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  1. Didn't get a drop of rain here in Wales........ .....not far off a foot of snow on Easter Bank Holiday Monday though!
  2. As per the title- how I mount/de-mount my 35Kg scope single handedly onto a pier above head height. Hopefully the photos are self explainatory. The use of a four wheel pulley system makes light work of the lifting. The top pulley set is secured to a rafter by a large eyebolt. A rope sling goes around the balance point of the scope- the position is always marked by red tape (a useful thing to do anyway). The 'loose' end of the rope goes to a single pulley on wall and down to a cleat. The cleat is essential to both secure the rope and allow a controlled lowering of the heavy scope(s). Scope safely lowered to the floor!
  3. Great pictures- glad you're liking it.
  4. Looking good. Five double sockets? I thought 12 would be enough- I was wrong........... Currently plugged if I'm running both piers: 1) 12V PSU - powers both EQ6's 2) 12V PSU- powers 4 dew heaters 3) Desk Lamp (bright one) 4) Desktop PC1 - autoguider for inner pier 5) Monitor for above 6) Desktop PC1 - autoguider for outer pier 7) Monitor for above 8) PSU for DSLR (inner pier) 9) PSU for DSLR (inner pier) 10) Desk Lamp (dim one) 11) Hairdryer - for drying optics 12) Amplifer 13) CD player 14) Tape deck and probably some others I've forgoten.
  5. The 'kit' enables the coma corrector to be used visually with eyepieces. For DSLR work you'll only need the coma corrector, a suitable camera adaptor and maybe some spacers. This photo should help.
  6. Any details on the scope/camera used?
  7. We use Dow Corning 3145 RTV Silicone for gluing optics. Low outgassing & no acetic acid for ruining your optical coatings or metalwork. Three thin blobs is all you should need.
  8. If you have decent, viewable horizons then it is worth putting some thought into how you might set the pier height or otherwise contruct the obsy to view the horizon adequately. My obsy walls are over 6 feet high- yet by having a tall pier and parking the scope in a particular way it is possible for me to image almost down to the horizon. Scope parked horizontally down, with counterweight bar retracted. Scope is able to peer over the obsy wall horizontally.
  9. Glad to see someone else has used the galvanised, coated sheet metal approach for construction. I can vouch that it is a very strong construction for exposed sites (my obsy has been standing since 2011). Although I did opt for a dark green colour to help blend in with the landscape!
  10. Galaxy season is definately upon us........
  11. f3.8 carbon astrograph - that's why!
  12. At this distance and with the typical beam divergence from a handheld device, the beam will be 1-2m diameter. The main 'danger' is temporary 'glare' caused by idiots shining lasers at lower level landings and take-offs (and police helicopters etc). There's a lot of misleading hype about laser pointers, it would be tragic if missuse by a few individuals led to an outright ban. To do any lasting damage to your eyesight- you'd need to look into one you were holding. The other thing to be aware of with cheap Far Eastern devices is they are often more powerfull than the labeling, the amount of residual 1064nm is not stated and potenially more dangereous than the 532nm to which we have a natural blink reaction.
  13. He also said the beer and food prices were outrageous too.
  14. I know someone who has been to Iceland twice and never seen it. Last trip was 100% clouded out for a whole week!
  15. Nice scope - if I didn't own one already I'd be interested. These are large scopes- but I have been using mine on an EQ6 for years.
  16. Glad you got it visually- it's a challenge to photograph, let alone see.
  17. DATE, DATE, DATE? In subject header please!
  18. of This is what I like to see - the DATE in the subject of the post. Annoys the hell out me, the number of meaningless 'clear tonight' or 'aurora alert' posts etc. there are with no date reference in the subject header!
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