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  1. Hi David Thanks for your reply. It was somewhat strange that one one of my computers, it showed the right pixel size, on the other one the 2.21 (which I also know about, from within the ASI software). You are right in saying that the ASI 294 is OP when it comes to guiding, however, the way I got my new setup, I have the choice to guide with a QHY5 (small sensor for a C11, even with the reducer), an Atik314 (somewhat bigger sensor), and the ZWO cam., with the biggest sensor). I mean to use the ZWO and Atik cams interchangeably as imaging and guide cams through an OAG, no sense ge
  2. Hello folks I was wondering about the following thing. The ASI294 has a pixel size of 4.63um, now, when I set it as a guide cam in PHD, it's pixel size gets autopopulated to 2.21 um. Why is that, and would that influence my guiding, all other things being equal? Regs. Andy
  3. Hello Folks Maybe someone on here knows about Filterwheel problems. I had, until recently, a well functioning Atik EFW filterwheel working with APT through Ascom(I believe it was the x64 version with 32 bit support). However, Firecapture wouldn't detect it, so of course I had to experiment, and now nothing works, neither APT, nor Firecapture. Having read extensively on the web did not solve my problems (re-deinstalling, Core, legacy atik s/w, device manager, reading on here, etc.) Now I have deinstalled it, and can't find my disk w/ the old driver anymore, nor does one seem to b
  4. Need to get me a cardboard box, those electric dohickeys like star adventurer and 1 min. exposures somehow aren't working out as well for me.
  5. I finally got my color for M51ñ it started out slightly problematic, this is as well as I could catch up in a first process. There´s a small ha component in it, I just couldn't get too heavy handed with 6 5 min. ha subs. Altogether about 5hrs LhaRGB in 10, 5, 3 and 1 min. L subs, 9x9x9 RGB, 6 ha ones. As always, no calibration frames, after a night in the cold far away, I didn't want to stick around for dawn twilight flats. 1LhaRGB, 1 HaRGB. - Andy -
  6. Easily remedied With the move tool, on can align layers properly. Or >edit > transform, if they are of different sizes.
  7. Hi If my first image had looked like that, I'd have been happy. As it is, all I got was some greenish fuzz, otherwise known as the Andromeda Galaxy. Way to go. I used to take my DSLR flats after a session, in the morning in brighter twilight, scope pointed at an evenly illuminated clear sky. Dunno whether I'd take darks half before a session, why introduce heating of the chip right off the bat? I may be totally off here, but the doubled-up stars don't seem to be a stacking problem to me, rather something due to a sudden very small mount movement (gust of wind? Cable snag? Something slight
  8. No problem, while I'm not one to pixel peep with the quality of images I turn out ? , I zeroed in on the blue Holmberg galaxy, you even resolved some of the stars there, respect.
  9. Awesome pic, Per, I can see Arp's Loop, good colors and detail. On my screen, the background looks a little red /magenta.
  10. Hello folks Does anyone know if SharpCap works with Atik cameras; I didn't see it in the supported list? Wouldn't it work over Ascom? Again, I didn't see any Ascom cam. support? Thanks Andy
  11. Hello all So I hied myself tither to my dark site after work on Fri., seeing as how clear skies were forecast, fought a few gremlins, and got away with about 2 1/2 hrs. of luminance on M51, about 14 10min. subs, 6 one min. ones and 4 30 sec. ones (for the core). It was a strange night, where everything went well on setup and guiding (between 0.3 and .15 w/ a guide scale of 1 to 4), but the image somehow didn't come out as well as I'd hoped. - Andy -
  12. Again, Peter, I must say something like if my slow one looked like that, I'de be happy, awesome job.
  13. This looks like it should be on the cover of an astronomy book. , good one, Richard.
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