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  1. Very nice Goran, those twin turrets are proving to be very productive.
  2. Thanks, looking forward to some long, crisp, clear nights hopefully coming soon. Many thanks. Thanks Padraic, I really just had to take any window when it came. Some questionable data thrown in to the mix too. Hopefully things pick up for you soon.
  3. Thanks, nice to get my first image of the season done. Already on to the next one. I see you have the Epsilon for sale, are you going for another Apm?
  4. Thanks Jody, glad you like it.
  5. Looks great Goran. Is that ha at the bottom of the frame?
  6. This is Barnard 174, at least the dark area in the bottom left of the frame is. I framed it this way as I was hoping to get the lovely blue nebulosity in the top right. It took nearly 6 weeks to acquire the data for this image, started late August and finished early October. I believe it was nine nights in total and was down to the terrible conditions for imaging in East Cork lately. 270 * 120 second exposures at gain 100 -10C Rgb 80 * 180 second exposures at gain 100 -10C Ha with the Stc duoband filter Takahashi Epsilon 160 mounted on an AzEq6 Processed in Pixinsight, APP and PS Richard.
  7. It all starts with a single exposure that no doubt you stared at for hours in disbelief at what you managed to capture. I too started out with a dslr, Sw scope and Eq3, fast forward a few years and the joy and excitement of stacking the data still remains, despite my much lighter pockets. Great improvement there on Andromeda, since you asked for pointers the obvious one for me is to just keep adding more data. Try to get the data when the target is as high as possible and be ruthless in getting rid of poor quality subs. Richard.
  8. Congrats on the new setup Olly. I have to agree with Vlaiv on the first image as my eye was immediately drawn to the oval halos, with the second image the dusty nebula steals the show.
  9. Hi Adam, I found I got my best results by extracting ha and oiii, processing separately and combining as you would with a mono camera.
  10. This is lovely, can't beat a fast scope. I've often looked at imaging this region with my Epsilon, hopefully get around to it this year. I've only managed 6 hours of imaging in two months however.
  11. That looks great, some lovely detail from the 135. Pity about the cooling but it really doesn't show.
  12. That's a great first light, beautifully processed as always.
  13. Hi Harry, congratulations on your new arrival. It is a little stiff in comparison to other scopes but the fact you have highlighted yours as very stiff means it could need a little adjusting. There's a cover with a funny looking screw over the focuser bar, try loosening that a little. Very nice of you to say, must get around to adding some Ha to it.
  14. Indeed, I was lucky to get one so quickly. I put my name down with Telescope Austria as soon as I knew it was in the pipeline. Highly recommend them, Tommy is superb to deal with. Unfortunately FLO not an option for me anymore after Brexit. Did you shoot these from Ballincollig? Incredible considering the light pollution you must have. I'm in East Cork near Garryvoe.
  15. Hi Colm, congratulations on those very fine first light images. You're going to have lots of fun with that fast scope. My gear is very similar to yours, I have the 2600 and a Tak Epsilon 160. Where in Cork are you? Richard.
  16. Absolutely beautiful image of a stunning target. A rare treat of Rho Ophiuchus here on SGL.
  17. That's wonderful Alan, nicely processed too.
  18. Hi Andy, thanks. The 071 is a great sensor and produces beautiful star colour. My advice would be to cool the camera slowly, over a 20 min period should work. Beyond -5 c caused problems with frosting on my one. I'm sure you'll produce some wonderful images with yours. Richard
  19. This was my solution for keeping costs down, plumbing pipe supports
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