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  1. The UK weather is predominantly cloudy unfortunately, the worst part for me is I haven't found an accurate source for predicting what's coming. Even short range seems nothing more than guesswork! Had some clear skies in Bedfordshire for a while as well, the seeing was pretty good too. I was hoping for another go at Jupiter.
  2. Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire :-)
  3. Still some nice detail visible despite the conditions.
  4. I thought they were very good images, especially as Saturn has been a tough target in recent years. What focal length were you imaging at? Autoatakkert2 is very good for stacking, some processing can also be done in it to give an indication of what detail is visible.
  5. A fine set of images, Lunar and planetary! Some nice detail showing on all the images and some pleasing events captured too. Its particularly nice to see transits as they convey the dynamic nature of the planets, something that isn't always very apparent. Have you considered a dedicated "webcam" type camera, rather than your DSLR. Whether you choose mono or OSC I would expect the results to be better than your DSLR.
  6. It just means the roof is on wheels and can roll open when required. There is a thread on here about its construction.
  7. They were videos taken with the Celestron C9.25, ASI120mm camera with an I/R cut filter. The video (SER file) was stacked using Autostakkert2.
  8. Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire :-)
  9. Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire :-)
  10. Due to the dismal seeing conditions, I left Jupiter and grabbed a few frames of the moon before going to work. A 2 pane mosaic of Hercules + G & E and Atlas. Gutenberg Messier & Messier A, love the rays streaking across the surface Probably my favourite Gaudibert, Gaudibert A, & Pyroclastic B, really stood out as an interesting feature that morning.
  11. Fabulous sharp discs.
  12. Super sharp discs and close ups!
  13. The "stable haze" theory is why I dragged myself outside at 3:30am on Monday morning, unfortunately to be confronted by the usual rubbish. I certainly think there is some truth in the Jetstream theory, based purely on my observations. That said there are many localised reasons for a poor view as well. One is for certain good sky clarity/transparency is very little indication that decent seeing is present. Because of the impossible task of trying to guess the conditions, I tend to just grab every opportunity that presents itself. Law of averages means a will strike gold eventually.......maybe
  14. A great time of the day and an excellent image a reward for your efforts. Lovely detail the GRS and a moon transit as a bonus!
  15. Lovely sharp discs and a little spot visible.