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  1. Same for me as well and I've had no issues. I have seen some similar discussion about this on Cloudy Nights and it wasn't an issue for anyone commenting there.
  2. Thanks, yes I was advised on this previously but wasn’t convinced the recommended dovetail would work with the existing one. I think I just need to take a closer look at the specs. Thanks for your help!
  3. Yes I’ve thought about something custom as well. Shipping is already disrupted by covid let alone pending no deal Brexit!
  4. Hello @Miguel1983. Thank you for sharing all of this. I would be interested to know the exact losmandy dovetail you purchased if you wouldn’t mind sharing that info? It seems difficult to find one that will pair nicely with the existing green plate, as the length seems to be non standard. I am worried the holes wouldn’t line up with most of the options out there. Thanks!
  5. Calling all Esprit 120 owners. Have any of you replaced the green dovetail that came with the scope and no longer want it? I am keen to having a matching green dovetail that I can mount on top of the tube rings. Thanks! Charles
  6. Dwarf stars far outnumber any other kind of star in the Milky Way, but by virtue of their small size and luminosity there are few that are visible to the naked eye. However, I suspect they start to dominate in long exposure images, even with amateur equipment, hence why the majority of the fainter stars have a yellow/orange cast to them. Hotter, more luminous stars (white/blue in colour) are relatively rare by comparison, but they dominate the naked eye view alongside red giants.
  7. Thanks for the responses! The double cluster was something I was thinking of. Bright and far enough away from the moon I think. I’m working with fairly new gear as well, so it’s definitely an opportunity to test things out. It’s funny how localised the weather can be isn’t it? I’m in the South East corner of Kent and it’s been clear blue sky since 9am! Charles
  8. Hi everyone! This is what I have tonight in Bortle 5 Kent. Perfect except for a (nearly) full moon! I’m imaging at f/7, 840mm focal length with a DSLR. Alas, no mono CCD/CMOS with narrowband filters just yet! What would you do?
  9. This beauty arrived in the post on a cloudless day! Who would have thought it. Star test on Vega was almost flawless. Nice even energy across the diffraction pattern both sides of focus and not a trace of false colour that I could see. Always been a dream of mine to own a decent sized refractor like this. Needless to say, I'm delighted!
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