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  1. Sorry I couldn't download your image files - kept getting network error so I used the jpeg instead Here is my fun play, don't know if this is too over the top?
  2. You can buy insurance write off telescopes ? Didn't know that, seriously nice job and good write up!
  3. I didn't adjust it myself. I bought a new EQ6-R some one was selling after they had it commercially tuned straight from new. I only paid the new unused mount price so got the tuning free The blurb here describes the tuning to 0.01mm to reduce backlash but not the detail of how they did it https://www.darkframeoptics.com/product/darkframe-stellardrive6-spx-eq6-mount Having self tuned my old CG5 (replacing every bearing with high end abec 7 - £80 single bearing), replaced motor, and belt modding it to my own design I decided to let someone else do the work for me
  4. and the rest , about 4475 euro from the link I posted
  5. I bought several bits of stuff from Germany (inc APM) over the last few months, generally a week or two wait. I generally shop around for price (and I'm buying as much as poss before Brexit proper - who knows what imported scopes will be come Jan - maybe US stuff cheaper, EU stuff more expensive?) I'm sure APM will have stuff in stock being a manufacturer but perhaps not cheap
  6. Thanks for the play, best I could do
  7. is the QHY600M PH better than the QHY268M? 61MP mono https://www.baader-planetarium.com/en/cameras/qhyccd-kameras/cooled-cmos-cameras/qhy600-m-bsi-cooled-scientific-kamera.html https://www.qhyccd.com/index.php?m=content&c=index&a=show&catid=94&id=55
  8. Is that a set on ebay? not mine by the way, just googled Altair 80mm Guidescope, didn't know they made one! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124349383518 or https://www.apm-telescopes.de/en/mechanical-accessories/tuberings--guidingrings/starway-guiding-scope-clamp-shells-30-80mm-tube-diameter.html I very recently bought the riccardi flattener and tubes from APM and it was fairly quick delivery - I think Altair is a Chinese APM clone? (I have a 80mm Wave apo scope and that obviously has its own rings but I use that with the 60mm guidescope)
  9. Sure will do but I usually add one of those dovetail lock thingies on to be safe regardless. Also its a nice bit of bling
  10. Got a response from FLO Sorry for the delay, this is now on our website and can be ordered:https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adm-replacement-saddles/adm-dual-saddle-upgrade-for-sky-watcher-eq6-r-pro-mounts.htmlWe should receive some in 1-2 weeks. Now ordered
  11. You can buy piano black shellac quite easily from online DIY stores, you need shellac brushes/pads, meths and ground pumice for smoothing to a grand piano finish. Did quite a lot of french polishing and tung oiling around our house. Got a load of black shellac at home just waiting for the right DIY project. I guess you would need to laqour over it because shellac isn't waterproof The 70's black and brass fullerscopes made by B&C had black crackle glaze baked on - I had one and I wrote to one of the guys who used to make them
  12. I know it's a real silly idea and a longshot but would it push in with the tube rings off? (allowing the tube to flex more) Plus the burr around the bottom hole looks rough
  13. Did you have a slip from the stock saddle? There was a discussion on the stock saddle and replacement which is why I was considering it, plus adding some bling email sent to FLO, but I'm not averse to buying from US if the price is OK
  14. No it isn't that one, it isn't on FLO which is why I asked the question https://www.admaccessories.com/product/dual-eq6-rpro-xl-dual-series-saddle-fits-skywatcher-eq6-orion-atlas-mounts/
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