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  1. Tried stacking, but can't quite get it right..
  2. @LeeHore7 This is a single shot of the Moon with Samsung J5, Auto ISO, Auto Focus and Exposure was on Auto also. Maybe i tweaked just a little bit. Could use some tips of getting good shots of planets and moons.
  3. Thanks mate! Had to shorten the tube and make the hole a bit bigger... It ain't beautiful but it's doing it's job.
  4. Nice! Could you tell me the ISO, ecposure etc?
  5. Hi mate and welcome! You will love your new hobby and folks here are realy friendly and helpful. I am a newbie as you are with small Evostar 90 refractor but still it is not stopping me of reaching for some messiers. I hope that with your scope you will get hooked even more, because there isn't a hobby beautiful as this one
  6. Trying to make a phone holder out of stuff I've got at home. Been searching for something that could fit the eyepiece for a couple of days and today while I was taking number two and sitting on my toilet something pops in my eye. The cap of roll on stick! Tried fitting it and it fits like a glove! Although the eyepiece are those stock ones you get (Super). So this will probably be helpful for folks with only stock eyepieces.. Anyway here are some pictures, later I am going to drill a hole and glue it together. Then only thing to do is to wait for clear night and test it out.
  7. Hey mate, welcome! A lot of friendly folks here willing to share their knowledge. May the skies be clear!
  8. @AstroMuni Couldn't agree more.. Although in town where I live light pollution ain't that bad as it's a small town so I can get like 3-4km from it and the seeing is much better.
  9. For weather try checking this out if you haven't already. https://clearoutside.com/forecast/50.7/-3.52 There is also an app for iOS and Android. Just put your location... Also check "Nightshift" app. Not sure if there is iOS version but can confirm for Android. It can be very useful.
  10. Hi mate, a newbie here! Few days ago I bought my first telescope. Used Skywatcher Evostar 90. I was same as you, I imagined when looking through it that I would see Jupiter as it was right in front of my face, and Saturn ring as I could grab it! Boy was I mistaken. After reading a lot of posts at this forum and talking with A LOT of friendly folks I realized that it's not everything in the magnification. Right now I have "trained" my eye and can see GRS on Jupiter but it is realy small. Same goes with Saturn. But hey, how many people can see that? And I always stop when I am not satisfied and say to myself "Imagine what did Newton, Galileo see? They had even smaller scopes!" For learning even a pair of binoculars can bring those butterflies in your stomach, but having the opportunity to see everything even closer is just amazing. With a scope and patience, sky is no longer the limit.
  11. Welcome mate! I'm a newbie as you are and can tell you that this forum is nothing but love and care from community.
  12. Had no idea where should I put it so mods you move it in correct forum. They are nothing special until you realize they have been taken by Samsung J5 from my hand while I was shaking as I was 70 yrs old.
  13. Thanks, will definitely save this for future! @vlaiv Once again, thanks mate! I know for this website and I've used it to compare some settings.. Wish that in real life the weather conditions were perfect for seeing as they are on the website I will definitely save some money for a better eyepiece as these ones are good for an amateur as I am but would be really nice to improve it as it is possible to do it..
  14. @John Could you tell me which eyepieces you use? Observed them last night but the Moon was so close to them that I couldn't see GRS and Cassini Division. At least I think it was because of the Moon... The question of comparison of these two was just to make me satisfied of what I bought. Wanted to buy the 130/900 but not a single shop had it at this time in my country so I found a used 90/910 refractor. Was just curious if it would make any huge differences. Thanks for both of your answers and now I can observe in peace.
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