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  1. 30th July it gets dark again. Kev Kev
  2. I didn't want to say that...but that was my impression as well... Very impressed with the ASC though, been reading some of the previous threads on it.... Looks like it might be an idea to try one.... Gina appears to have done most of the hard work for it already.... Very, very impressed.
  3. What sensor do you have in that Gina ?
  4. Know the feeling. Whoosh ….. ! What was that …. Life mate...you missed it !
  5. Is it connected to a telescope , if so it will need to be focused correctly.
  6. My view northward, showing the overhead power cable problems.. I had to raise the pier height slightly as its initial position put Polaris exactly behind the right hand power cable.
  7. https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/manuals/How_to_clean_ASI_camera_and_redry_the_desiccant.pdf
  8. Tonight is the last night of astronomical darkness up here ( or down here depending on where you are )…. Not dark again until August !.... Well OK 30th of July but I know it will be cloudy then anyway.....
  9. I would personally go down the bigger battery option rather than use batteries in parallel. The only exceptions to this would be if you needed to maintain power at all times ( you could change one out without losing power) or if there was a physical space constraint. Using batteries in parallel can be fraught with difficulties.
  10. As above , Think of capturing raindrops the same as capturing light photons, now if you poured the water ( or focused the photons ) into a container ( or a sensor ) which do you think would have captured the most ?
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