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  1. O3 is right in the middle of the visible spectrum so if bright enough objects emitting/reflecting this would be visible to a human eye. Probably look Green in colour.
  2. Definitely needs the grub screws adjusting, its probably stiff when you move the belt cog but the gear ratio is so much in your favour its not noticeable. Adjust them again to get it rotating freely but not wobbling, probably need to restart entirely with it completely loose and them work into it ,one side at a time so its central.
  3. Ian, that's midnight until 2am Donny time. Kev
  4. Nice polite understatement....lol
  5. You only need to move the main mirror. The focal length will remain the same. To achieve focus with eyepieces you may need to fit an extension tube, extremely easy just screws in and very cheap.
  6. Does this help Shows the basic setup as well as more advanced stuff.
  7. Threaded rod into the concrete will always give the most stable platform. ( make sure they are bent ) Resin anchors are for when the concrete is already in situ.
  8. It can be done...but it will cause a lot of heartache and frustration. Get the 450D or better.
  9. From what I have learnt on this forum. ( and what most people seem to be saying ) Mount - Skywatcher EQ5 GOTO --- HEQ5 is much better long term investment, if weight is not an issue. Scope - Sky-Watcher Explorer 130P-DS --- Excellent Guide Scope - Skywatcher Evoguide ED50 --- Standard 50mm guider is much better value, unlikely you would notice the difference. Guide Camera - ZWO ASI120MM Mini --- Excellent DSLR - Canon 350D ---450D has live view and takes SD cards , having used both there is no comparison. The one item that would make the biggest difference to your enjoyment would be changing the 350D for a 450D or better. You could sell the 350D and buy a 450D for pennies difference. Kev
  10. There are Acrylic resins out there that may be an easier option. " Cromapol Acrylic Waterproofing Coating " is an example ( other makes exist). They are basically Resin with built in fibres.... they have good reviews. Just paint it on.
  11. As a deeply religious person I do not agree with this scientific nonsense of their being nothing and then all of a sudden there was a big bang and the universe was created from the void .... Gospel dictates that there was nothing and then God said "let it be" and all of a sudden the universe was created from the void.. Er ! .... hold on a moment ?
  12. Option 3 - oversize cable gland--- then use a split rubber bung forced into it.. a tiny bit sealant could be used if its likely to get very wet
  13. Very nice, one of the best pics I have seen of this .
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