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  1. I have a couple of Barsta StarGuiders. I was disappointed with the 25mm in an f/5 refractor as it showed quite a bit of astigmatism. It's fine in a Mak though.
  2. O Brother, Where Art Thou?

  3. I have a 102mm Altair Starwave, I think it's about 4kg. I can place it on a Vixen Porta II/SXG tripod combo. I recommend the Starwave.
  4. I thought it was bright as well, I did get to view it through an 80mm refractor.
  5. I sometimes use a GSO 5x Barlow on an 80mm short tube achromat for visually observing the moon and planets. In that way I can utilise orthoscopic or Plossl type eyepieces of between 18mm & 12.5mm focal lengths to achieve magnifications high enough for planetary observing. I think it all depends on what eyepiece focal lengths you are planning to use with the 5x Barlow. If you stay within the magnification limits of the aperture size of the scope I can see no real problem. With a 114mm aperture (approx 4.5 inches) the maximum magnification would be about 228x. In very good condit
  6. If your scope has a Crayford focuser it is probably to help certain focal length eyepieces to attain focus. It's not uncommon to not have enough back focus with Crayfords, so the extension provides that.
  7. I'd recommend The Ghost in the Machine and The Act of Creation by Koestler as well. They make fascinating reading. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Act_of_Creation
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