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  1. AstroAndy

    Orion widefield

    A*h, now I see.
  2. AstroAndy

    Orion widefield

    Awesome pic, is this a modded cam?
  3. Aye Olly, a few minutes of short subs isn't going to eat into my lum. run.
  4. AstroAndy

    DLSR Rosette Nebula

    If I had this much luck with this object, I´d be happy.
  5. Hi Olly and Wim, thanks for your input, maybe I'll check into using RGB as lum. cores. As it is, I seem to get overblown cores on such objects as M81 in as much (little?) as 10 min subs ( have attached a linear stack with only levels done , and one 10min. sub straight from my Atik 314L, which illustrates the point [using selective vision, you won't see the star shapes ]). So far, w/ incremental subs (say 10 at 1m, 10 at 3, etc.), I get good cores, either by HDR in DSS, masking it in in, or layering it in. A real extreme would be using ha lum. cores. @ Wim, don't I know it, I've been chasing color and more lum. for this M81 since abt. 3 1/2 months now, between job, clear nights, travel to dark sites, and Moon, I'll have it in 3 more months. - Andy -
  6. AstroAndy

    My 'Happy Christmas' dataset's here.

    Hello all So, I invested some more time in this and did a reprocess. Dropped the background a bit, sharpened things up, brightened M51, and did a soft process on star color. - Andy -
  7. AstroAndy

    Quick M81 M82

    Thanks for the sentiment, by now, however, I'm hopping around in trIangles, of course, after taking off from work, driving 1hr to my dark site, bupkis. Waited for a while, hoping the clouds would leave, but no such luck.
  8. AstroAndy

    Quick M81 M82

    Awesome pic, Arp's loop is visible in the overstretched version. I hope to get out there after work today (took one day off extra as Clearoutside said I have a shot, so to speak, today). I've been sitting on abt. 4hrs. of luminance for the last 3 months, and hope to do the color on M81 tonight. - Andy -
  9. Hello all I was wondering what advantages, other than parfocality, a luminance filter has over no filter in the image train? No matter how good, it's still one piece of glass more through which light has to pass? Wouldn't no filter for luminance yield slightly better results? - Andy -
  10. Hello all I am wondering whether it is better to shoot, eg., 1m, 3m, 5m, 10m subs incrementally, or whether it is enough to shoot, eg. 1m, then 10m for the cores of DSOs. I suppose in PS the short ones can be boosted (as one only needs the core element); also, DSS has a high dynamic range function, so far it worked well on the incremental subs, will it average out very short and long subs? Also, would it be ok to shoot, say, 10 short ones, and 30 long ones, or would the number of short to long have to be about even? Any advice appreciated. Andy
  11. Yup, sure enough, two left hands, managed to strip 2 screws, and am in for a new one.
  12. Hi guys Thanks for your input...I'm inclined to go with Davey's answer, as I'm pretty handy with 'puters, not to take my mouth too full, but if it's a s/w problem, it may take me awhile, but I usually figure it out. Mike, indeed, the camera doesn't require drivers, but Windows does, and these drivers work correctly, the EOS utility works correctly, but when working with this cam., I use APT. I guess it's time to open her up and do some soldering (good w/ 'puters, but 2 left hands). Thanks for all of your input. - Andy -
  13. Hello all For awhile now, my Canon EOS 1100D is an "unrecognized USB Device" on my Windows 10 PC. I am convinced the fault is in the camera, as I have taken the following steps to remedy this, all without success: Uninstalled, reinstalled drivers and software, tried different computers, reset the camera, restarted all services (including the shell one & WIA), turned off the automatic power, etc etc; the best I get is a connection after restart for a while (until the fault "catches up", I suppose). Is there something someone could point me towards, anybody have a like problem? Regards Andy
  14. AstroAndy

    My 'Happy Christmas' dataset's here.

    Hi Olly Thanks for this quality dataset. Between weather, moon, and job, this was a welcome opportunity to do some processing, here are my efforts at a semi-quick throw together. The LRGB was combined with the ha data. Merry Christmas. Andy

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