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  1. Hi Rick, I have responded to your wanted advert in the UKABAS if you haven’t seen it yet. chaz
  2. I’m having to readjust my finances due to an ongoing health issue which may take a while to sort, so my Skywatcher mount is up for sale. This is a used mount so will have the usual used marks and scratches, obligatory I believe for used. There are three counter weights, an pedestal extension, hand controller and WiFi dongle which works well with SkySafari pro. The AUW is over 20 kgs so collection only, unless you live south of Bristol where I might be able to deliver( within COVID regulation current at this time). Price is £650 by banks transfer or cash only. I will po
  3. Back in February 1978, I was a soldier on exercise in the north of Norway, Bardufoss. I was sent on a trip to our quartermasters for much needed packs of Tartan ale when we were stopped by the Aurora. World war three could’ve started out and we would not have noticed we were so mesmerised by this fantastic and spectacular display! I have to thank the British Army for providing such a wonderful opportunity to see the Aurora, and the 20’ of snow we had to live in! Unforgettable times. chaz
  4. Having to part to part with my last pride and joy refractor, sob! Due to a health issue, I am having to go through all of my luxuries to ensure they are presentable and saleable. I have a Baader 2” click lock diagonal which has the 2” nosepiece dust cap missing. Foraging through the multitude of network hits, they were either very expensive for a small piece of plastic, or just the wrong item. I have a 3D printer, so I tried, twice!, to print off a cap, both failed mid print due to a slight over extrusion at one point which the nozzle hit and knocked the item off its adhesion, I gave up.
  5. Not used all this in anger, but hopefully some clear skies may appear. I’ve yet to purchase a wedge for this mount, might even make one, not difficult. Lazy nerd has some vids on YT if you haven’t found him, he’s quite entertaining I find. chaz
  6. I’ve added the mount head SW tube extension to clear my Celestron ED80 from clouting the tripod. Here’s a picture of the counter weight with adaptor fitted to the 12mm bolt, might give some idea as to what can be done. chaz
  7. Part of the weight issue is the camera, using a dslr it’s going to be heavy, I still have my Phillips toucam pro webcam, although I have canon eos cameras, they’re just too heavy if you want a light weight setup. Nearly a year ago I bought the Eq6 pro mount, haven’t used it yet. chaz
  8. Hi Lee, I have the same problem as you, I live in a first floor flat and with communal gardens, so I didn’t like lugging it all down stairs, setting it up then find clouds rolling in! I’ve now down sized to a Celestron 80ed refractor and a Meade etx125 ( without its fork mount), I now have a SW AZ-GTI, light weight so very portable. It’s on the top weight limit of the etx, but with it balanced it’s yet to complain. chaz
  9. John, can I help with this.. I got a dumb bell weight from work as we are waste management company, so I got them free! Ask a local scrappy as they are thrown out regularly. I bought a 300mm x12mm bolt off eBay which does the job, I didn’t remove the head as that acts as a stop, it will mean removing the bolt each time you want to add a weight though. As a after thought, there is a two part reducer on Thingiverse which means keeping the bolt fitted to the mount.The weights I have are 1.25 kg each and have a 1”” hole, you will need a reducer, I printed mine from my 3D printer, if you don’t have
  10. This refractor has only been out of its case twice since I purchased it, first time to caress it, then this time to photograph it...she’s a beauty! But needs must and I have to sell her. I don’t smoke or have pets, so a very clean scope. There a few reviews out there on this Photoline 130, please have a google before deciding if she’s for you. Not a light weight by any means, at least a EQ6 is needed. I’d prefer you to collect due to that weight( plus the case). But if you can’t, postage ain’t cheap! message me for postage cost. unless you wish to organise a courier to c
  11. Having suffered a mini stroke my finances have taken a dive, so the luxuries have to go. These binoviewers are in excellent condition as they have not been used since I bought them. They came without nose piece so I’ve added a 2x barlow from a brand new Celestron barlow. Kept in its box with two original 20mm WA eyepieces. From a non smoking pet free home. *SOLD* payment by bank transfer, PayPal plus fees.
  12. Yeah, typical, first sunspot in ages, and it’s cloudy! Thanks Thor. chaz
  13. Gary...you’re in SGL, there’s no going back! That loverly round tin has an essence in it that captures better than any black hole.... no... going.. back.....okay? welcome to the Stargazing Gotcha league..please help me chaz..tised
  14. “Today...I will most be digging up me turnips!” And the postman brings me my Celestron Omni 2x Barlow. I bought this as replacement for that not quite so quality item....SvBONY 2x Barlow that I was using as the nose piece on my William Optics binoviewer, that didn’t come with one. The quality difference is quite large, and I mean large! As in astronomically large!! The threads are ten times better, the lenses are 15x better and the overall appearance is at least..2x better...lol. chaz
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