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  1. Hi Francis Thanks for that, it says still in transit between SAN FRANCISCO, UNITED STATES and destination, I'll keep an eye open, mind you still waiting for the ebook (checked spam filters etc)
  2. I received a reply to say that the book was in transit, just leaving the US, also received the pdf version However, I also bought the Deep Sky Colors ebook and despite asking twice via the contact email I have had no response after 2 weeks (I don't use facebook)
  3. Replenishment I believe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methane_on_Mars Methane (CH4) is chemically unstable in the current oxidizing atmosphere of Mars. It would quickly break down due to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the Sun and chemical reactions with other gases. Therefore, a persistent or episodic presence of methane in the atmosphere may imply the existence of a source to continually replenish the gas.
  4. If you want a fluorite no expense spared https://www.baader-planetarium.com/en/accessories/optical-accessories/barlow-lenses-coma-and-glaspathcorrectors/fluorite-flatfield-converter-(ffc)--3x-8x.html https://www.astro-physics.com/bpffc I believe you can get x2 with minimum distance, maybe overkill though As this product was designed to provide perfectly round stars - without increasing their size - to cover the 90 mm diameter field of a 6x6 medium format camera, the performance is even much more impressive when it is used visually. Many people call it "worlds sharpest ba
  5. define best grease, everyone has a favourite, there are more holy war threads about grease on the internet than anything Personally I used WS2 grease, developed by nasa, slippiest substance known to man, you can make teflon slippier, its hard, thin, overtime it binds into the metal and you can actually powder coat metal to dry lubricate without grease, they use it in space and high performance engineering http://ws2.co.uk/engineering-ws2-applications.php seems to be hard to get the grease/powder in this country, I had to order it from US several years ago but many p
  6. There is a review on youtube, apparently small home business . I bought a second hand but new EQ6-R from someone who had it tuned (full works) after he decided he wanted a CEM120 instead. Unfortunately not had the chance to test yet
  7. My basic SHO in Pixinsight ; same starting point with red=SII+Ha mix, green=Ha+OIII mix, blue=OIII in pixelmath then alltered in curves LAB to make red-blue not sure which direction I prefer
  8. Presumably you looked on cloudy do-dahs https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/680923-dead-celestron-avx-motor-board-nxw445-rev-h/ could this be similar issue?
  9. How old is the battery?, many years ago I had a desktop pc go funny due to the bios battery My old CG5-AGT doesn't have a battery As I recall from recent research and tinkering the handset and aux ports share a common bus (not the autoguider port) hence probably why the handset can see the starsense
  10. Hi Pete Here is a teaser http://planetary-astronomy.com/index.php/preface/ for those who haven't seen it, read a couple of chapters, very good (nice glossy print, coffee table style book), even has a chapter on telescope tuning and customisation, cameras, adc, uranus and neptune. http://planetary-astronomy.com/index.php/content/
  11. I received my copy last week, 288 pages of very detailed stuff inc hardware, definitely the most comprehensive and professional planetary imaging book to date (hadn't had time to read it properly yet)
  12. yes it was, I did the sums and bought premium parts, there is a write up here I also took the electronics out of the plastic sound boxes, those plastic things seem to magnify the sound. I had planned to put the electronics in a dedicated box and add damping to the motors (so far just a piece of blutak - works in high end audio
  13. If you are interested I have a CG5-ASGT which is surplus to req, I upgraded the bearings and converted to belt drive, replaced one of the motors from David Hinds. I had planned on selling it for parts at some time this year if you don't mind waiting, bit time poor at the moment (there is an £80 abec 7 bearing in the RA that I want to remove, still got the old one) If no one wants it I'll just use it for further experiments
  14. Class action seems a bit dodgy to me, who benefits?
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