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  1. 50 pages and that picture makes it worth it! Clouds aside, you must be chuffed!
  2. To test, it’s on an extension lead The idea is to sent the power from a socket in the warm side, into the scope rooms dividing wall cavity. The led string then runs most of the perimeter, as I got a 10m length, in recessed aluminium profile with a frosted cover I'm intending to sheet the scope side, so the profile should sit along the top of the lower panel 1.22m off the floor - which reminds me, I must order more plywood!
  3. I’m going to run these in aluminium profile around the scope room, at about dado height. The controller supports Wi-fi and Amazon Alexa so voice activation rather than a remote I can lose
  4. Light test - fitted with masking tapeRed to white, min and max
  5. James, I’ve most of a whole box left over - msg me your address and I’ll send them south. Saves me storing them
  6. Dodging the showers today, I managed to get more of the warm room panelled. Putting 2m x 1m 9mm ply on a ceiling solo was challenging! I got a couple of cheap plasterboard props to help out - which turned out to be a fantastic way to spend £20! Juggling the board in place I first propped it on a ladder, ducked under it and lifted it on my head - 6’4” me sometimes comes in handy. Once it was up there, the props could jack it tight against a couple of joists. That was when I remembered I’d not marked the joist positions in the face Some careful measuring later and it was simple enough to screw it securely. The rest of the boards went in easily enough, and my 5yr old boys enjoyed helping Daddy ‘do screwing’. I call it a win that nobody died
  7. That's a big image! Love it! Give Microsoft ICE a go (microsoft.com) - it's free and does a great job aligning and balancing images automatically. A real time saver
  8. That's what I was thinking too. I've a tin and a bit left over, in Urban Slate. I've still not 100% decided if I'm lining the scope room or leaving the stud exposed - so I was thinking of painting the stud and worrying about it later. I had also though it might coat the ply floor before covering it...just in case
  9. Looking very smart Kev! Out of curiosity, what type of paint have you gone for? Exterior or a standard emulsion?
  10. Here's the ply starting to go up, with the added 'bonus' of my excessively cluttered workmate, sporting the single most useful item ever - "Wonder Wipes" For an idea of the size, that sheet is 2250 x 1220.
  11. A few more increments closer - this weekend has seen the scope room viewing window have its dry fit, and a sigh of relief that I did measure correctly months ago, so it does fit! Also finished off insulating the warm room, bar some taped joints (I ran out). That’s been quite a therapeutic evening job. The final touch is some foam filler around the cable entries and underfloor conduit - that’s drying / expanding as I type The last bit this weekend was to get a sheet of ply onto a wall! No photo, but it felt goooood
  12. That looks like it might indeed be very useful! The spec sheet says it supports devices via a hub too - interesting
  13. Left over from my observatory build and cluttering up the garage - 1200 x 2400 x 75 polystyrene insulation. Brand new and unused, it has a scuff where I caught the edge with my foot, but otherside sound. I brutally cut up and used 3 of it's friends as underfloor insulation, and this is the lone survivor Free to a good home - must be collected as although its very light, it is quite big! Located close to Leyland in Lancashire
  14. Oh no! I hope you get it sorted, it's a really interesting project...but it seems you might have invoked the 'Titanic Effect'!
  15. A lovely bit of sky, well captured!
  16. I was using 'unity' gain, so 139 on the asi1600. Running at -20 degrees. The ZWO filters are ok, considering the price - I'm sure I'll be upgrading them at some point. I did just read an excellent tutorial on removing those halos in PixInsight with Pixelmath...but my brain refused to understand it without trying it (see here) I'm hopeful that getting some L+RGB in the mix will allow some of that to be layered out too....but that might not happen this year now Good luck with yours, Jamie, and thanks for looking!
  17. A year or so back I traded my unmodified Sony a77ii dslr for a ZWO asi1600mm-pro, in part after some disappointing results on the Horsehead, but mainly due to the crease in the translucent mirror from its previous owner which really showed up in stretched images (see the diagonal line, bottom right?) Before it vanishes for another year, i thought I best try and justify the investment at least to myself and have another go at the Horsehead... Skywatcher ED80 w 0.85 reducer / Celestron AVX / ZWO Ha filter. I just squeezed in 7 x 5min subs before guiding bombed and then a house intruded. It's showing some ugly halos especially on Alnitak, but otherwise I think it's a marked improvement Sony a77ii ZWO asi1600mm
  18. *wave* from down the road in Buckshaw! Really lovely skies last night and a cracking image there, well done! Have you noticed the horse seems to have taken offence to the constant photographic attention - or is it just me that thinks it's giving us a 'hand signal'?
  19. As posted late last night, I was able to use the observatory for the first time last night. With a setup that Heath Robinson would have been proud of, I threw everything back on the mount after it's holiday in storage. It's amazing what your forget in a short time but once I remembered that there was a USB hub under the OTA it started to make sense. The Polemaster gave me a nice quick setup although the StarSense took a second try at aligning - but that's hardly it's fault, it was still set to summer time! Handset goto M81 had it pretty much bang on and off we went to SGpro for some subs. Time being what it was, I only ended up with about 40 min of data before I had to park the mount and roll away the sky for another night It's a mess of stuff in the obs: laptop on a camping table, half the gear still running off the powertank, but it works! 8 months since the thread and work started feels like a long time and there is still plenty to do: Insulate warm room roof Fit guttering Sheath the walls Internal window and door Wiring Network (but the Wifi reaches) Lighting Door step Floor covering Desk, shelving etc Although it's very 'not finished', I can now "Witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station!"
  20. Sort of proper first light : so happy
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