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  1. Composed in StarTools, used Ha.fit, Sii.fit, OIII.fit. Used AutoDev and after that tweaked the colors. Can't really explain the whole process as this was my first time actually composing any image at all so mostly I was playing with it. As I couldn't save the image in StarTools (free license) had to PrntScrn and save it in Paint
  2. Well done mate! Could you tell me exposure time?
  3. Amazing photos! Really really like them
  4. It would be cheaper to come way over from Serbia to UK than to buy it here.
  5. @John Thanks for answering mate. The thing is in Serbia price for new one is around 52k RSD which is around 440 E. Used ones are in price range of 250-350 E. That is why every time when watching the Sales thread on SGL a tear drops from my eye. Prices in GB are a lot lower than here. So the price he is asking is pretty much reasonable as it was mostly not used. It comes with stock eyepieces though. It is the Skywatcher 200/1200 Dobsonian. Plus used equipment is rarely sold in Serbia..
  6. Hi there folks! I have strong dilemma what to do, so if you could give your opinion would appreciate it very much. I own SW Evostar 90 on EQ2 mount. It is really useful and got some beautiful seeing with it. Thing is I have a friend which would like to buy it from me and another friend which would like to sell his 8 inch Dob. For my Evo I am looking to get arround 200 E and for Dob friend is asking around 300-350 E. The thing is, should I go for Dob or that money I would spend for Dob to use and get some better quality eyepieces and stick with my Evo? Thanks in advance, clear sk
  7. Can't afford a decent mount that's the problem. Ordered Logitech C270 primary for Planetary imaging but wanted to give a shot at DSO's..
  8. @blinky Did not know that, thanks! So except modding the webcam to fit into telescope is there anything else to mod?
  9. I know that quality would be awful but is it even possible? To get a glimpse of a Deep Sky Object?
  10. Hello fellas, I was wondering is it possible to take some deep sky imaging with modified webcam? For example webcam like Logitech C270.
  11. @bluesilver Glad to help mate. No idea why it works like that. Figured it out accidently to be honest with you.
  12. @bluesilver I have the same problem with Registax. Apparently it works for me when I run it as administrator. So try right click and Run as Administrator, and tell me if it worked for you as well.
  13. Previous Saturn photo just stacked better and processed with Lightroom. Skywatcher Evostar 90, 3x Barlow, 25mm Super eyepiece. [Also used digital zoom of the phone]
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