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  1. That's very true , but I wanted to get dew marks off
  2. I have an empty tub with lid just for the cleaning kit to go in I am like you Heather a bit OCD lol
  3. I for one really appreciate the photos just love to study it zoomed in keep them coming
  4. Hi Heather this is what I just ordered from FLO https://www.firstlightoptics.com/astronomy-optics-cleaning-protection/jumbo-silicone-hurricane-blower.html https://www.firstlightoptics.com/astronomy-optics-cleaning-protection/baader-optical-wonder-fluid.html
  5. Hi everyone I have the besser 127 refractor and the objective lens is showing signs of dew dry on marks on the lens , can I use the baader wonder fluid on it to remove the marks
  6. Nice job I enjoyed doing mine great satisfaction when the grinding has gone away
  7. FLO do them and in stock https://www.firstlightoptics.com/optical-polar-scopes/astro-essentials-right-angled-eyepiece-for-polar-scopes.html
  8. Hi and welcome nice pics
  9. Hi and welcome read the double star thread I know wookie1965 is near you and he does loads of doubles at night there are some amazing colour differences of the 2 stars when split
  10. Thats amazing at the moment i have the besser 127 /1200 and the lacerta 2 inch wedge and use polarizing filter and continuum filter
  11. Looking at your amazing set up I can now see why I can't get any were near , I said I wanted an HA scope the wife said over her dead body , I got to go and now dig a hole
  12. Simon I found this on the old heq5 the same as yours it may help you https://www.astrosite.co.uk/sky-watcher-heq5-pro-guiding-issues-servicing-and-the-rowan-astronomy-belt-modification/
  13. Ok the other way is it they said 30/40 days Mark these on the calendar and then cross off the days it may come early
  14. I have got skeye on my phone not really tried it , I think I will start to use it more
  15. Wow looks good wish I could get mine that good
  16. Was a good day I looked with my bresser 127 and Lacerta wedge
  17. Pm wookie1965 he sent me loads of lists of doubles really nice guy
  18. Can't you do the same with stellariaum , I do polar alignment day time , I ask stellariaum to show me Polaris and line mount up to the pointer arrow in stellariaum
  19. http://www.rowanastronomy.com/pdf/HEQ5-Belt-Kit.pdf
  20. Simon I just double checked my old gears , you middle gear has a hexagon which I think is really old type even mine at 10 years old has a smooth finish like in the photo from Mr thingy I know it's more work but you can unscrew the motor plate and lift it out and look at were the shaft goes into plate the newer one has 2 grub screws holding the shaft in , download the fitting instructions and look at the motor plate in the photo , if you're is the older one it can still be done but it will be more work Posted link below
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