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  1. Some beautiful sights there ! Nick.
  2. Stunning night , so crystal clear . "Hothands " foot and hand warmers kept the warmth as it dipped to minus 4.1. They were still hot a 6am. However the excitement of the north east views kept me buzzing at the f11 old school Vixen 90. A WO prism diagonal gave both correct views , but helical focusing adjustment. A great feeling of how it must have been ,when this was the largest accessible frac ! Arcturus climbed and soon that magic row to Vega appeared with Hercules and Corona Borealis starring . Treasures of the north east included some deep sky small aperture sights. M92 foll
  3. 90mm here John , fancied the same change ! Nick.
  4. Superb haul there ! I used to get the whale and hockey stick from here , well worth finding , Nick.
  5. Stunning night and the seeing had settled to give crystal views. M3 filled the view at x150 being easier to resolve . Galaxies were spottable with some cores to the Canes Venatici and Coma groups. Tried pushing the old school f10 Vixen to limits. Soon came up with some faint triple companions , rightly described as puffs these soon became clear to view. I was pleased to get a 1.2" split in Σ2034 at x333 it pushed apart and held the view. 65 UMa is another triple favourite, caught clearly at x180. Σ1831 gave a wonderful group with the tiny companion adding to this scene. Σ2
  6. Kicked off with a wonderful bright ISS pass, very warm out there at 15 C. Got to M3 , nice wide field view and suddenly the Skytrain went whizzing by. Some on line with varying gaps, went by for a few minutes. Very light out there and it didn't improve, our southern sky bright from the town and golf ( now open) illuminated golf range. Gave up on galaxies, so back to binaries and mixed seeing. Some favourites in Coma Berenices and Leo. Finished off with low Porrima, very bright and a simple split, a big change from hardly being able to get it. Some highlights, 35 Coma B.(Σ1687)lo
  7. One vane straight across , blooming magical for star definition, Nick.
  8. Great reports Armand ! For those trying , our skies in the U.K. Haven't been the best with regards to seeing . Some nights even 2" stars jiggle about like a clacker toy ! The Jet stream has added to woes ! For those using Newtonian , a single vane or curved vanes eliminate the distracting spikes of cruciform secondary vanes. My 200 f6 Orion Optics gives almost frac like views of binaries and clusters. Collimation must be spot on to get the most out of high magnification, as does getting "your eye in". Averted vision can help and sketching relaxes the eye , avoiding strain when y
  9. A balmy seven degrees C soon dropped bringing dew and some cloud cover. Just a short couple of hours, seeing wasn't the best. Started off with a view of M94 that bright glow in Canes Venatici. M51 showed two cores , not bad from here. Also spotted a brighter M63 "sunflower ". M3 looked lovely , just a sparkling view at x100. Caught "La Superba" (SAO 44317) , much duller than last look , but a beautiful glowing coal. Leo gave hardly a glimpse of galaxies, but OΣ215 did split open at around 1.4". I tried out Tegmine , really a challenge this time to get the triple. 90 Leonis ( SA
  10. Superb first light , your frac will show clusters , planetary nebulae and binaries at their very best , Nick. (For those puzzled by V1030 Orionis, it's sigma Orionis )
  11. Superb , keep at it and blame the atmospher ( seeing) and transparency for the results ! Careful now ,Nick.
  12. Brilliant , tight doubles really benefit from great seeing . Sounds like the TAL hit the sweet spot ! careful now ! Nick.
  13. Oh no ! Klingons return , must have unmasked ,
  14. At last a clear sky , little dew and comfortably around zero degrees. I'd set up with specific targets in mind , but given the great sky soon drifted around looking at old favourites. A lot of colour up there , Sigma Orionis and what a beautiful sight of this fishhook group. Lepus and" Hind's crimson" ( SAO 150058) , it's gone deep orange , a glowing coal. Slightly brighter and in Canes Venatici, Y ( "La Superba"), a lovely light orange. Reminded me to check out the bright "Garnet" star at the base of Cepheus ,high in the west. Tegmine (Zeta Cancri) and even at low power , the
  15. Yep. Sounds like you got it . It's a challenge due to the bright primary , closing aperture or using a filter will lose the secondary. The best view that I had of this was with Patbloke's 120 ed. it just showed two tight clean marbles, careful now , Nick.
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