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  1. AstroAndy

    M94-Please have a go

    Thanks, Rodd, although on yours the outer ring shows up a bit better. There's always the battle between maximizing the data and keeping it "real", so to speak, and seeing so many interpretations of the same data shows the range of diff. processing; well done on that post. - Andy -
  2. AstroAndy

    M94-Please have a go

    Hi I saw this post a little late, so, for whatever it's worth, here's my effort. Andy
  3. AstroAndy

    Sadr region HaOSC

    Yup, sad little me, and I was looking at it before, now it worked.
  4. AstroAndy

    Sadr region HaOSC

    Thanks, Olly, I'll check into that.
  5. AstroAndy

    Sadr region HaOSC

    Hi...seing this article, a question presented itself...maybe I'm missing something, but when I paste an Ha layer directly on red, since I'm on the channel palette rather than the layers one, how do I get into blending mode (I usually extract red, and paste it on the ha, manipulate it, and save it as a new HaR image, which gets pasted back into the red channel, thus getting a layer and the option to change blending mode). Andy
  6. Hi Flats are the way to go, sometimes, I create a synthetic flat in PS by duplicating the image, using the clone tool to clone out the brighter parts (or the dust and scratches filter, then the clone tool), darkening it a bit (to keep all the details of the object), then applying it to to the main img., and playing with the settings to get an even field; works for lum., and color. Disregarding the noise , see below example (although this had regular flats applied). Andy
  7. AstroAndy

    Humble Mars

    I'd be happy if my good Mars looked as good as your humble one, John.
  8. AstroAndy

    All processed out on M33

    Thanks, and indeed Kirkster, an average of 3 full nights (winter) would be kewl...I'm always torn between that, or getting as much of one object as I can, having to set up anew each time and finding a reasonably dark spot.
  9. Hi Bryan Try these steps: https://www.jezhughesphotography.com/photoshop-astrophotography-processing-using-layer-masks/ Andy
  10. AstroAndy

    Sh2-114 The Flying Dragon nebula

    Awesome image, Sara.
  11. AstroAndy

    All processed out on M33

    Thanks, Michael.
  12. AstroAndy

    All processed out on M33

    Thanks Mars, I'm partial to the first one, it may be more modest, but less noisy and gradienty. However, the h-alpha does bring out some more detail.
  13. AstroAndy

    First attempt at Andromeda

    It's got shape, detail, and a bit of color, I'd rate this a success, my first M31 image was greenish haze with dust lanes.
  14. AstroAndy

    All processed out on M33

    Hi all These are 8x3min in each RGB added to the original 20x5min. luminance, and another additional 10x5min. ha. (altogether 219min, 3:39min, because on of the green subs didn't make it. While the imaging run itself was good, this is as far as I can go with processing (due to light pollution. Not perfect, but I slaved a few days over this. Andy
  15. AstroAndy

    M33, Triangulum Galaxy in luminance

    Thanks. Unfortunately, it was in the East, towards the city lights, but I guess one has to make do with what one has.

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