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  1. I think it’s beginning to take momentum, what we need now is the mods to respond to our request for a separate board, I’ve no idea how we go about that! mods? Pleeeease! chaz
  2. A few years back I gave an introduction to astronomy to the local scouts group, really enjoyable for me, don’t know if it was for them though As they were children, I didn’t want to ask for a fee, nor was one offered. If it’s students I think your offering just a bit more than an introduction with possible follow up lessons, then a fee should be offered, but for children? No I wouldn’t. chaz
  3. Having plenty of time for reading during these unfortunate times, I’ve been studying up on glass manufacturing for optics, the processes involved and choice of materials. However, I’ve not found a lot on the effects in the whole optical train when these ED glasses are used. When you buy a telescope that advertises ED glass, it doesn’t always explain which glass has been used, I.e fl53 or fl61. Do you know the difference? I won’t explain, it gives you something to research. But I do have a question that only experienced viewers can answer. That is, if the objective is of ED glass and I place a “standard” eyepiece in the scope, does the eyepiece undo the work of the ED glass? Should you therefore use ED eyepieces to get the best from ED objectives? The work of producing such glass is quite a subject to read, and it is good reading! But if you state “ I’ve not really seen any difference” then has the ED eyepiece been overplayed? Of course there are also eyepiece design to take into account, plossl, erfle etc, I’m more interested over the glass itself. what do you think? chaz
  4. One of the problems people Face is choice! Too much of it!! This can prolong the experience road if one keeps changing to catch up with the rest. I bought a TS-optics 130 photoline, for AP, and I’m no where near to having the experience to use it as such. I do have my Celestron ED to gain much needed experience, but, I wish I had bought the SW 130 PDS, for one it’s got more aperture, two it’s easier to mount, three, there’s a really big following of this scope and therefore a greater amount of knowledge to refer to. I’ m even thinking of selling a kidney to get one! I think it’s more that one should fully understand what equipment you have than to jump up a level, nowt beats experience! chaz
  5. My late friend and owner of SCSastro Keiron Mcgrath, had a break in of his storage container on his home property, the lock he used was bog standard so was easy to bolt cutter off. I installed a massive lock plate to which Keiron fitted a battery operated alarm padlock which didn’t ‘arf make a racket. The thieves dropped some of the kit on their way out, and what was stolen told him that they didn’t know what they were nicking. After that, some 17 years ago, he never had a repeat visit, and Keirons kit was expensive. If you have insurance you’ll get replacement equipment, but it does leave you with a bitter taste! keep healthy and safe, chaz
  6. Well if that’s your result, I don’t know what you are worried about. If I’d taken that, I’d be damned chuffed! Maybe if someone was willing to have you email the raw image, they perhaps could further process, show you a final image, and then go through the stages of how they got it? chaz
  7. Right, I’ve settled on a Lenovo thinkpad T540p 15.6”, 3i-4000(upgradable), 120 gb ssd, 8g ram, Windows10 pro installed. With warranty £180, still have dosh to upgrade the cpu. all I need to add is a pump handle to the side to draw beer as and when keep healthy and safe, chaz
  8. So, a 1080p screen, ssd, amd dryzen or i5, 8g ram...just add that into the search engine....hope it doesn’t cough! chaz
  9. Ok, changed to “good graphics” or should I say a good screen, the acer screen was a bit of a let down, if you slightly moved your head then the picture would degrade to almost impossible to see what was going on. A Lenovo Think pad has got my attention, good choice or has it got its own foibles?
  10. I suppose not graphics hungry then. But I’ll pass on the rugged Panasonic, there will be a time when I will want to thump it without hurting myself! The link has lots to offer, but again.....which one? Having this iPad doesn’t offer much except synscan pro to control my eq6 over WiFi, I do like the speed of it though. Capturing images will be through a budget Phillips Toucam pro, so I need to lean towards what will control it without reverting to XP.post processing will be registaxs. I’m not after a gamers type laptop, don’t need that kind of graphics, have a PS4 for that I think I can forget about the chrome os, it’s Linux based. Could end up back to Win7, seems to have a stable output even though it’s no longer supported by MS. still undecided. chaz
  11. My acer laptop of 15 years has gone to a good scrap yard, so now I need another one but which one? There are so many choices I’m at a loss as to what to go for. criteria: budget! First and foremost, upto £250 condition, used , refurbished. Don’t mind as long as it hasn’t come from a smoker! os...windows only. I’ve tried iOS, Linux, I’m only compatible with windows. pariferalls..usb 2 minimum, good graphics, NOT touch screen, quality ram. compatible with most astronomy software. Reliable! anything else I should look for? What I have had a butchers at is an ASU’s chrome book flip, but thinking it being not man enough. much in great gratitude to those who reply. keep healthy and safe, chaz
  12. Oh! What a dough bag I am, I have that on my bookmark page!! Thank you for taking the time to reply to me. keep healthy and safe chaz
  13. The saying is “ a break is as good as a rest”. I made the bad decision to sell up last year, it’s now a decision I regret. The equipment was top notch stuff, Televue, SBig,Baader etc, now that I’ve decided to re-enter the hobby, I’ve had to repurchase, luckily, I still had some dosh over from the sell, but I can no longer afford all what I sold! Keep what you have, pack it up and put in the attic, spare bedroom, whatever safe storage you have, and forget it for a few months, or until you get itchy fingers to uncover it all. I have three main hobbies, Paragliding (now seldom), RC aircraft(Mostly in storage) including fpv, and of course astronomy. I bought a TS-optics 130 APO photoline refractor, with the intention of imaging, but only with a Phillips Toucan pro(webcam). My approach now is to take it easy, lunar imaging at first, using the simplest software to process or simply screen capture till I feel I’m ready to explore more...or not. The consensus says ....don’t sell, hibernate! keep healthy and safe. chaz
  14. Is there anymore proof we need a separate 3D board? Please mods....please! chaz
  15. Another candidate for a separate 3D printing board? Nice design. chaz
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