van pulled onto the carpark the one time, but it was just a couple of people who had finished some building work nearby. They said they'd never seen so many stars before. Andy.
  4. I'd also be interested when the nights are longer. I'm putting together an imaging rig with camera lens for dark site trips. So would be good to use for some LRGB. I've been to this location in Shropshire a few times: It's a bit further West, but gets shielded from the light domes to the East by the Long Mynd. There is only a very small amount of LP low to the horizon. It has a few trees, but other than that the views are pretty much unhindered. I've had some excellent DSO views with the Dob from here. I've not had any other cars park up. A few pass by but they head up to the Stiperstones nature reserve. Another option would be to try and get access to some privately owned land. Andy.
  5. Got a reply and looks like the upgrade is going well. Mount is being tested and I should get it back in a week. I'm looking forward to doing dark site trips with it. Should hopefully be getting a few pics showing the work that has been done internally. Andy.
  6. I emailed Darkframe on Monday to check on my HEQ5, but haven't had a reply yet. I'm not in a rush to get the mount back, but would be good to get an update on it. Andy.
  7. I'm finding that meteoblue is good. I've been taking a look at the satellite view this week and it seems pretty accurate. I've been caught out before, having setup and had cloud roll. I've then packed away the imaging gear only to find the sky is completely clear after half an hour or so. So I'm hoping the satellite view will help me to differentiate between say a smaller band of passing cloud and cloud setting in for the night. Andy.
  8. I sent off a HEQ5 pro for the StellarDrive treatment about a month ago. I'm assuming there is just a backlog due to the time of year, but will drop Darkframe a note to see how the upgrade is going. I intend to use the mount for dark site trips, so want to stick with the HEQ5 pro as its portable. Andy.
  9. Windy looks very promising. I've downloaded the app and I like the website too. The animations are great. You can easily see from the pressure view why the weather is not great at the moment Andy.
  10. Just having a look at Sat24. I noticed a difference between the visible and infrared satellite cloud views. I'm in the west midlands and its full cloud cover, which is reflected in the visible view. But in the infrared view it looks clear in the West Midlands and also Wales and the South. Is this because the infrared view doesn't show all levels of cloud? Visible: Infrared: Andy.
  11. Just found another app which has a good zoomed in satellite view. The playback feature includes a forecast too. Andy
  12. I'll also try to gauge the general direction of cloud and rain movement. I guess the more you look at the satellite and radar images the more you come to recognise 'potential' patterns. It seems that a zoomed out view would be quite useful. Below is a screenshot from the Meteoblue website with the view fully zoomed out. I think its possibly a bit easier to see potential patterns with that view. Andy.
  13. Yes, its a real pain to get the imaging gear fully setup only to have clouds roll in. Getting caught out by rain is always a concern too. I do like the near real time satellite views that I've looked at so far, especially the 'playback' features where you can get an idea of how the clouds are moving. Andy.
  14. I've installed MeteoBlue on my Android tablet. I like the combined rain and cloud satellite view. Its very easy to zoom in and out. Andy.
  15. I'd not heard of, looks good so I've bookmarked the hourly view for home and the dark site I visit. I've had a few disappointments when heading out to dark sites so will be cross checking different apps/sites from now on. Sat24 looks excellent too. I'll definitely use satellite data when I'm imaging as I setup and tear down each time so near real time info will be really useful. Andy.