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  1. I am sure this multiwavelength image shows some science - although not quite sure what! Andy
  2. Magnesium image of sun from 2/6/2021. Magnesium Quark - lacks detail - I think due to poor seeing but could be poor focus. Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 100mm OTA Andy Sun_114609_020621_ZWO ASI174MM(23710916) stack+crop+ImPPG+PS+colourise.tif
  3. From 2/6/2021 Triband image of Sun with HA mapped to red, sodium to orange, calcium to blue Andy
  4. I have received this reply from Rowan Astronomy which explains the problem I am experiencing: Hello Andrew, Thank you for your e-mail., From your description I think you have an older HEQ5 mount. These mounts have the transfer gear mounted on a shaft with a hex head. This photo shows the type. http://rowanastronomy.com/lphoto5.htm Once the grub screw is loosened the shaft has to be unscrewed from the motor plate. The hole in the motor the plate is threaded and there are 2 options to fit the idler roller shaft. a. Cut the idler roller shaft with a dremel or gri
  5. Hi All Can someone offer advice? I started process of HEQ5 Rowan belt mod this morning only to find that both RA and Dec motors on my HEQ5 Pro only have ONE grub screw on gear axis rather than two as stated on the mod instructions. I have loosened the one grub screw but the gear will not pull out - according to instructions it should now slide out easily but it won't budge a mm! What do I do? Andy
  6. I could do with longer bolts for my AZEQ6GT mount - any one know where to get them? Andy
  7. 2nd attempt at M38 and NGC1907 to see if I can get it better this time! Andy
  8. The first image was M35 and NGC2158 and the 2nd image was M38 and NGC1907 - I will have another at processing the latter.
  9. This is spectacular! Thanks for sharing. Amazing stuff. I am so excited to read about your observations. One question though you said the HEQ5 could handle it bit surely the dish is a bit heavy for this mount?
  10. I recently acquired a second hand Atik 16200 camera for a good price- then realised that it was too big for my telescope!.......I have now upgraded the scope to an Espirit 100 and the combination is dynamite! Wow! What a duo! Here are my first two photos (couple of ipen clusters) take from Lichfield, UK, 800m from a large Tesco Extra supermarket and close to the centre of town, woth the light pollution that comes with that. My garden has a number of trees around it so quite dark at ground level but of course that doesn't help in the sky. My atik 16200 is mono and I am using Atik EFW with
  11. Limited time offer to get quick sale reduced to £1400. This really is for short time only 1-2 weeks then if does not sell I am withdrawing camera from sale.
  12. Price £1600 for camera alone no accessories, postage extra.
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