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  1. i've previously had a SW mount and never had a problem updating the synscan v4 handset
  2. ***Solved*** it worked for me doing it this way Phew, i managed to get it all updated to the latest 20190716 firmware. so this is what happened, i updated my hc okay and then tried to update the mainboard with latest 20190716 firmware several times without success. i then managed to load the previous firmware CEM60_Mainboard_20161101 but that left me with no ra or dec firmware installed as they were both showing unkown. i power cycled the mount and restarted the software several times trying to load the ra or dec firmware but it wouldn't work so i decided to reload the 20161101 mainboard firmware and instead of power cycling the mount as per the instructions from ioptron i kept the software open and the mount powered on and i loaded the latest RA firmware and it worked. i then tried the same with dec firmware but it wouldn't load so thats when i had to power cycle the mount again. after doing that i successfully loaded the latest DEC firmware. so now i had the latest hc, ra and dec firmware but with the older 20161101 Mainboard firmware installed i then turned off the mount and closed the software and restarted it, then loaded the latest CEM60_MAINBOARD_20190716 firmware and hit the upgrade button and turned the mount on and watched the green progress bar. about 5 seconds before it finished it gave me the dreaded mainboard connection error. i thought it had wiped everything like it had done when i first started all this and that i would have go through the whole process again but lo and behold after a power cycle it had eventually loaded the latest firmware. i am now one happy man
  3. thanks for those files. i now have the CEM60_Mainboard_20161101.bin which i had previously installed before i started all this but now it won't install the RA or DEC files. i keep getting the error shown in the video which keeps cycling through the error message until i turn the mount off
  4. if you could send them all to me please that would be great then i have them for future reference. i only updated the mainboard and then got the error so i will try and load yours which is what was previously installed on my mount and hopefully i can get it working again thanks
  5. i've messaged ioptron support but won't get a reply until after the weekend, i just thought i'd ask on here if anyone else had this happen to them and if they had a solution
  6. a couple of days before i bought the mount i downloaded all the firmware in readiness to update it all when collected it from the seller and i eventually got it home. when this update failed i downloaded it again thinking it may have been a corrupt .bin file when i downloaded it again i noticed the filename had changed from: CEM60_MAIN_CONTROL_BOARD_v20190716 to CEM60_MAINBOARD_20190716 its only a slight name change of the bin file and they are both the same file size but it just makes me wonder why they changed the filename and maybe the bin file was corrupt and this is the cause of my problem the RA and DEC bin files also had a name change when i re-downloaded them. the names had changed from: CEM60_RA_motor control board_v20190716 to CEM60_RA_20190716, and CEM60_DEC_motor control board_v20190716 to CEM60_DEC_20190716
  7. i don't have it. i've looked on their website for older firmware but can't find it. i did take a photo of the previous firmware before i tried the update.
  8. i hope this is not the case as i've just bought this 2nd hand and paid a lot of money for it. i only bought it on thursday and decided to update it last night(Friday)
  9. ***Solved*** see the 13th post further down. Ioptron ask you to power cycle the mount after each update. that didn't work for me. the method i used in the 13th post below worked for me. hi, so i decided to do a firmware update on my cem60 mount. i followed the instuctions from the pdf file from here: http://www.ioptron.com/v/firmware/CEM60_FirmwareUpgrade.pdf i updated the handset controller without any problems. the next instruction was to update the mainboard. all seemed to go well then about 5 seconds before the green progress bar in the update utility software finished an error message popped up on the handset then the utility software reported a successful update so i closed the software first as instructed then power cycled the mount only to be greeted with the same error message on the handset so now my mount is inoperable. here is video showing the update procedure: has anyone else had this problem and know how i can get my mount working again ps. my laptop is windows 10, i7 proccessor, 12gb ram and has a rs232 port. i have also tried a rs232 usb adapter with ftdi chip but i still get the same error
  10. i think i have one somewhere, i'll give that a go. thanks
  11. I have to have my focus tube fully extended to obtain focus and then locked in position with the screw. i do notice a little movement of the focus tube especially with the heavy DSLR attached so it may well be image tilt as you suggest, thanks
  12. hi, i have a canon 70d attached to a skywatcher ST80 sitting on sw star adventurer pro with the L-bracket. i levelled my tripod and polar aligned. i switched to liveview and zoomed in on a bright star (Arcturus) and used a bahtinov mask to focus. i then took a test shot at 30secs at iso1600 and the stars look a weird shape. does anyone know what is the cause of this original RAW file attached _MG_0336.CR2
  13. thanks for the suggestion, i'll give that a try cheers
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