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  1. Simon looks like yours is the type in the link were your have to drill out the plate , if you go ahead with the conversation were they say use epoxy I wonder if RED bearing lock tight would be better
  2. The upgrade is so worth doing it's makes it quiet I think it has zero backlash and it's maintenance free no more grease on gears , you will need to know the size of pulled you need to remove the gear
  3. Your know when you remove top cover your see the main board all the plugs are on top
  4. That will be the light side obi one
  5. Yes it did but my motors do unplug so i dont know how old old is Mine is 10 years old which i thought was old if you remove the covers look at main board if its has plugs then its the same as mine
  6. Hi my HEQ5 pro is 10 years old and the belt conversion was easy no problems at all
  7. The biggest increase i have seen was a lunt went up over £100 to ship uk I hope astroboot start trading love a rumage
  8. Hi and welcome to you both better be clear skies no forum at 21.00 need a fix from some were
  9. The mount it self will be ok the tripod screws will rust put WD 40 on them will slow the rust down and also spray the main bolt for the spreader plate
  10. Omg i hope the sky is clear on SAT24 its clear every night after 18.00
  11. That 200 dob will be great much easier than my 200/1200 on HEQ5 your have loads of WOW moments your only have to do a lot of nugges at high mag Get on the list quick you wont be sorry
  12. If you say so but will it be clear lol
  13. As the clouds are bad at night i went from the dark side to the light side and solar . Not bad really i had scope out today before clouds came back ready for tonight
  14. Hi I got the 2 inch Lacerta wedge after chatting to John , I have 2 x 2 inch filters fitted to the rotation ring UV/IR cut filter and single polarizing filter , I then use a continuum filter on the eyepiece the viewing angle I feel is nice I can sit on a chair and eyepiece is then at a comfortable angle
  15. If you have an Android phone use this app it's really good has loads of info Space weather live it's in the play store
  16. Glad your sorted i think site was down for maintenance
  17. I also forgot had a long chat with johninderby about IR filter and if removing the locking ring then screwing in another filter so it's a doubled up filter will work
  18. Well fitted new right angle finder scope , the very short window of Sun this morning set up my solar finder and between clouds had a quick look at some Sun spots All cloud now so having a drink of cider and watch a film
  19. Hi and welcome from a cloudy UK
  20. So am I Paul just need to check it if the Sun ever comes out to play
  21. Ok that's what I was thinking . Ok fixed very sharp knife it was a sticker so re stuck it
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