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  1. Well I finally caved in and purchased the Pegasus power box Ultimate v2. It’s certainly not cheap especially when adding on the dedicated PSU and other shorter cables. To be honest I could not find a better alternative that would meet my requirements. All other options were compromises which defeated the point of the whole endeavour. Hopefully this will help my setup times and get me imaging more often. It also offers the option for other ideas. A USB compute stick could be an interesting project. Thanks for everyone’s advice.
  2. Thanks guys. Saved me some time and hassle. It did feel the further I looked into the details the more I suspected it was not going to be suitable., particularly without a compatible CCD camera.
  3. As I have to setup my kit each time I go out and image I am looking at helping speed up the tiresome process. I currently have a USB hub which helps reduce some of the cabling but I would like to consolidate the power as well. For this I have been looking at the Pegasus Powerbox 'Advanced' model. One of the issues is that all of my device are USB2 and the Pegasus only supports x3 USB2 devices with the last one only working with USB3 devices. This would mean either having to plug the forth device directly into my laptop or adding an additional USB hub which seems to contradict the reaso
  4. Thanks. It is odd that the first port is USB3 only when the others are both USB2/3. Historically astronomy equipment is always behind on the technical front, lets be honest we have only just seen serial ports finally being replaced with USB ports. My setup requires me to move everything each time so although not a major problem with plugging mount to my laptop it starts to lose its appeal. The Pegasus ultimate is over double the price which makes the alternative hard to swallow. I have a USB hub and all of PSU's velcro'd to the mount's legs which helps speed setup a little but cabling is
  5. Thanks for the confirmation. Whilst discussing the Pegasus unit I looked at both the advanced and ultimate versions. I only have USB2 devices and I need x4 USB ports. The product specification states that only three of the USB3 ports can be used with USB2 devices, thats an issue for me. I would be connecting a pole master, skywatcher eq6r pro, Moravian CCD and a guide camera. I guess I am stuck as none of these are USB3 meaning 1 port short. The ultimate specs states x4 USB3 fully compatible with USB2 and x2 USB2 ports so no issues there. as the price difference is considerable h
  6. I have been watching this thread with interest as I have been considering whether to purchase a Pegasus "Ultimate Powerbox v2" unit. I am tired of wiring up power every time I set up not to mention the risk of cable snags. I am really just weighing up whether the unit will actually bring me the full benefits as I already have my USB connections managed with a separate hub. It would be nice to have on a single unit but if it still means unplugging lots of cables then no point. That aside I read from the Skywatcher EQ6R Pro Manual that the power requirements are DC11- 16V 4A? I am on
  7. I am selling my Dark Frame hyper-tuned AVX mount since I have upgraded to a mount which has a larger payload capacity. Purchased from FLO in 2014 this was my first equatorial mount. Having learned from the many different methods in which it can be aligned, All Star Polar Alignment, 1,2 or 3 Star Alignment I eventually managed to achieve 25 minute guided subs. This was from a combination of using a short refractor with an OAG and hyper-tuning. Other setups may vary but I was impressed that I managed to achieve that sort of guiding time from the AVX. It has a few marks and scratch
  8. Sorry I don’t have any details in the gearing. Would interested to hear how you get on
  9. Sounds like a power issue to me. Have had an AVX for 5 years. Use to run on a battery and experienced all sorts of weirdness, including the mount diving down to look at the centre of the Earth! Try mains power, though appreciate you will need to purchase a PSU to confirm this. The Baader one from FLO is excellent but not cheap....
  10. I really like the composition. I might give it a try with my Star 71, never considered a widefield image on this area.
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