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  1. Well I blincked and ClearOutside has just gone from Green tonight to Orange & Red.......
  2. I have a 7mm SCT to T adapter on my SCT gets rid of the problem , you can use readily available T extension/packer rings to get the ideal length. I think it was the Baader one....others exists.
  3. I wish I could afford one of these.... gonna sell the wife....might pay for the postage.
  4. I use a 1300D....mainly because it was cheap at the time.....seems ok.
  5. I would second the plate solving, revolutionised my sessions now, goto target, platesolve, synch to position, no problems.
  6. Not ahope of seeing anything here, misty and completely overcast above that, lucky if I will be able to see the moon. Just checked....there is a very faint fuzzy glow where the moon should be.......
  7. I always feel that someone needs to develop a filter range ( maybe 2 different reds, a Green and several shades of Blue, sort of LRRGBBBB) )for these achros as some of them could be exceptionally good . My 6" F8 achro grabs an amazing amount of light from DSO's its just needs a mono sensor with the above filters to be almost as good as an APO costing 10 times more. The F5 version may need to be LRRRRGBBBBBBB to get the same effect.
  8. All a focal reducer does if effectively change the focal length ( so we are into the focal ratio myth....do we want to go there ? ). All else being equal aperture wins....size does matter ! However all else is not equal....... There is a limit to aperture size, where atmospherics rule out any linear increase in benefit above a certain size. A shorter focal ratio ( for the same aperture ) will effectively place a larger area of sky onto a pixel so it will fill up quicker, this will be at the expense of resolution. This balances out exactly ( with ideal sensors ) so there is no benefit to be gained, other than the ability to get a wider field of view....this may be important ! Sensors however are not ideal....and there may be sweet spots where the maximum photons can be gathered at a required resolution for any sensor at a particular focal length/ratio/aperture combination. It is not as simple as it would first appear.....
  9. Very misty up here.....waste of time really...
  10. Looking ok at the moment, no clouds but still a bit of mist....
  11. If you smooth them out and then roll them up rather than coil them, most Cat5E cables will lie flat ! I work with these for a living.... Flat cat5E cables are also good..... Dont bother with cat6 absolute waste of money for your intended purpose.
  12. Thick Mist......cant even see the clouds...
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