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  1. Selling a Astronomik H-Alpha 12nm CCD EOS Clip Filter i have used it once its in perfect condition can deleiver or post based in durham. £150 ono
  2. Have an EQ3-2 for sale. £80 ono. Message if your interested based in Durham UK. Will post for delivery cost.
  3. Have an EQ3-2 for sale. £100 ono. Message if your interested based in Durham UK.
  4. I'm wondering if anyone can help when i connect my mount to my computer and it launches eq mod i have issues with the mouse cursor not being in full control of it and having sesitivity issues. I'm using the correct cable and it all connects it's just unusable wit hthe mouse. Help me !!
  5. Steorra


    Amazing image, I love when Ha is intergrate with galaxies it just makes them look so much better.
  6. My first attempt on the Rosette Nebula. Managed to get 3 hours of data at iso 800 on a modified Canon 550d with an Optolong L Extreme Filter. This is my first good image with the L extreme and my first using Pixinsight, an tips would be welcome. Image: Lights - 36x300s Darks - 16x300s Flats - 25 Bias - 50 Equipment: William Optics Zenithstar 73 APO Refractor HEQ5 Pro with belt mod William Optics 50mm Uniguide Scope & ASI 120mm Mini guidescope Canon 550d (Modded) Optolong Lextreme Duo Narrowband filter Captured with APT and process
  7. Steorra


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