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  1. From what I understand Peter said that he could only offer the specific hand built OTA's on his website at the moment as he is developing a high end quality Newtonian that he is not ready to launch yet. He actually read his reply to me which was along the lines that his quality Newtownians were in development and not ready for market, not that he can't , only that it is in development. So he gave you a straight answer from what I understand. As for lacklustre response, he has been away for virtually 4 solid weeks with very little sleep working through the night setting up an army of new scopes at E-Eye in Spain, he hasn't seen his wife or son for ages, give him a bit of a break.
  2. I have been seeing more and more outstanding results with the Sony Cameras after they fixed the bug in the firmware for the star eater. Is there any sequencing software that supports the Sony Camera's like there is for Backyard Nikon/Canon etc. I'm not sure if Ivo @Yoddha has any plans top add these cameras into APT? APT is brilliant for my Nikon D800 when I do widefield, but I'm loathe to switch if it can't work with an image sequencer.
  3. If it helps I can give you the plans for my pier that a mate designed for me: -
  4. I had first light last night with my 120EC and after the firmware upgrade which was vital and amongst blustery winds and terrible seeing I managed on average at 2000mm FL around 0.3-0.4, but when the wind dropped and it went clear it was down to around 0.2, mine is the single encoder as I couldn't justify the extra for the 2 encoders. The 120 is still a new fish in the sea, but what convinced me was based on how good the CEM60EC was and I knew that if the could get it to surpass that then it would be a winner. For less than half the price of the 10 Micron I don't doubt that the 10 Micron is a superb piece of kit and if I was operating in beautiful skies and had the processing skills of the likes of Barry then I wouldn't hesitate.
  5. As I mentioned Peter has been in Spain all last week and only flew back yesterday, he stopped in at my place on the way home this morning and mentioned that once he has seen his family and unpacked then he will reply accordingly.
  6. No, I painted them green, putting the grass back would defeat the object
  7. Just lower them into a dug out piece of lawn with them the right way up so the feet can drop in.
  8. When I used to use a tripod it was useful to be able to line up to Polaris as near as possible, so once I had good alignment I used these bases to drop my tripod in each time, saved an awful lot of time in pitch blackness.
  9. First thing I noticed was the magenta, so I took your image into PI and used the magenta removal tool, hope you see the improvement. There some gradients as well.
  10. To be honest although I had a tripod I never used it as I have a pier, so I can't advise from that perspective. The centre balance is really quite unique. For those that asked the iOptrons use Commander, which at first looks quite basic, but I found it very simple to use to get excellent results, when you launch it, it asks how do you want to connect, e.g. RS232/USB or Wi-Fi/Ethernet and then it launches the main program where you can activate various pop up dialogues: - Hope that helps?
  11. I have found the contrary iOptron would appear to underestimate the capacity, I really loaded my 60 up and it didn't even flinch. The IEQ45 will be discontinued in favour of the CEM40. With regards to the Comparison to the EQ6 range, the CEM40 would be the best comparison, but it does come at a lot more dosh.
  12. I believe Rainer is on the iOptron CEM120 Google group, in fact it may well have been him that posted the launch photos on there.
  13. Altair Astro have been the main dealers for a long while, so worth giving either him or FLO a call or email.
  14. No Probs Rich, Peter is world renown for his skills in Astrophotography, Orion use him when they need a scope troubleshooting or setting up, I've just got off the phone to him as he is currently in Spain setting a complete armoury at Remote Scopes at E-Eye, this is his 3rd trip in as many weeks setting up I think it was 9 systems, here's a pic he sent me the other day from Spain: - I wrote Peters Powerpoint presentation for the PAS show and here was just a few of the magazines he was published in: - Peter has been plagued with requests for Newtownians, so he has launched a range based on his skill set and knowledge, I've mentioned to him about photos but between travelling to Spain regularly and with the launch of his business he's just plain run out of time. I hope that explains a little, he's a bit of a specialist, oh and a good mate as well
  15. Its a really lovely image, processed nicely, just a touch blue to the stars.
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