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  1. Hi, Which Berlebach tripod do you think would be ideal for an AZEQ6 with a TS Photoline 125mm. Would the UNI28 model be enough or would we have to go for the Planet model directly? By the way, would someone be so kind as to tell me the width and thickness of the legs, both on the Planet model and on the UNI28? Thanks
  2. Hi, Which Berlebach tripod model are you using in the photo with the AZEQ6?
  3. It was bad seeing for sure. What made me wonder were the website Meteoblue seeing forecasts for my area. I do not understand how they give a forecast with a green value of 5/5, with a Jetstream greater than 30m / s, which is precisely the opposite indicator. Hence the twinkle of Sirius.
  4. The truth is that I have very little experience with refractors, to say nothing. For more than 25 years all my tubes have been reflectors, from the first 114 mm to the last 16 ". Last night, observing Sirius at 75X with my new TS Photo Line 125 SD refractor there was one aspect that caught my attention, and it was that the focused star flashed around, I don't know how to explain it, it was impossible to make it completely punctual, and the higher the magnification used, the more remarkable the effect. The night was stable, and the tube had more than an hour of acclimatization with very little
  5. Last night I had the opportunity to test it a bit. In general the mechanical construction is excellent for the price we are talking about. Optically I could not evaluate it as I would have liked because the seeing was not accompanied, but being acclimatized and looking at the star test, I could not find signs of decolimation, punctured optics, or notable astigmatism. A bit of chromaticism with the star slightly out of focus, but nothing in focus. I remember observing the Moon with the SW 120ED and the Baader Morpheus 6'5mm, a subtle bluish line would appear. I didn't see a trace on the TS. Det
  6. Thank you, I also received it in perfect condition and well packaged. I have bent the screws when I put the tube back in the box, don't ask me how. Anyway I already have a couple of new orders. It has been a minor thing
  7. Well, the screws must have bent when I put the tube in the box. The truth is that I noticed that it just entered, but from there to bend ... I do not explain it either. What does a couple of quality screws cost to put such rubbish in anyway?
  8. Thanks for answering. The distance between the fixing holes of the handle would be 225mm with the standard dovetail. It's going to be difficult to get. The screws are the ones used for locking 2 "and 1 1/4" eyepieces. They are literally butter.
  9. Hi, Waiting for the first light when the weather permits.Does anyone know where to get a carry handle that fits this tube? I also have to change the knurled screws on the focus group, both of them have been bent inside the transport case.
  10. Hi, Finally my curiosity piqued me, and I joined club. Yesterday, I order one of these optical tubes from APM's Markus Ludes (TS version).
  11. My comment is not intended to ruin anything for anyone, moreover, I hope your telescope has exceptional optics. I only expose some aspects in relation to these tubes compared to the SW 120ED, in case someone else was in the same position when choosing between these two tubes. If you have been offended, I'm sorry, it was not my intention, All the best.
  12. I currently have a SW 120ED, and I was also thinking about this refractor at the time. Same optics as TS Photoline, StellarVue, Altair, etc. On the Cloudy Nights forums there was discussion regarding the quality of the optics of these tubes. The interferometric reports that StellarVue offered upon request, as Altair does in all those it sells, were made on 95% of the lens (from Altair I don't know), not on 100%, apparently in order to mask something the real quality of the optics. Finally StellarVue stopped selling them, I don't really know why. Certainly the mechanical quality is superior to
  13. Hello, I bought this second-hand frame a couple of days ago in perfect condition. I have read something about the consumption of the mount and the power problems with certain batteries. I wanted to ask you if to use the mount alone, without any other accessories, it would be enough with this gel battery connected to a voltage regulator, to leave the output at 12'5 V fixed. https://autosolar.es/baterias-gel-12v/bateria-gel-12v-22ah-ultracell-ucg-22-12 https://www.amazon.es/ARCELI-Regulador-alimentación-Protección-Temperatura/dp/B07S33NM2X/ref=sr_1_6?__mk_es_ES=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1
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