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  1. Then it's simple, get the best mono camera you can afford. If I wasn't saving for a house move I'd get a mono imx571 and I've got the Osc version.
  2. That really depends on what your goals are. Do you want to create the finest possible image?
  3. Not just me then, should be an easy feature to add. Maybe I should make the suggestion to Mabula.
  4. Thanks Adam, I really cant take the credit for the system setup as it arrived collimated and all I did was sort out the back focus, how jammy is that? APP is probably my favorite piece of software, I can't get anywhere near the same results with anything else I've tried. There are a few things that bug me a little though mainly the fact that all the settings you choose reset to default after closing and the way it makes you save your alterations, including rotating. Maybe there's something I'm missing?
  5. This is a top class image, the detail is wonderful and processing is spot on. Lovely muted tones too.
  6. Hi all, this is my version of M31 completely unprocessed with edge artifacts included. All I did with this image was an autostretch in APP and saved as a jpeg in PI. Always fun capturing M31. I captured these data on Wednesday night. Despite the bright moon the osc managed well. 86 minutes in 60 second subs with my trusty Asi 2600mc through an Epsilon 160ed and mounted on an AzEq6. Captured with Sequence generator pro Unprocessed in APP and PI Hope you like it Richard.
  7. With the moon about that really is lovely.
  8. Very nice, you did well to get anything considering the how bright the moon was.
  9. Very nice, some great detail in that.
  10. @tooth_dr went from an 8300 to an imx571 mono so I would think he would be able to guide you. That image was captured in 4.5 hrs with Osc Imx571 under bortle 4 skies with an F/3.3 instrument. What are your skies like?
  11. The answer to this surely is that it depends on which Cmos camera you would buy. The Imx 571/455 mono cmos sensors would be vastly superior to your ccd and your images would reflect that, however the cost difference is not insignificant, especially when you factor in filters etc. I think the ccd vs cmos "debate" makes no sense. It's much more fruitful to debate the merits of one sensor vs another while considering your own imaging location and equipment.
  12. Hi Adrian and Lee, it's a great image, nice to collaborate too. I'm going to go against the grain regarding the second image. I found the first very pleasing to the eye but the saturation in the trunk area especially the blue went a little too far imo. I think the squid looks great in the second though. Take what I have to say with a grain of salt as my saturation taste changes by the image and it only really matters what you guys prefer.
  13. Keep adding to it Mick, makings of a fine image.
  14. Gravity is his friend here. Regardless of whether he's grazing trees or diving it's a great image, time well spent.
  15. Amazing what you can do with a colour camera from bortle 8.
  16. This image has me looking at this nebula in a totally new light, beautifully done. I like how you didn't completely zap all the green too, it allows some subtle but very pleasing transitions in the colour tones. Detail is spectacular too.
  17. That's a great image Emil, I really like the nebulosity at the top, looks like it's bursting with energy.
  18. Thanks Olly, well worth trying with the Rasa. I seem to remember Goran posting a lovely image of this nebula.
  19. Thanks Bob. Thanks Martin. I also had it pointed out to me that it looks like a one armed cosmic shrug
  20. Thanks, glad you think so. Very nice of you to say Phillyo
  21. Thanks Carole, I'm very lucky to have decent dark sky out the back, as long as the neighbours remember to turn off the lights.
  22. Very nice, I've wanted to image this region for a quite a while. Envious of your FOV.
  23. You've gone deep on that Olly, nice to see some dust in there too.
  24. Lovely Tadpoles Carole, nice subtle colours.
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