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  1. thanks for the suggestion, i'll give that a try cheers
  2. thanks for pointing that out. i thought i was doing the upscaling in lightroom - see attached screenshot. do i scale the dpi up when stacking in autostakkert
  3. Hi, i want to get a large print (36x36inches) of an image of the moon i took. After processing in autostakkert3, registax and lightroom i ended up with my image but i'm not sure if i've overprocessed it. it looks great on a computer screen but if i zoom in i can see what i think you call noise(i'm new to this so i think this is what i am seeing), see attached photos. When exporting the image in lightroom i resized it to 36x36 inches which lightroom upscales so the print will still look good(i think) for larger printing in a local shop. My question is would this noise show up on a larger print or am i only seeing it because i have zoomed in on the computer. The print shop said it may cost between £30 to £40 but i don't want to let them go ahead and print it only to find out i can see a load of noise as i would then have wasted my money i have attached the original .tif, the processed, the enlarged processed and the zoomed in .jpg files p.s. i'm new to this and have been following youtube videos on processing so if anyone can help make my original.tif image better and upscaled to 36x36 inches it would be much appreciated original.tif
  4. hi, can someone tell if i have got this mixed up from the light vortex setup page. i'm about to download the index files and want to download the correct ones for my setup and put them in the right place but it says on the setup page that 39 is the narrowest fov and the widest fov is 1.95 surely these should be the other way around i have a QHY5L-II colour camera and two different telecopes, a skywatcher 200p with a fov of 16.50x13.38 and a skywatcher st80 with a fov of 41.25x30.94 could. someone explain please which files i need to download please
  5. hi, i have the eq5 goto upgrade kit and i'm trying to update my v4 handset with the rounded top to the latest firmware of 4.39.10. i put the handset into update mode by pressing 0 and 8 then power up the mount. it shows v2.4 on the handset. i then launch the SynScan Firmware Loader software and click HC version button which shows a completely different firmware version of 71.71. I'm currently on v4.39.04. when i try to update it i get an error saying v4.xx does not work on v80.xx can anyone explain why the update software is not showing my correct version of v4.39.04 ***edit*** i found the problem. i had the auto detect com port checked. i unticked this and selected the correct com port and it is now updated
  6. i'm trying too install eqmod but the eqmod download link takes me to ASCOMPAD download. i've installed that thinking eqmod is included but its not. i've included screenshots showing where it should've installed but there's no eqmod toolbox or anything just the ascompad installed when setting up Cartes du Ciel i've ticked "show HC" but all i get is a small hand control widget - see screenshots i'm using windows 10, build 1909 can anyone explain where i'm going wrong
  7. ok thanks for that. i'll look that kit up and get it ordered cheers
  8. hi, thanks very much for the files. could you tell me what your infill and shell count/perimiter settings were please, and also any links you might have for the inserts and nuts/screws you used, and also what method did you use to put the insert in - i.e. did you use a soldering iron to melt it in or another method once again many thanks Colin
  9. Yes I am on about the inner threads so I can screw it onto my finderguider adapter and then use my QHY5L-II Colour camera for imaging. I have filters but none have inner threads like yours.
  10. hi, do you have a link to the filter you use or one similar. i have filters but they only have a thread on one side whereas yours has a thread on the outer part as well. i'd like one like yours as i have an adapter to fit my 9x50 finderscope that i could thread my polemaster onto to guide with and use my qhy5l-ii colour camera to image with but i can't seem to find a filter with threads on either side
  11. thanks for that tom but i can't see that google sketch of the brackets as its asking for a user name and password
  12. Thanks for them links. I'll have a look at them now. Cheers Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
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