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  1. sory for the lack in response been busy as hell. So I tried the GS server and it does stay connected however it is not tracking the stars corrently and im getting trails. I got a new cable and it still is doing the same thing so the cable is elimiated. I have tried it without the hub and no luck either. I tried it through the handset using pc direct and didnt even manage to connect it but i did notice that my handset was abit iffy saying no dec ra response and had to unplugg it and plug it in again over and over until it connected properly.
  2. So I have tried connecting the scope through sgp and to my shock it disconnects simarly to NINA i think it could be the cable potential. My laptop is up to the spec so i have ordered anotehr cable to try out if that isnt the issue its either my heq5 port or software.
  3. yeah it always appears on the same com port. If i run eqmod on its own i still get the same errors. im using a hub but its well powered and recommended,
  4. it still disconnects with nothing else connected. and the times it disconnects are different. It so strange because it works fine with apt.
  5. Im having trouble with my eqmod and heq5 i get a bunch of errors and when using nina it disconnects my mount after a couple of mins i can use apt fine with it though. CommErr:ED=16777216 CommErr:MSR=128 CommErr:MSD=144 CommErr:ED=11281016 Are the errors im getting.
  6. im completely stuck. Im using a heq5 with the eqdirect cable and eqmod but it just keeps disconnecting when i connect to nina. its connected for a minute or so can control it and everything then it just disconnects. I have been using APT as a alternative but really wanna use nina as it seems more down my street. Any help would be greatly appreicated.
  7. After going to a ASI 294 MC PRO from a DSLR I didnt have a light pollution filter I purchased a UV IR cut filter for 7 quid. And in bortle 5/6 skies with a white zone less that 2 miles from me I decided to go for unfiltered imaging. And im pleasently surpised with the outcome. I went for M51 as its high in the sky away from light domes and manged to get only 1.5 hours of 300 second expoures at 120 gain. The allitude of the target definetly helped but I cant beleive have well it turned out.
  8. I purchased a SV Boney uhc filter as a subtitiute still i get the lpro and was wondering if anyone knows if it has a ir uv cut built in,
  9. I recently purchased a ASI 294 mc pro and im struggling with the flats im using the apt flat aid and im unsure as to what adu value to input.
  10. Me too. But as usual new kit more clouds haha.
  11. Took the leap from DLSR to ASI 294MC Pro. I am both terrified and excited. Hopefully do well on my WO Z73.
  12. It's so dam sharp. Great image
  13. Amazing image. Love mars and Pleadies together the contrast between the two is great
  14. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/716740-william-optics-back-focus/ Found thias which answered my last question thanks for the help
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