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  1. seen Aurora 12 times this month from Shetland, check out Shetland Aurora Hunter on Facebook
  2. I ordered a Solar Scout back in November along with a Solar quest and some other equipment but i gather the stock is very slow at coming in due to Covid-19. Anyone else having issues
  3. seen Aurora many times in Shetland, have a look on Shetland Aurora Hunter on facebook
  4. welcome to the group lots of good information on here
  5. Welcome to the group
  6. Hi Welcome to the group
  7. do you use either a polarising or UV/IR filter for imaging?
  8. Been told by a few retailers that a polarising filter is better than a UV/IR Filter with Solar Scout does any one have any info on this and whether its better for imaging or viewing
  9. Still waiting for Solar Scout so this one is with a Nikon D750 150-600mm lens and a .4x converter
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