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  1. Everything I buy is £50 and if possible it go's straight into my case and out of sight, the only thing going for us is to look at tele vue ep's don't look so expensive to most people.
  2. How can you blance the scope with all the weight on the back end.
  3. Thanks I looked at your web page ang got the idea from you to use tripod top looks like alot of welding involed Tim
  4. Can a eq6 pier adaptor be used on a tak em200 mount, I'm helping a friend setup a permanent pier for his up coming tak, and I read in a forum that eq6 pier adaptors are the same. If not we can strip down the tripod and use that instead it seems a shame to pull apart such a nice tripod but needs must thanks Tim
  5. The last entry is bang on don't blame ebay blame the buyer
  6. Again Ebay bashing on SGL if people bid on items without a small amount of knowalge which can be found with a quick search online they only have themselves to blame unless of course its a seller out to rip you off which can be found on any formatt not just ebay. I have bought and sold astro bits from ebay and so far been very happy with the out come and will still do so
  7. tim r

    8se on fleabay

    Ebay gets bad press on SGL for some reason I buy and somtimes sell astro items and if you take care to email and check you should be fine, alway remember never pay outside of ebay if possible collect item all the things you would do buying from any online buyer, also accounts have been hacked showing good feedback but selling nonexsiting items the old addage if its too cheap then buyer beware.
  8. I own a old type cge and have owned eq6 to be honest the cge is twice the mount , it throws my scopes around with ease, sounds sweet where as the eq6 sounds like a coffee grinder, the construction feels well make and solid you only have to feel the weight of the counter weight bar and the finnish of it and compare to the skywatcher I know a bar doesn't make a mount but it's a sign of a much better Finnish and higher grade of construction, I know this will upset and most people may disagree as for the money the eq6 is the best in class no doubt but given a choice between a 2nd hand well maintained cge and new eq6 I'd buy the cge every time... In the intrest of full disclosure I'm presently selling most of my scopes and mount including a cge so the more siècle amongst you will think its a sale pitch but hand on heart it's my honest option (and it's all ready under offer).but the one thing to be aware of with the cge is the runaway dec lead on sone of the mounts.
  9. Hi I also live in west yorks and as I send this it looks clear lets hope it stays so.
  10. Just did a search in google for televue ethos and went to images and about 5 lines down it has a photo of some lucky bloke with just that setup it looks like his nose fits just between the 2 eps hope this helps
  11. Just tried one in one side of bino's looks like these enought room to fit 2 side by side, if anyone would like to donate another 13mm ethos to me I'll glady oblige. Can only imagine how the moon would look.
  12. Hii own the baader mk'5 and use takashashi eps I have the 5mm, 12mm and the 24 mm and all work brilliantly I would love to buy another 13mm ethos and try them but cannot justify the price of the televue even if there the best EP ever made.
  13. I bought the baader mk 5 second hand, and when I used them on the moon for the 1st time could no believe the view it was like looking a the moon close up every shadow and ridge jumped out to use a common word at the moment it looked 3d which I supose it was on Jupiter the best was to decribe it was it looked circular not flat and I don't know if it's in your mind but it looks clearer. As only ever used the baader bino's I can not comment on over makes but even if only half as good I would hole heartily recommend bino viewing.
  14. Hi this was the 1st time i used my new setup a tak 180 (worried about collimation as i spripped it down and rebuilt one rainy saturday it looks ok to me but the more advanced imagers may be able to tell better than I can). It is 8 x 30 second exposers stacked together with no prossesing Im quite new to imaging with a ccd camera and I'm using a osc camera (sbig 8300c)i know most imagers say to keep away from colout ccd's but it what i have so l hope to get better if we get any clear nights.I used a atik 16c as a guider but i'm have problems getting a good image for guiding looking to buy a loadstar (again if anyone knows of a better guider i'm all ears. guiding with a skywatcher st80).Anyway enough chit chat heres my go at Vega
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