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  1. RC8 on an EQ8 with a very expensive counter weight on the front of the RC!
  2. First light last night! After what seems a catalog of disasters and false starts I at last managed to get first light on this mount last night. I spent a couple of nights in the past week getting it drift aligned and the guiding as good as I could, then seeing as it was a clear night all be it with a huge moon I decided to give it a bash. Due to the moon I picked a random target in the North, set Sequence Generator Pro to start it all off at 11 pm then went to bed! It was with some trepidation this morning that I nipped down to the obs and took a peek inside, 80 3 mins subs had been collected, he guiding graph was as flat as you like. So for a first light it did what it said on the tin..... it held my scope, pointed it in the right direction and kept it there all night.(including a meridian flip 30 mins after I started!)
  3. Way to much backlash on the DEC axis, so much so that PHD thought it wasn't connected for South corrections.
  4. Ours https://sites.google.com/site/cleeastro/
  5. Ok, so, Dec backlash tinkered with, all I need now is a few stars to test it out.
  6. Many thanks First Light Optics
  7. I have got it to calibrate by winding off the backlash by nudging the mount North before calibration, am now running the guiding assistant to get some data.
  8. Why is it with Skywatcher equipment you pays your money and you takes your chance? There is so much Dec backlash on this brand new mount PHD won't calibrate!!!
  9. Be a pain to wrap as I have ditched the original card box
  10. Free to a good home, but you're going to have to come and get it from Grimsby Dimensions - H 450cm (635 inc castors), W 490, L 593
  11. Ive had Green and Orange masters in the past, all from the same light source, DBE always sorts it out.
  12. Thats the way I always do it.....with all extension leads.
  13. The EQMod controls work ok, just the SGP ones greyed out. hey ho!
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