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  1. Post some photos up, and I'm sure we can give you a rough estimate.
  2. While I was making the mount, I pm'd Peter a few times and he talked about his design, my design was basically a clone of the Panther Mount, you can see the build thread here: https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/307728-my-new-diy-altaz-mount-a-panther-clone/ I met Peter once at Kelling many many years ago.
  3. There are some great telescope set up here, I really like Fozzie's one, so elegent. Here's mine:
  4. Last night was clear but bitterley cold, but I did venture out for a few hours. The first object was of course the moon and the Clave performed very well indeed, there is very little false colour on the limb of the moon, I have never really been bothered by CA and this was hardly none so I well pleased. The contrast is surpurb as is the sharpness. I then had a tour of the night sky trying to split some double stars, I tried numerous stars getting tighter and tighter seperation and I eventually got to Gamma Cass which was easy at 2.2" seperation and the B star being 10.9 mag. I tried Eta Gem also known as Propus, this star has a seperation of just 1.8" and with the 4mm Clave inserted giving me x302 I could just glimpse a seperation between them. I looked at some really faint stars that were mag 11.2 and just mangaged to view them. Colour is very good in this scope, yellow and red really popped out. The Clave being F15 actually splits double stars cleaner then my 120ED Esprit. Considering a 80mm F15 objective should have a dawes limit of 1.45" and a limiting mag of 12.2 I was quite impressed as my observing site is far from dark and the sky conditions were not perfect. I defocused a bright star in and out of focus and the rings were concentric on both, I have little experience in this department but by looking at photos on the web the rings looked very good indeed. Mars looked OK, couldn't see any details but it was a nice shade of red and looked like Mars. Things I did make a note of is that I need a 2" extention as my 2" 40mm and 55mm eyepieces wouldn't reach focus, 1.25" eyepieces are fine. Also the focuser installed is a bit flimsy and basic, I really need to invest in a Moonlite or Baader focuser. Overall very happy and impressed with the scope.
  5. Thinking along those lines as well, but machined form black delrin.
  6. That's a good idea Rob I'll look into that. At the moment it's on the focuser but I don't really like it there.
  7. Interesting Dave, I have never looked through one of these but I have a Carton refractor and that was very good indeed. They made quality stuff so I have no doubt the eyepie e should be good.
  8. Thanks John. I cannot remember if my TAL100r has those little spacers I will look today. As you say I've never seen one. only read about them, I'll post a thread up when the weather clears.
  9. Finally I have a Clave telescope to go with my collection of Clave eyepieces. It's a 80mm objective with a 1208mm focal length making it F15. It has a new aluminium tube, fully flocked with at least 5 baffles from what I can see. I have yet to use it due to poor weather but cannot wait to see if my Clave eyepieces work well with it. Clave never made telescopes only objectives so the few scopes that are around are all the do it yourself variety. I need to sort out a way to mount my red dot finder without damaging the tube, but i do have an idea for that. And it needs an handle between the tube rings. These objectives are pretty rare and very hard to find. Last photo shows my eyepiece collection to go with it. Here's some photos.
  10. 28.03.2019 Belper Dark site Warm Cloudy to start with but cleared later 19.30-00.00 Skywatcher 120ED Esprit Selection of Clave Eyepieces CANCER STF1254 - 6.0/7.2 - 10" Sep - Easy split using 10mm Clave giving x84 mag - Yellow/White - Resides inside M44 S574 - 6.3/7.5 - 134" Sep - Very wide double and very easy - 20mm Clave x42 mag - White/White - Resides inside M44 S571 - 7.3/7.5/6.7 - 45"/92.7" Sep - I could detect ABCD but not E - 6mm Clave used giving x140 - Yellow/white - Resides inside M44 S570 - 7.5/9.4/9.6 - 58"/179" Sep - I could see all three components using 20mm Clave at x42 - Resides inside M44 LEO 3 Leo - 5.7/11.1 - 24.8" Sep - Hard to resolve as companion very dim but did see companion using a Clave 10mm giving x84 VIRGO Delta Virgo - Avva - 3.42/11.79 - 192.1" Sep - Very dim companion and a very wide split but was seen using a 10mm Clave at x84 Epsilon Virgo - Vindemiatrix - 2.83/11.9 - 272.8" Sep - Very dim companion which took some seeing but was possible with the 10mm Clave giving x84. Zeta Virgo - Heze - 3.58/10.0 - 1.8" Sep - Low down so I struggled but did achieve a peanut split using the 6mm Clave giving x140. SERPENS Alpha Serpens - Unukalhai - 2.63/11.8 - 57.6" Sep - Couldn't detect it's companion, It was lost within the glare or was to dim to see. Delta Serpens - 4.11/5.16 - 4" Sep - Easily seen in the 6mm Clave at x140 - Looked like two headlamps shining in the nightsky - White/white Beta Serpens - 3.66/9.96 - 30" Sep - Dim companion but seen in the 8mm CXlave at x105 - White/white HERCULES Kappa Her - Marsic - 5.0/6.21 - 26.9" Sep - Easy split in the 20mm Clave at x42 Gamma Her - 3.74/10.05 - 43.3" Sep - Easy split in 10mm Clave at x84 - White/White Beta Her - 2.77/10.70 - 245" Sep - Very wide and easy split but the companion is dim at 10.7 seen using 16mm Clave at x52.5 Delta Her - Sarin - 3.13/8.30 - 12.7" Sep - Medium difficulty split using a 12mm Clave at x70 Zeta Her - 2.84/5.40 - 1.4" Sep - Could only do a peanut split using the 4mm Clave at x210 DRACO Psi Draconis - Dziban - 4.57/5.59 - 29.6" Sep - Bright and easy using the 20mm Clave at x42 - Bright yellow CEPHEUS Kappa Cep - 4.40/8.34 - 7.2" Sep - Medium difficuty to see companion star but I could split using 8mm Clave at x105 - White/Blue CANES VENACTI La Surpurba - A large Carbon Star that appeared very red at 5.26 mag. During this observing session I also had a look at NGC3115 the Spindle galaxy, M51, M13, M92, M57, M81/82, and tried to find M101 with no luck.
  11. Hello Ron, M4, M6, M7, M54, M55, M62, M68, M69, M70, M79. M83, and M93 Those are the ones I'm missing from Nottingham.
  12. Love reading your reports Nick.
  13. The best set up is the one you use so maybe sell your kit and invest in another 8SE. After all from a light polluted Essex there is not a lot of difference between 8" and 9.25". If you were out all the time with your old 8SE and now struggle with an EQ mount which by the way many people do, I know what I would do.
  14. I bet you wasn't the only one I didn't bother last night, too many clouds around.
  15. I used to have a pair of Hawke 10x43 ED Frontiers, they were very good indeed, I used to use them for bird watching and sweeping the night skies. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/hawke-binoculars/hawke-frontier-43mm-open-hinge-ed-binoculars.html
  16. This is a great area to observe, I have spent many happy hour within Schroters Valley. Lovely sketch I must get back into sketching.
  17. I use a Clave 4mm giving me x210 magnification. Not to everyone's taste due to the exit pupil but I really like it. Very sharp especially on axis and the contrast is wonderful. I have split some tight doubles with this eyepiece.
  18. Yes Ben that's the one.
  19. I was observing the same area as you last night and I can agree the area around Sinus Iridium was spectacular. I didn't have as much aperture as you but the clave' eyepieces were fantastic giving me so much contrast, I just loved it.
  20. I have built two Alt/Az mounts. One is a clone of the Panther mount and the second a clone of the DiscMount DM6. Both can be built on a Myford ML7 size lathe and a hobby milling machine. If you are interested in the build threads look in the DIY section.
  21. I used to own a pair of Hawke 10x43 Frontier ED bins which were very good for scanning the heavens. Hawke also do Endurance ED bins in either 10x50 or 12x50 never tried these but they use the same ED glass as the frontiers so should be good.
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