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  1. Hi Steorra. Have you had a look at this ZWO page? Link: https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/tutorials/best-back-focus-length-solutions-55mm.html Best regards, Hadyn - IOM
  2. Hi Crispy 5573 I think you have to add a price for your gear according to the regulations. Regards, Hadyn
  3. Hi Martin Thank you very much indeed for the information. I have ordered the 5mm spacer, I must say its very confusing for an old chap like me to grasp the 12,5mm spacing from the sensor you mentioned as I thought was only 6.5mm in my mind. Thanks again. Kindest regards, Hadyn. - IOM
  4. Hello Guys. I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. I cannot seem to get me head around getting my ASI 224mc camera to focus regarding the information of using 55mm of spacing required. I have had to use the two spacers (21mm+16,5mm) connected to the camera and then to the ED80 0.85x focal reducer/ flattener and in turn they are connected to the telescope. I have been reading about 55mm back space needed etc, but the only way I can actually get the telescope to focus on planets etc, is to have to use the two spaces shown in the picture and of course the flattener. If
  5. Hello Guys I am think of buying a pair of binoculars, it will be either a pair of 22x85mm or a pair of 25x100mm binoculars, the total weight being about between 5kg to 6 kilograms. I have been looking at making a suitable sized Parallelogram mount to be able to view the night skies comfortably and without experiencing the neck and back pains and at my age I need all the help I can get guys please? Been looking around on the astronomy forums and there are plenty of pictures and advice about mounts, but no actual plans with sizes mentioned etc. I plan to make the mount of 50m
  6. Hello Terry Thank you for letting me know that you didn't need any spacers for your telescope. I plan to use my Canon 600D with the twin battery pack attached to my camera, so I was a bit worried about balance etc. Here is a part review from a chap regarding his WO ZS73, I just copied and pasted his remark below. plus I have seen a few other comments about that there is a need to use spacers etc. His is the chaps post - When using a dslr, no declination balance can be achieved, because de dovetail cannot move further back because of the focuslock screw (need a secondary dovetailbar or spa
  7. Hello Guys I have just bought a WO ZS73 refractor and just asking what you guys use a a spacer etc to mount the telescope on top of the supplied Vixen plate to give it more height to enable to balance a DLSR when it is attached to the telescope? I have heard that when trying to get a good balance the telescope etc it will hit the focuser knob without the extra height? I used the spacers what was recommended to me, but it looks like an amateurish / heath robinson effort and looks very untidy to say the least. I will attach a picture to give you an example on what I mean.
  8. Hello Avocette Thank you very much indeed for the Youtube video link, very useful indeed! I watched the video a couple of times and as you mentioned there there is no missing washer. It looks as f if could be a poor grease problem or a bad construction issue. Will let you know when I get back my mount from FLO on how it works. As you can probably guess I got the AZEQ5 GT as its a much lighter mount to carry my SW 130PDS and SW ED80 telescopes on that using my HEQ5Pro mount, as I am at that certain age and would like to continue with the hobby. Best regards, Hadyn -
  9. Hi Alex. Thank you for posting this. I hope you don't mind me asking you a question please? Not long ago I bought a new AZEQ5GT mount and I find when using the mount in AZ mode, I found that I can push the mount without any effort with one finger even after tightening up the clutch at various stages of tightness, did you find that happened to your mount at all please? I have sent aback my mount to the guys at FLO to have a look at it. I did think that there could be a large washer missing between clutch knob! I will try to attach a picture of my clutch knob in place, I have backe
  10. Hello Guys Thank you all for your help and comments! Starwatcher2001: Its my next big project to work on, but I don;t think I will ask the guys on here any for help etc, ha, ha. Keep well and stay safe you guys! Best regards, Hadyn - IOM
  11. Hi John. Thank you for coming back to me, with the link. The info I require is for a friend of mine who wants to use his birthday present he got from his wife ages ago for viewing the planets etc above us and also for wildlife viewing and of course he likes to see the animals etc the right way up, ha, ha. The telescope he has got is a Newtonian / Relector and its has a 6" aperture. Kind regards, Hadyn - IOM
  12. Hello Guys Can anyone please tell me is there such a thing as an "erecting eyepiece adapter" that can be used on a reflecting telescope to allow wildlife viewing etc please? Best regards, Hadyn - IOM
  13. Hello Guys You can buy one of these: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dovetails-saddles-clamps/primaluce-lab-az-eq5-plus-puck-adapter-plate.html Also you can buy an ADM Dual saddle or a PrimuLeuce Dual saddle: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dovetails-saddles-clamps/primaluce-lab-plus-big-dovetail-clamp-for-vixen-losmandy.html#about_this_product Adm dual saddle: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-mount-accessories/adm-dual-saddle-upgrade-for-heq5-neq6-avx-zeq-ioptron.html Regards, Hadyn - IOM
  14. Very good sketch indeed Kerry. I agree with John regarding viewing the Comet through binoculars! Its a pity the weather forecast for viewing next week isn't looking too good for us islanders over here! Take care... Best regards, Hadyn - IOM
  15. Hello Kerry. So glad you got to see the Comet and you didn't need scaffolding to view it! I headed out at 1,30am this morning to meet up with my friend Mark to view Neowise and I must say it was very clear and bright indeed. I took a couple of pictures on my old Canon 600D at around 2.40am before heading back home and the clouds were surrounding the Comet, but still naked eye visible. Take care, Best regards, Hadyn
  16. A very informative and interesting talk by Gary. Looking forward to it being posted up on Youtube so that I can start and stop the video on how to maybe image and process the Sun using my Lunt 50mm. Thank you to Gary, Daz and Grant for running the show.... Best regards, Hadyn - IOM
  17. Hello Guys Just going to mention that was a notice on here a couple of days ago mentioning that there are a faulty batch of WO Flatteners out there. Best regards, Hadyn - IOM
  18. Well done Kerry, he who dares wins! Take care, Best regards, Hadyn
  19. Very entertaining talk indeed, my wife and I watched it together and she was well chuffed at the presentation as well. Very good music and video too. Thanks to Pete and of course Daz and Grant for running the show! We have been to see the stage show of "War of the World" twice on the bigger island, fantastic music and great technology! Best regards, Christina and Hadyn - Isle of Man.
  20. Hi Philj When I hold the telescope vertical with focuser end towards the ground and give the scope a sharp shake up and down I can hear the clunking of glass. As I mentioned, I think I will wait until late evening and try when its much cooler outside, does that sound like a good idea please/ Kind regards, Hadyn - IOM
  21. Hello Guys Thank you all for your answers. I think I will leave it well alone guys for the moment and check it again under cooler conditions! Kind regards, Hadyn = IOM
  22. Hello Guys I hope all of you out there are keeping safe and well. Please can someone help if possible? Today I removed the standard focuser on my ED80 and before fitting the new one I thought I would just giving the telescope tube a bit of a wipe down to remove any dirt etc on the outside. When I was turning the telescope around on my worktop I noticed a small rattle coming from front end of the tube. Bearing in mind that there were no fittings attached to the scope at the time. I really do think that the lens/lenses were loose and it did sound like glass on glass etc. Can
  23. Hello Kerry Sorry to hear you are having a problem with your mount. Lets hope you get it fixed soon. Just had a quick look around on some astro sites and found that there have been a few problems with Ioptron mounts and their GPS system. Here is a link you could check out: https://www.theskysearchers.com/viewtopic.php?t=6059 Take care and best regards, Hadyn - IOM
  24. Hello IB20 You will find the telerad is a great finder for your dob and whats more its good for star hopping! You may want to consider getting a 4" riser that fits onto your Telrad which does save you bending over even more to view your targets. Have fun and clear skies...... Best regards, Hadyn - IOM
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