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  1. Welcome from the other side of the Trent. Kev
  2. Looking good..... Will have to get mine back on plan after its delay....
  3. Fantastic pic, I wonder how many other DSOs are in that shot ?
  4. Both fantastic in my book, would be more than happy with either
  5. I think the same question still holds.... why haven't they fused into one rough potato shape ?
  6. I always thought that we need to categorise people into being a definite female or a definite male, so that we know whether to be happy or sad for their partner when they die.....
  7. I think it might be a good time to change topic...….
  8. I always have doubts about any website that shows the sun as being yellow !
  9. Is this USB 2 or 3 ? It may be too long for USB 3 and possibly a bit iffy for USB 2
  10. That is truly beautiful...could only dream of this. Well done
  11. I think this is what would be expected if the mass off stars were all rotating at the same speed and when the centre gravitationally contracted then it would spin faster than the outside , giving the appearance that the outside was being slowed down. This would not really prove the existence of aether.
  12. Another very professional job, well done.
  13. This is the old Aether theory.....which I personally believe in... However most current theories suggest that "Luminiferous Aether" does not exist. Difficult one to prove either way ?
  14. More likely to be the sweat & tears soaked into it Again, a very professional job....i'm a bit jealous when I look at my effort.
  15. Starting to take shape, I know what its like when you crack on and then have to stop for a while, very impressive cant wait to see it completed.
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