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  1. I’ve had success which freezing / flash heating stuck spacers in the past: -Spray with a can of spray air, upside down so it’s the liquid coming out, enough to chill it -Warm on a hot surface for a few seconds, to expand the outside ring -Unscrew, gripped with rubber cloth (the jar opening type) -Clean with isopropyl alcohol Obviously, not easy if there are optical elements
  2. Clear at the moment, so maybe...
  3. As a number of excellent recent posts will attest, this target looks amazing when rendered in the Hubble palette - However, that means a new filter wheel and a couple more filters snuck under the radar! So, here's the Elephant's trunk nebula in Ha. Pretty much the full frame after the stacking edges had been tidied up. I'd never noticed that the Elephant has a head too, on the right, but I showed this to one of my children and he spotted it right away. Silly Daddy Skywatcher Evostar 80ED w 0.85 reducer 19 x 300 sec exposures, Baader 7nm Ha filter ZWO asi1600mm-pro @ -15 degrees & unity gain Celestron AVX put in a good show with about 0.35 RMS Stacked in DSS with master dark, flats and dark flats I would say "Processed in Pi", but my random button pushing didn't yield any significant improvements, so I left it with just a stretch, curves and a light touch of noise reduction. I'll revisit it with a tutorial in hand when the nights are grim Comments gratefully received
  4. I've found the asi1600 will hang on downloading if 2 different bits of software are connecting to it at the same time. Try these steps: Ensure that PHD2 hasn't picked the 1600 for guiding, as it doesn't clearly distinguish between cameras from the same manufacturer (click the railway junction icon, next to the camera in the connect screen) Close ASICap Disconnect the 1600 from the link icon in SGP. GIve it a sec then hit the link icon in SGP again to reconnect. All should be well
  5. Btw, you should update your location, unless you really are at FLO HQ in Exeter?
  6. It’s called ‘Scope Nights’
  7. It's currently wind, wet and 'orrible, but tonight 2 weather apps agree! We shall see
  8. Oh yes, a rain storm earlier in the day...I knew I bought a dehumidifier for some reason!
  9. Managing a quick session, before the ick rolls in again. Live stack (Folder monitoring SGP's output) from Sharpcap looks clean enough - 5 x 5 min, Ha Elephants Trunk Nebula
  10. Personally, I found all the off-the-shelf piers where too short for my requirements. What I did buy was the adapter plate suited for my mount, allowing me to swap it in future if I upgrade. At first I commissioned a custom one from an astro supplier, however, they hashed it up 3 times with long delays between - so I built my own, if only to progress my obs build!
  11. Same here. It's interesting that our moon stats are noticeably different
  12. After a bit of a false start, I managed to grab some time on M33 before closing down with a few frames on the moon. Sleep now
  13. I've been meaning to write this sort of post for a while, so here are my thoughts on 'Lessons from a Roll-off build'. Some I learnt the hard way, others I caught early enough Before breaking ground, take panoramas of your chosen sites horizon (your phone can do this!). Review the site at night for lights etc Make sure your scope fits. Imagine you have your dream scope...make sure that'll fit too! Water finds a way! Roof rail should fall ever so slightly away from the rolling section, to prevent ingress along the rail Stainless annular nails are awesome, unless you need to pull some Good screws are worth their weight - Reisser Cutters where my choice End grain treatment for sawn wood! Season your cladding! Until it's sealed, it's a sponge and will shrink Construction softwood cares not for your 2mm tolerance. Run your power (and data) early in the build! Having mains in the under-construction obs is invaluable. You don't have enough wood Budget for insulation - it isn't a cheap afterthought Build in standard sizes where you can. Sheet material is usually 1200mm x 2400mm (yeah right, plus at least 5mm - don't trust the sizes!) Building materials are not square unless you check it. Timber isn't straight and 100x50mm (2x4) is 95x45ish Don't forget you need to lock it...build the door frame with this in mind Commercial grade stainless fittings are great for outside That hole in the ground is big enough, STOP DIGGING! Concrete don't fill as much as you think. Use a calculator for your volumes Just because the roof rolled yesterday, don't mean it will today. Test after any major changes, it's easier to fix before you've moved in Don't underestimate windlift. Secure the roof from both rolling off and lifting off Snow is heavy! Plan where your rainwater is going. Drain, soakaway etc Things will live under your obs if you let them. Things that like power cables for lunch and insulation for dinner. Stainless or copper mesh is cheap It will take longer than you ever imagined Set a budget! You will overrun your budget Unless you're know someone, are qualified or particularly cavalier, you'll need to pay an electrician - budget for it Good ventilation will help, but a desiccant dehumidifier might be on the cards too if you get lots of humidity / dew. Plan where it drains, plan where it is powered from You haven't planned for enough power sockets Do you want Wifi? If not...are you really sure? Security shouldn't be an afterthought Insurance! You can get specific cover, or extend your 'outbuildings' cover. Either way, tell them if you want cover Do you really need an external window? If you have a warm room, you need an internal window! Choosing lights will consume time...so much time! I hope this helps someone - please feel free to add to the list Happy building!
  14. Unexpectedly clear tonight, but with a very bright moon again. Testing some replacement filters, so went for a ‘mineral’ moon, which has never been very successful for me 25% stack of 3000 each for RGB. Stacked in AS!3, wavelets in Registax and RGB combine and edit in Photoshop Subtle saturation: Enthusiastic saturation: but no ‘argh, my retina!’ saturation
  15. It is a little bit of a faf with grub screws. I think I was up and running from unboxing to working in about 40 minutes edit: If you download the software, the hardware instructions are in the zip - you can then see how it hangs together
  16. I have the Sesto Senso, and to me it feels like a really well engineered bit of kit. Very solid and mounting it was very simple. I get reliable and repeatable focus from my SW80ED's stock focuser If the ZWO has been released when I bought it, I think i'd have been on the fence as to the option of a hand controller, but I'm happy without - I don't do any visual.
  17. After a reasonable success on the previous night, I was shocked to see another clear sky on the 13th! I think the law says I had to try and snag the Harvest moon? Not wanting to get into astro hot water, I gave it a shot I was out before the moon had cleared the surrounding houses, so contented myself with some Ha on the Heart Nebula, which was far enough way to behave well enough. About an hour or so later she cleared the last house, got briefly tangled in one of my trees like an actress tripping on her dress, composed herself and put on the show Zwo asi1600mm @ 40 gain, -15C / Sky-Watcher ED80 w 0.85 reducer. 25% stack of 1000 exposures each in RG and B, then inexpertly merged, so it might as well have been mono. More practice needed!
  18. Friday evening, started with 45 x 1 min Ha on the Heart Nebula, filling time till the moon cleared the nearby houses. Then a slew to the Harvest moon. You can see the growing glow lighting up the high, thin cloud.
  19. A little surprised last night when, at 11pm, I went to make a brew and spotted the garden was lit up like we'd gained a flood light! Oh, a pristine sky and a gloriously well placed moon! Well, I built an observatory to allow me to be up and running faster and catch these opportunities, so the roof was rolled and PC's booted Here's the result - 50% stack of 1000 x 4ms exposures, zwo asi1600mm @ 40 gain, -15C / red filter, Sky-Watcher ED80 w 0.85 reducer. Deep sky setup and not ideal for this job, but it was mounted and already aligned Captured in Sharpcap, then a run through PIPP. From there to AS!3 and finally wavelets in Registax. Loaded it in PS, decided it looked ok and not to fiddle
  20. I'll happily second this. The stock focuser on my ED80 is holding the 0.85 reducer, mini 5 slot EFW and a 1600mm pro with no issue. Repeatable and consistent focuser positioning with a Sesto Sento motor.
  21. I suspect you’d connected phd2 and apt to the same camera - that’d cause the download hang. Check the equipment page in phd2 and click the ‘road junction’ button next to the camera selection
  22. 3 nights running! Spent a bit of time over the last two messing with some pesky issues, as is the curse of imaging but also playing with a CCTV camera for a quick fix all-sky. Seems to be doing okay for £30 - It does a bit of on-camera stacking apparently
  23. Cloud dodging on the Western Veil. So many wires and telltale leds! Clouds backlit by the rising moon
  24. Unless the colour coding is off (the blue), that looks to have 4 x USB3 ports! Now that would be nice!
  25. First try with a Sony starvis doing it's thing. No IR illumination, midnight last night. The flicker comes from the blinking light on the focuser / camera on auto Watching the live feed, it looks like it's doing some on camera stacking to get the sensitivity - there are trails anything fast moving, but then so would there be with an astro camera. Powered via poe and already in a dome. Just need to mount it now TimeLapse 07-02-2019.mp4
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