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  1. A couple of nights imaging the ISS this week. The images are posted in the challenges, but i thought if members had any questions or comments i would repost here and add the GIF as well.
  2. Following last nights "mobile" imaging session, i tried for a closer view of the ISS. I think i got pretty lucky with this capture, plenty of detail visible there going to have to try & find out what is on display. Captured with my C9.25 SCT, Orion Atlas mount, with a ASI290mm
  3. Two Satellites for the price of one, the ISS transits the Moon on 22nd March. ISS just passing over Mare Serenitatis. 1st time i have seen a transit of the ISS. Captured with my ED80 and asi224mc, so a very low image scale
  4. Fabulous end result, so much to see there.
  5. Compared to my Bortle 5, a quick 20 minute drive gets me to Bortle 4. I have managed to book a week in August very close to Kelling Heath, also Bortle 4 skies. But there does seem to big quite a diference in Bortle 4 skies. The area i drive to has a brightness rating of 0.454 mcd/m2 compared to 0.831 mcd/m2 at home. Kelling Heath is 0.252 mcd/m2 which seems a big difference from home, looking forward to experiencing some hopefully clear, proper dark skies. And the Persid meteor shower.
  6. Still some nice details visible there.
  7. Love it, I had a very similar Tasco scope in red and later also the 4.5" reflector also in red. Both long departed my ownership, i purchased both from my mothers Freemans catalogue, which was paid weekly over a couple of years
  8. I wonder whether its being caused by the gravitational pull of Jupiter, a bit like the tidal heating of the Moons?
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