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  1. I am selling my Dark Frame hyper-tuned AVX mount since I have upgraded to a mount which has a larger payload capacity. Purchased from FLO in 2014 this was my first equatorial mount. Having learned from the many different methods in which it can be aligned, All Star Polar Alignment, 1,2 or 3 Star Alignment I eventually managed to achieve 25 minute guided subs. This was from a combination of using a short refractor with an OAG and hyper-tuning. Other setups may vary but I was impressed that I managed to achieve that sort of guiding time from the AVX. It has a few marks and scratches due to wear and tear and a minor indentation on the tripod where the eyepiece holder contacts the mount leg. This is not visible when fully assembled but thought it better to mention it, otherwise the rest of the mount is in excellent condition. I am also leaving the QHY Polemaster adapter and cap attached. This will save anyone having to buy an adapter if they already have a Polemaster or alternatively only having to buy a camera. You will be getting: Mount Tripod Hand Controller Polemaster Adapter x1 5KG Counterweight and bar RS232 computer serial cable Mount power cable with cigar style adapter Original User Manual Unfortunately, I no longer have the box so collection would be required however as seen in the pictures I will include a flight case that I used to transport the mount head. This is reluctant sale of a superbly performing mount. Location is in Surrey. Price is £530 or nearest offer.
  2. Sorry I don’t have any details in the gearing. Would interested to hear how you get on
  3. Sounds like a power issue to me. Have had an AVX for 5 years. Use to run on a battery and experienced all sorts of weirdness, including the mount diving down to look at the centre of the Earth! Try mains power, though appreciate you will need to purchase a PSU to confirm this. The Baader one from FLO is excellent but not cheap....
  4. I really like the composition. I might give it a try with my Star 71, never considered a widefield image on this area.
  5. Thanks. I have to setup and pull down my kit each time so would need it to portable. I guess the it could be adapted to allow this.
  6. Having recently upgraded my mount I am looking to try some imaging with my Celestron 8" again. Now I know this OTA is not ideally suited to imaging but with the F6.3 reducer and knowing that a certain degree of cropping the edges will be required I am willing to give it another go. I have seen some very impressive results from this OTA and the fact its Galaxy season its giving me an opportunity to continue my imaging. My question is what flat panels do you guys use on the larger OTA's? For my small refractor I use a 3" the Aurora Flat panels which whilst are not always regarded as being the most solidly built accessory it has served me very well. https://www.gerdneumann.net/english/astrofotografie-parts-astrophotography/aurora-flatfield-panels/uebersicht-aurora-flatfield-panels-overview.html However paying 155 euros which lets be honest will be £160+ with shipping etc then that feels a little more than I would like to spend. Any ideas? Please note that I have zero DIY skills so really looking for a ready made solution...? Thanks!
  7. This is my final image with my Celestron AVX mount. Due to poor imaging conditions so far this winter and the fact the nebula is rapidly disappearing behind a neighbour’s house, it as usual not a great amount of imaging time. HA: 75mins (Chroma 3nm) 3x1500 secs O3: 2.5 hours (Chroma 3nm) 6x1500 secs Total: 3.5 hours. The fact I have only been able to get 75mins of HA (3 subs?!) gives you an idea of the lack of opportunity. Still I wanted to at least get the chance to add O3 for a Bi-Colour image. (Click image for a better perspective)
  8. Be aware the handset display alignment. If it says zeros across the board then it is likely that that is not correct. Been a while but check out the AVX Mount thread. It discusses this on there in fact I recall posting threads on there about handset alignment myself. That said if you are getting good stars then looks like you have it sorted.
  9. I cable straight to my laptop. I think the mount one is ST4 guiding only. I use PHD2 with pulse guiding. Cables are my nemesis and have recently worked on taming them. Factor in cable for camera, maybe a polemaster not to mention all of the power. Tearing in all down after each session is a pain so spend time on making it easier for you if you have to setup each time. Obviously the AVX does not have a huge payload capability so try to keep weight down. My tripod is covered with Velcro so I can attach power supplies to. Check out you tube for ideas.
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